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Blackhead Removal

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Blackhead Removal
Remove unsightly blackheads from your skin with regular cleansing. Use blackhead removers with care, be it blackhead strips or extractors or glycolic peels.

How many times have you been plagued with unsightly blackheads on your nose and cheeks? These black plugs of dry sebum are usually a common problem for those with oily skins. Beauty products for blackhead removal are constantly introduced in the market. What is the efficacy of these blackhead remover products? Will regular home remedies for blackheads keep most skin problems at bay?

Removal of Blackheads

Blackheads are also known as comedones and can occur with all skin types but oily skins are most affected. Blackheads are formed when sebum is trapped in a pore. Blackheads are caused by overactive sebaceous glands. The excess secretion of oil expands and thickens the pores of the skin. The oil collects in the pores and hardens into a plug. The pores are then clogged with hardened sebum or oil. On oxidization, they turn black. Blackheads commonly occur on the chin, forehead and sides of the nostrils. The tip of the nose is another common location where blackheads make their ugly appearance. Blackheads not only appear on the face, but on the back, chest and other areas that are rich in sebaceous glands.

Blackheads occur due to an improper cleansing routine where the oil is not removed from the skin. When there are too many dead cells blocking the pores of your skin, either due to improper cleansing or makeup, you may notice blackheads. Blackheads do not come out on their own and need to be removed. If left unattended, blackheads continue the build and stretch open the pores.

This makes the skin vulnerable to further infection, whiteheads and acne. What is essential in removing blackheads is to keep them away with a skin cleansing routine. Ensure that your skin is well cleansed, toned and moisturized. Use jojoba oil or moisturizers with lesser oil content so that the sebaceous glands are not put on overdrive. Remove all traces of makeup before turning in for the night. Go easy on oil-based cosmetics if your skin is oily and prone to developing blackheads.

Steaming the face can soften and open the pores on your face. This makes it easier to remove the blackheads. You can either squeeze them in a wad of cotton or use a blackhead remover. Alternatively you can soften your skin by having a hot shower. Even a hot flannel placed on the skin can soften the blackhead blockage thereby making it easier for you to remove them. Learn how to remove blackheads with care. Do not go overboard on the squeezing lest you push the clogged material further into the skin. It can result in pimples and unsightly scarring. You need to learn how to remove blackheads without damaging the skin.

Blackhead remover

Use a cleanser with salicylic acid to rid your skin of the dead cells. AHA formulas are also known to exfoliate the skin cells gently to remove dead cells. Glycolic peels can help in loosening and lifting clogged pores. Glycolic creams helps in skin peeling, effectively unclogging the pores and smoothening the skin surface. Products containing ingredients such as tea tree oil, witch hazel and lactic acid help in drawing impurities from the skin and exfoliating it.

A blackhead remover or extractor is a long metal pen with a hole at either end. This is centered over the blackhead and pressed down to dislodge it. This is best done by a dermatologist or certified beautician. Brutally forcing the blackheads out can damage the skin tissue. Only squeeze blackheads that have tips looking ready to burst. Blackhead removal strips are readily available and are easy to use. You need to wet the strip and place it over your nose. Once it dries, peel it off to remove blackheads. A blackhead gun works on vacuum suction method to extract blackheads. This battery-powered equipment uses the power of air to remove the blackheads thereby preventing scarring and bleeding.

Home remedy for blackhead

Most home remedies for blackheads involve loosening them so that they can be squeezed out. You can wet cotton balls with a warm solution of water with Epsom salt and iodine. This can be dabbed on blackheads to loosen them. Another home remedy for blackheads is to use green tea as a face scrub to keep the dead cells at bay and to loosen blackheads. Homemade face scrubs can go a long way in keeping your complexion smooth of dead cells and blackheads.

Mix salt and lemon and honey to scrub your face. Tone it with a little yogurt. The simplest home remedy would be to beat up the white of an egg and apply it on the face. Wash it off with warm water, scrubbing the skin gently. Oatmeal or almond powder mixed with rose water can be applied on the face. Rub it with gentle strokes and rinse off once it dries. Warm a little honey and apply on the blackhead trouble spots. Wash off after 10-15 minutes.

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