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Waterproof Makeup

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Waterproof Makeup
Waterproof foundation, sun block, blush, lipstick, lip liner, mascara, eye shadow- apply once and feel fresh, clean and absolutely appealing all through the day on the beach, while at work or hiking in the mountains.

Winning the best actress award at the Golden Globes 2009 or the coveted Oscars 2009, Kate Winslet's waterproof makeup helped to rein in her emotions. Well, waterproof make up is not just for celebrities. It's for all those who desire great makeup staying power. You can hit the waves; have fun at a pool party, workout at the gym confidently with waterproof makeup. For it guarantees fresh, clean and good looks always.

Read ahead and check why waterproof makeup is a must-have beauty item. Here is information on where waterproof make up can be used, how to remove waterproof makeup.

Waterproof makeup

Makeup provides a face-lift. Makeup application imparts a glow and smoothness to the skin. This is due to Dimethicone, which is a silicone derivative. It adds luster and sheen. Dimethicone is present in a special form in waterproof make-up. It is in the form of dimethicone copolyol, a waterproof version of silicon-based oil Which explains why waterproof makeup doesn't come off, run or smear when exposed to wetness. Yes, it is unaffected by water and is resistant to moisture.

Weddings, anniversaries, prom night, parties, there are many occasions women prefer to use waterproof makeup as it endorses a fresh, clean appearance through the event. However, one can choose to juggle between conventional makeup cosmetics and the waterproof makeup. Reserve waterproof makeup for specific situations.The deciding factors shall be:

The weather: When the temperature soars high and the weather is highly humid, perspiration is unavoidable. In contrast in wintertime with rain, wind and snow a sudden downpour can catch you unawares. Both times, waterproof makeup will not meltdown, smudge or runaway but will keep intact and last the whole day.

The activities: There will be occasions with a high possibility of being near water or in water; waterproof makeup will not come off even when it comes in contact with water.

Here are typical instances when waterproof makeup is used.

  • Sports persons involved in water-based sports, for example swimmers and swimming coaches or other sports players who wish to carry on a fresh, clean look use waterproof makeup. As waterproof makeup is water resistant and sweat proof, playing water-based sports minus the worry of great looks boosts confidence level. Even athletes, tennis, golf players etc needn't worry about even a small amount of perspiration minimize fresh looks.

  • Waterproof makeup is most suitable for individuals who perspire excessively. Even those living in humid weather trust waterproof makeup. Traditional makeup will smudge and simply run-off. Whereas, waterproof makeup being water resistant will not come off with perspiration.

  • Theatre, stage artists and cine artists use waterproof makeup when the situation demands shedding tears for dramatic scenes. Waterproof makeup endorses a realistic look in tune with changing emotions.

  • Professionals like travel guides, sales and marketing personnel or individuals whose work inevitably exposes skin to harsh sunlight benefit using waterproof makeup.

  • Lastly, waterproof makeup is for anyone who has no spare time for makeup touch-up. Once applied, it lasts through giving a just applied feeling.

Kinds of waterproof makeup

There are many kinds of waterproof makeup. Shopping for make up items in a hurry can be disastrous. Remember, it is all related to the skin. For best results, take some time off and shop leisurely.

Waterproof foundation: The work of makeup foundation is to cover blemishes, even out skin tones, help skin appear healthier, prepare the face for makeup and provide an even base. Waterproof foundation does all this and ensures it really lasts longer compared to traditional makeup foundation. You can choose between thick creams, mousse or whipped foundation, cream-to-powder foundation, liquid foundation or light-as-air-tinted moisturizer cum foundation.

Waterproof sun block: Nourishment as well as protection of the skin - this sums up the work of waterproof sun block. Sunbathing at the beach, playing water sports or lawn tennis or on a mountain hike, both UVA and UVB rays are blocked from reaching the skin. The ingredients of waterproof sun block work as a curtain from the harsh effects of solar radiation. Cream and lotion forms are available.

Waterproof blush: The apple of your cheeks will continue to glow exactly the way you want, no matter the type of activity you indulge in. Waterproof blush keeps your cheeks fresh and beautiful, adding charm and beauty. Waterproof blush in powder form is most popular.

Waterproof makeup for lips

Waterproof lipstick: Spend few minutes to apply waterproof lipstick and you will not need to worry about maintaining it. An important lunch meeting, tea breaks or even dinnertime, it will not come off on cups, glasses, skin, napkin or teeth. You can choose between waterproof lipstick, crayons or lip paints.

Waterproof lip balm: With waterproof lipstick that lasts whole day, your smooth lips can get a bit drying. Provide due care, quench lips, use waterproof lip balm with SPF.

Waterproof lip liner: Enhance waterproof lipstick with a pointed waterproof lip liner. It defines shape of lips perfectly. Sans fear of smudging or swabbing, enjoy all that you relish doing with your mouth. Choose between a waterproof lip liner pencil or color stick.

Waterproof makeup for the eyes

Waterproof mascara: Just like the conventional mascara, waterproof mascara too can make eyelashes appear longer and thicker. Additionally, you can confidently cope with emotions sans the fear of waterproof mascara flaking or smudging. Rub the built-in band to your eyelashes and feel at ease. Waterproof mascara has an added polymer, which makes it stick to the eyelashes. It can withstand humidity, tears and moisture.

Waterproof eye shadow: Just glide waterproof eye shadow over your eyes in the morning and feel rest assured that it would stay on all day! It is absolutely supportive in creating the look you want - smoky eyes or the shimmery glow. Waterproof eye shadows in different colors are available in powder form, stick, cream and powder form as well as in tubes.

Waterproof makeup removal

Waterproof cosmetics are designed to stay on, not to run off, smear or smudge. Washing with water will not help. Hence, a special makeup remover is required, in the form of special solvents. You need to select a remover specifically designed to remove waterproof makeup, a remover for waterproof eye makeup and one specifically designed to remove makeup from the skin. The remover should be capable of removing all traces of waterproof foundation, blush, mascara, eye shadow and the lip color. It should be skin-friendly and in no way cause irritation to your face or eyes.

A makeup remover with right proportion of oil and water that leaves no smudges, tears or oily residue is recommended. Special solvents that make the cleaning process skin-friendly and ushers in elasticity to the skin are preferable. You can also put few drops of baby oil on a cotton pad and gently wipe off the water makeup. Post removal, it is best to use a toner or moisturizer, that which suits your skin type. Ensure your face is totally clean and is devoid of anything that can cause clogged pores or acne breakouts.

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