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How to Dress Slimmer

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How to Dress Slimmer
Feel sexier and much more confident, whether at work or at home or just going about town. Learn how to dress slimmer!

Hiding some excess weight need not translate into boring, shapeless outfits. With some easy style strategies, put together outfits that hide flaws and play up your best assets. Use color, proportion, and few styling tricks to look slimmer and smarter. Certain clothes accentuate your best assets and camouflage those trouble spots. Feel sexier and much more confident, whether at work or at home or just going about town. Learn how to dress slimmer!

Dressing to look slimmer

  • Body conscious but not too tight and figure hugging clothes, are always the best bet, whatever your size. Yes, a figure hidden in yardage of fabric will appear much bigger.

  • Thinking vertical instead of horizontal can make a lot of difference to your looks. Seams, stripes, piping - there are several vertical options to look for.

  • Thin fabrics are a taboo with stouter woman - especially materials like gabardine or stretch cotton and thin fabrics which can show every bulge should never be used.

  • There are some who prefer to invest in 'shapewear' - lingerie that fits so well that it can take off five pounds - and you can still breathe with it on.

  • There are some who would like to distract with details - for instance an interesting neckline or something that draws the eye away from the hips and tummy.

  • A fancy neckline, say a draped, deep-V cut slims down your waist.

Style statements that can make you look slimmer

  • As many fashion gurus advice, jeans should hug you in the right places. Dark boot legs jeans are the most flattering or else go for the regular straight cut.

  • A longish top and a cropped, fitted jacket to nip at the waist can be ideally coupled with a pair of jeans.

  • A straight-leg or boot-cut jeans that sits on your hips can cover your instep when in heels. So dress up jeans with heels and tuck the shirt inside.

  • Well endowed women can downsize busts with simple tops.

  • A suit can make you appear sleek, provided the jacket is fitted and pants are straight legged.

  • A tunic top should camouflage the middle. As they are designed to be worn untucked, they give an illusion of a trimmer waistline.

  • Dynamic duo - as these separators can be called are better than gowns. This way, you can be better fitted.

  • A knee length skirt made of structured fabric minimizes thighs and shows off shapely calves.

  • Shapely skirts can make all bodies appear sleek. And let it not be skin tight through the hips.

  • It is better to avoid minis as they bisect the legs and expose fat. Instead skirts that hit at mid knee where the legs are slimmer are preferable.

  • Full round shape tops and bottoms could make you also look round and full. It would be wise to accentuate your smallest part and pair it with a snugger mate. For instance, wide leg pants can be paired with a fitted shirt, or a shorter skirt with a longer top.

  • Hip length jacket with tailored lines will flatter while those that are too baggy can only be a disaster. Tapered jackets can always whittle your waist. Therefore, sporting the right jacket is vital.

Tips to dress slimmer

  • A flat front style for pants creates unbroken line across stomach - this can make you appear taller and slimmer.

  • A smidge of stretch can help hold pants on to the clean sharp fit.

  • A printed dress may not be as slimming as solid color but can play up camouflaging features. A printed dress can be paired with black tights. The golden rule of prints is that the smaller the print the smaller you look.

  • Anything that is cut off at the waist adds pounds. It is good to wear a top and bottom that meet below the waist.

  • A wide collar coat, a chunky look-at-me scarf can be worn over your regular jacket - this way everything from chest down stands streamlined.

  • While wearing cardigans, sheer shirts and sweaters, go for the darkest colors first. They hold the maximum slimming potential style.

  • As mentioned earlier, control underwear and body clinchers are effective slimming tools. Get measured by a professional in a store that stocks a wide range of sizes.

  • Wear monotone colors but dress them up with a colored scarf in different ways.

Accessories to dress slimmer

  • A giant slouchy shoulder bag or tiny novelty handbags are both out. Go instead for a medium sized structured bag for everyday use.

  • An elongated U shaped chunky necklace is not just trendy but will make your torso appear long and lean.

  • If you have a slim face, emphasize it with an experimental hairdo and make-up.

  • Booties and ankle strap shoes have a way of making legs look short. Scoop front pumps and sandals lengthen your legs.

  • A waistband between one and two inches wide can hide a tummy bulge - whereas a narrower one can draw attention to it.

  • Aim for balanced proportions while selecting heels and belts. Kitten heels can make legs look long and elegant.

Above all, your personality should come through in whatever you wear. It is confidence in yourself that can make all the difference in your looks.

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