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Makeup Tips

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Makeup Tips
Simple and effective tips for makeup application, be it for the special Prom night or daytime wear. Learn to wield makeup to enhance your features and put your best face forward.

Make a list of the basic makeup essentials you require and follow these simple makeup tips to achieve that alluring look. Be it prom makeup tips or teen makeup tips, you will find them here! Look up our simple yet effective makeup application tips. For more on Halloween makeup tips or Gothic makeup tips, read on.

Makeup tips

  • Always apply makeup on a clean skin, wash your face clean before applying makeup. If your previous day's makeup is not cleaned well, the pores will get blocked and the fresh makeup you apply will appear splotchy and patchy.

  • Use a toner and then apply moisturizer as this will blend the foundation or concealer effectively.

  • Always remember to apply moisturizing eye cream when you apply a moisturizer for your face.

  • Work your foundation in circular motion onto your face. Start from your forehead downwards on one side of your face and repeat same on the other side. Blend outwards using a makeup sponge.

  • Your skin color keeps varying with changing seasons. Therefore choose a foundation that will suit your skin tone.

  • Applying foundation above the eyelid avoids creasing and lends a smooth matte finish.

  • Apply concealer after applying moisturizer for best results. Apply small dots of concealer and pat into the skin and adjust as needed.

  • If you don't have a concealer, use a brush dipped in foundation instead.

  • Translucent loose powder is the best to use. Dust it with a downward motion using a large soft brush.

  • Always apply blusher above the bottom of the cheek bone in circular motions and never below the lower part of the cheek bone.

  • To make your blusher appear natural use the one that blends well with your skin color.

  • Use colors that match your face and not colors that match your clothes.

  • Apply eyeliner close to the base of the eyelashes; this will give the eyelash a thick look.

  • If you have dark circles below your eyes, first conceal the dark circles and then apply eyeliner else your eyes will appear very dark.

  • Lipstick should be applied at the end of your makeup routine. Lipstick plays a prominent part in any type of makeup application. Practice and steady hands will help you apply the lipstick right. Keep narrow, flat end brush, finely sharpened lip pencils, lipstick (either the tube type or the cream type with a sponge applicator) and lip gloss.

  • If your mouth shape is perfect, just brush the lipstick following the lip line. You can brush the lipstick using a brush or a wand. Use a highlighter for drawing emphasis to your lips.

Halloween makeup tips

No other night can be as much fun as Halloween night - fantasy is converted to reality. Using a face mask can be messy, uncomfortable and also make you feel hot. Besides this face mask can obstruct your view too. Thus it is easier and safer to use face makeup for Halloween. Follow these simple Halloween makeup tips:

  • If you decide to paint your face, ensure the paint is of good quality. The three common types of paint used to paint face are water based, grease based (oily) and cream. Choose the one that suits your skin type. For teenagers it is advisable to use water based paint as their face is oilier and tends to develop acne.

  • Always follow the instructions written on the face paint both while applying and removing the paint.

  • Always try a patch test and check for allergic reactions before you use them to paint the face.

  • Use products manufactured particularly for the face, avoid using glitters, nail glue, and markers as they may be hard to remove.

  • Stay away from flame while applying Halloween makeup as it may catch fire.

  • Baby powder is good for costume paint.

  • Ensure that you remove your paint thoroughly before you go to bed. Wash your skin with a mild soap and warm water.

  • Never mix two or more types of makeup. To get a layered effect, apply different types of paint directly on the face as layers. Never mix these paints before you apply them on the face.

Gothic makeup tips

Gothic makeup is dark and mysterious and gives you a different look altogether. Remember creativity is the key to gothic makeup.

  • Black nail polish is a must in Gothic makeup - both for men and women.

  • Your hair need not necessarily be jet black to portray gothic effect. You can dye your hair black or dye it into a bright and exotic color. You can highlight your hair too.

  • Use black eyeliner to outline your lips.

  • For lip color use dark and deep red or black.

  • Use long fake eyelashes for the typical gothic effect.

  • Use liquid eyeliner and apply the eyeliner dark and thick. If your hands are unsteady you can use glossy pencil eyeliner. While using the eyeliner remember to draw it until the edge of your eyes.

  • Apply a dark eye shadow like purple, black or navy blue. Glitter type will be more effective.

  • If your skin tone is dark use a base color that is lighter than your skin rather than using a white base. Use white powder for the topmost layer; this will produce a grayish eerie look.

  • Use dark powder for the cheekbone area; this will generate a grisly look and a great gothic effect.

  • Best colors for suit gothic makeup are deep and dark red, black, blue and purple. For base color use white or any pale shade.

  • Do not overdo the makeup as this will make you feel uncomfortable and will give a gaudy look.

Makeup tips for teens

Applying the right type and minimal makeup is the secret of teenage beauty. Follow these tips and discover the beautiful you:

  • Never overdo makeup.

  • Young girls don't require foundation but if you are keen on using one, choose a color that will match your skin tone perfectly.

  • Do not deprive your skin of moisture; use a moisturizer to keep your skin supple and smooth. On dry skin, makeup will appear flaky. Girls with oily skin can use oil-free moisturizer.

  • If you have marks on your face, run your makeup brush against a concealer stick and then dip the brush into loose powder. Pat this brush over the mark to conceal it.

  • Use a lip liner to retain your lipstick for a longer time and to avoid it from spreading outside the lips.

  • While applying blush, shake off the extra blush from the brush and apply the blush in soft circular motions on the apple of your cheek.

  • Do not apply powder repeatedly through the day. Instead use oil-absorbing blotter sheets to keep your face dry.

  • To retain eye shadow throughout the day, apply a little foundation and powder to your eyelids before applying eye makeup.

  • Do not draw thick dark lines all around your eyes; closing the lines will make the eyes appear smaller. Avoid lining the lower lid or just line the outer half of the lower eyelid.

  • To get a tanned effect, do not use foundation that is darker than your skin color. Instead use blush, eye shadow and lipstick in bronze and brown tones. Use very little bronzer over your cheekbones.

  • Keep a good brush for applying blush and another to apply loose powder. Use sponge tip applicators for an opaque effect of eye shadow and soft bristle brushes for a smoky look. Cosmetic wedge sponges can be used to blend foundation smoothly.

Makeup application tips

Apply right: Always bear in mind that makeup is used to enhance your looks so never overdo it.

Suitable makeup: Apply makeup that suits the occasion. Makeup for an evening out is vastly different from that for a day out at the beach. Makeup for day time should be lighter than makeup for night time.

Hair: If your hair is dark, use a dark color makeup routine, if your hair is light color use a light shade makeup. If you are coloring your hair, make sure you touch up at regular intervals else the roots will show up the original hair color.

Professional makeup tips

Good makeup tools and the right colors will bring out the best from your makeup. People working for years together on various skin colors and skin tones have suggestions that will help you to get your makeup right:

  • Do not test foundation and concealer colors on your hand, test them on your facial skin and match them with your facial skin.

  • Blend your foundation on to your jaw line until your neck; else it will look like a face mask.

  • Choose eye shadow colors depending on your eye size and type.

  • Apply a lip liner that matches your lip color.

  • Apply lip liner before applying lipstick; this will prevent the lipstick from fading.

  • Apply very little mascara on your lower eye lashes as compared to upper eye lashes.

  • To keep your eyebrows in place, apply clear mascara or hair spray over it.

  • Apply sunscreen everyday.

  • Use tweezers to pluck your brow hair rather than using pluckers.

  • Light colored clothes reflect light to the face and make the face look bright.

Prom makeup tips

  • Use a natural looking base that will suit your skin tone, try and be your natural self. Do not apply more as you might look older than your age.

  • Choose the right colors for your eyes, popular colors are oceanic blue, pink, sage, violet, champagne beige, coppers, and warm browns. Apply these base shades and then apply mascara that is transparent and waterproof.

  • Use a rosy blush if you want a warm look and use bronzed blush for an extraordinary look.

  • Do not use lip gloss for photographs, choose a lip color that has matte effect, this will blend well with the rest of your makeup.

  • Choose the right hair style that will complement your dress and your overall appearance. Shiny long hair with curls is the most popular choice.

  • Use a good perfume that will help you smell the best.

  • Carry accessories that suit your dress and makeup, e.g. a brooch on a plain evening gown and a clutch bag.

  • Use designer shoes, wedges, or stilettos, anything that suit your outfit.

  • Relax, stay calm, and eat less through out the day, this will bring the best from within you on the D-day.

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