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Makeup for Oily Skin

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Makeup for Oily Skin
Use products that are well suited for oily skin. Pick up valuable makeup tips for oily skin so as to keep the shine out and glow right in.

Beauty may not be skin deep, but when it comes to makeup, it is very much that. There are scores of women across the world with oily skin type and thus have associated problems while applying makeup for their face. Correct choice of makeup will give women a shine free look.

People with oily skin have to choose the right makeup that will suit their skin type; else shiny makeup patches all through the face can mask the overall effect. Wrong makeup can cause heavy damage to the skin too; it will clog the pores and give the skin a greasy look.

Oily skin makeup guide

Women with oily skin find it difficult to retain their makeup for a long time. Their makeup tends to get dark as the day proceeds. Follow this simple makeup routine to control the oil and shine on your face.

Foundation: Foundation can curb the oily look on your skin. Red skin, blemishes and acne are problems that threaten women with oily skin. Use a foundation as it can even out the skin tone while hiding the blotches and blemishes.

  • Buy foundations that suit oily skin.

  • Always choose a full-coverage matte foundation as it is more durable when compared to light or medium coverage foundations.

  • Do not use your fingers to apply foundation instead use a make-up sponge as fingers can transfer more oil to your face.

  • Use minimal amount of foundation, a light coating of foundation will last longer when compared to a thick layer of foundation.

  • Always pick a foundation that is one shade lighter than your skin tone.

Powder: Apply pressed powder after applying the foundation, this will reduce the greasy look and lend your face a fresh look. Do not use loose powder as it does not offer as much coverage as pressed powder does.

  • Use powders that offer full-coverage.

  • Use matte variety pressed powder as it is exclusively designed for oily skin.

  • You should lightly press the powder into your face rather than smoothing it over. Smothering the powder on your face can weaken the foundation.

  • Use a powder that is one shade lighter than your skin tone.

  • Keep applying pressed powder every two hours; this will help your skin to fight oil all through the day.

Blush: Choosing a blush is not as difficult as choosing a foundation or powder. When you have chosen the right type of foundation and powder, you can settle in for any type of powder blush.

  • Choose a pressed powder blush.

  • Do not use cream and liquid blushes, as they can accentuate the greasiness.

  • Always apply blush with a make-up brush.

  • Do not use your fingers or a powder puff to apply blush.

  • Blush should be a shade lighter than the shade you wish to realize, this will reduce the darkening of the skin due to oiliness.

Eye makeup: Making up the eye is indeed a complicated job for women with oily skin. Lines and creases form in the fold of the eyelid a few hours after applying eye liner and shadow.

  • Remember to apply foundation and pressed powder to your eyelids before you apply eye make-up.

  • Use pressed powder eye shadows.

  • Do not use eye shadows in cream or liquid forms.

  • Do not use a liquid eye liner as it will smudge easily.

  • Use an eye pencil after applying the liner; apply some shadow on top of it to lock the color.

Makeup application tips for oily skin

  • Always use cosmetics designed exclusively for oily skin.

  • Before applying makeup, apply astringent and wait for a few minutes. This will close all the pores.

  • Use a blotting paper to absorb the excess oil on your face.

  • Use an antiseptic cream before applying makeup; this will control the sebaceous secretions.

  • Let the cheek color remain soft and natural.

  • Remember to touch-up once in two hours to control the greasy look on your face.

  • Limit shimmer to the lips.

Use products

  • Foundations that contain titanium dioxide, a naturally occurring sun protector.

  • Makeup containing serecite, this will reduce the appearance of pores and also help absorb oil.

  • Foundation with kaolin clay will control oil.

  • Makeup with zinc oxide can serve as an anti-inflammatory for the skin.

Avoid products

  • Ingredients like bismuth oxychloride and dimenthicone can clog pores and thus cause blemishes. These ingredients are generally found in foundation or powder based products.

  • Avoid products that contain oil from petroleum.

  • Avoid products that contain alcohol as alcohol will deplete oil in the skin thus forcing the body to produce more. This will make your skin oilier than before.

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