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Maternity Jeans

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Maternity Jeans
Know how to find the perfect pair of maternity jeans to look every bit the ‘sexy mama’1/1/2003. Look for tips on selecting the right pair of maternity jeans.

One perk of bring pregnant is the fact that you get to nurse a baby bump and receive a lot of loving attention as your pregnancy progresses. And these days, no one is hiding that baby bump! Innumerable lines of maternity clothing ensure that you look every bit the 'sexy mama'. From work clothes to casual day wear and even the perfect cocktail dress is available for pregnant women to adorn and look the best they can.

However, nothing is more versatile than a perfect pair of jeans. Pregnant or not, all of us know how the right pair of blues can highlight our assets and tuck away the bits we aren't too fond of. And it's no different in the world of maternity jeans. The right pair can accentuate that baby bump and shape the rest of your body to look absolutely stunning.

Maternity jeans

Jeans have been around for more than five hundred years, making them a staple in every wardrobe. And it's no different when you're pregnant. However, when you are pregnant you need to cater to the special needs of your body and not simply make do with the pairs of jeans that you already own.

While style is essential, comfort takes top priority when you are pregnant and it's usually at the half way mark of your pregnancy that this need will begin to creep in. Your regular pair of jeans should do till this stage of your pregnancy, but a good pair of maternity jeans will last you through to the end of your pregnancy and support your growing tummy along the way. You could splurge, be prudent or even make your own pair of maternity jeans, but rest assured they are a must have.

Before you go on a shopping trip for maternity clothing, you should consider rummaging through your closet, your man's and your loved ones. Most people usually pack in a lot of clothing that they have never worn and can be transformed into smart and comfortable maternity wear. And you will most probably discover what you can and cannot wear through your pregnancy, thus making you more aware of your needs and ready for your shopping spree.

Once you have found a few hidden treasures, ensure that you set aside some time and a healthy budget to shop not only for the baby but for yourself too. These days every brand has a maternity line, so you will be spoilt for choice in styles and fits. Boot cut, straight up or skinny, you will find the jeans that flatter you through your pregnancy.

Selecting maternity jeans

You could order your pair from a catalogue or online, but nothing is better than judging by the fit. The ultimate aim of maternity jeans is to accommodate your growing belly and thus the most important element in maternity jeans is the elasticized waist band that not only accommodates your growing tummy but also functionally supports it. Here are a few things to keep in mind, when you buy a pair of maternity jeans.

  • You want to show off your gorgeous pregnant body and not cover it up; so try a few pairs in different fits and styles before you decide.

  • You could find a pair of maternity jeans in a style similar to those that you already own and regularly wear.

  • The most flattering shape for maternity jeans is the straight cut or a boot cut as they help creating proportion through the body.

  • If comfort is your only concern, you might want to pick up a couple of jeans with differently sized waist bands to accommodate your pregnancy as it progresses.

  • A pair of designer maternity jeans is a worthwhile investment, especially for styling and quality. And if this isn't your last pregnancy, you should indulge in a pair of designer denims.

You can pick up maternity jeans according to trimester recommendations. Third trimester maternity jeans typically have a full panel to stretch over your belly. Alternatively you can go in for below-the-belly jeans.Stretch denim and cotton blends are ideal for the growing body for additional support. But if its winter, look for stretch fabrics in heavier material.

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