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Makeup Brush Guide

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Makeup Brush GuideMakeup Brush Guide
Read up this informative guide to makeup brushes. Find out what are the must-haves in any makeup kit.

Ever so often the importance of the right makeup brush is underestimated. Flawless makeup application lies in using the right tools to blend and give precise outlines. Brushes for brows, lips, blushers, powders - We take a look at them all!

Look through our makeup brush guide to buying the right type of makeup brush and how to take good care of them. Every woman would like to carry her makeup essentials in her makeup bag. We will list out some must-haves that need to find a place in your makeup case. Find out how a good makeup mirror can go a long way in your daily makeup routine.

Makeup Brushes

Make up brushes are essential to any makeup kit. They are used to apply and even out makeup. Each item of makeup has a different size and style of brush for perfect application. Most of the brushes come with the makeup items you buy. However you can also purchase them as separate items. The price of a makeup brush varies with size, usage, quality and brand name. Makeup brushes for eyelids, eyebrows, eye lashes, lips, face powder and foundation cream help in the right application and achieving perfect finish.

  • Eyelid brushes have small pads at either end of a piece of thin hard material. The brush has two ends usually used for individual colors. One end is generally used for a bold shade and the other end for blending.

  • Eyebrow brushes are similar to tiny toothbrushes. This eyebrow makeup brush is used to smooth the tiny hairs into shape. This is especially useful before and after plucking to confirm the desired shape. This type of makeup brush has an angled head and can be used to apply a small amount of shadow through the brow hairs too.

  • The comb-like eyelash brush is used to apply a color as well as separate and extend each individual lash.

  • Lip makeup brushes are designed with fine bristles to apply lipstick, gloss or lip liner.

  • Face brush is the biggest of makeup brushes. It is available in different sizes with handles and bristles of varying sizes. It is used to apply powder to the face and neck by rubbing it in the makeup and smoothing it over the skin until the desired look is perfect. Most of these handles are made with wood or plastic and come in a variety of colors.

  • The Concealer brush is used along with cream concealer to hide flaws in the skin. It is essential not to overload this tapered flat-headed brush with excessive concealer cream.

  • Blusher brush is soft and full and allows you to apply blush across the cheeks in swift motions.

Guide to makeup brush maintenance

It is essential to wash brushes thoroughly and wipe off excess makeup from them. A lukewarm solution with mild shampoo is ideal for washing the brushes. Reshape them after washing and let them dry thoroughly. Do not use the same makeup brush for light and dark shades. Do not use brushes that have frayed bristles. Replace makeup brushes once a year. Sharing makeup brushes is not advisable. It may lead to infection.

Makeup Cases

Makeup cases aid in storage of cosmetic items and are available in different sizes, shapes, styles and varieties. They can be made of wood or plastic or cotton though the more exotic versions come in silk or leather. Most of the makeup cases have their interiors lined so as to protect the make up items. It protects bottles from cracking and snapping.

Some makeup cases even have additional pockets to hold small items or jewelry. If you have been traveling with your makeup items in a plastic bag, it is the right time to dedicate a special case to house your makeup when you are on the move. Such a makeup bag aids in organizing your cosmetics in addition to protecting them with waterproof lining.

Makeup bags range from the hard interior to soft exterior ones. Some have mirrors attached to them. You can pick up a makeup bag that has a drawstring or one that fastens with Velcro or studs. Makeup bags differ in their styles to offer various compartments to women so that various items of makeup can be easily fitted. Fashionable brands of makeup cases include Burberry, Clinique and Yves St Lauren to name a few.

Makeup Kit

What are the must-haves in any makeup kit? Though each woman has her own choice of essential makeup items, we list out some popular ones that find their way into the makeup kits of most women.

  • Mascara helps in giving your eyes a dramatic effect.

  • Put in your favorite shade of lipstick into your makeup bag - a racy red or shocking purple.

  • Some loose powder in your makeup kit can help you create a flawless finish to your makeup as it lends a matte and natural look. A tube or jar of moisturizer in your makeup kit will work well as a base for your makeup and is ideal when you are on the move and want to keep your skin supple.

  • Other items that find place within a makeup kit are lip-gloss and eyeliner. Grooming tools such as cotton wool pads, tweezers and cleansers are also best kept within a makeup kit. Some of the branded makeup kits in the market include Bare Essential and Lorac.

Makeup Mirror

The makeup mirror is critical to your makeup application. You need to choose a makeup mirror with care. Makeup mirrors can range from compact travel mirrors to clear mirrors and magnification mirrors to lighted mirrors and swinging mirrors. The simpler versions of these makeup mirrors are made of plastic, wood or glass whereas the decorative ones can be studded with pearls and rimmed with gold.

Travel mirrors are compact ones and can be located in a makeup kit or a makeup bag. Wall mounted mirrors are used in bedrooms or bathrooms and can be attached with screws, sticky tape, hooks or glues. Clear mirrors are steam free with specially formulated and heated pad, which adheres to the back of the mirror. The level of heat that is generated depends on the strength of the pad that is attached.

Magnification mirrors enable the application of shadow, liner and mascara for the eye area, which needs fine application. Lighted mirrors can contain either a surrounding light or a multitude of film star lights. The rim may be lit up at the touch of a button to enable the applicator to highlight the required area, no matter what the environment.

These mirrors may be oval, round or rectangular. A lighted makeup mirror with magnification can help in fine detailed application as it can help you determine the quantity of makeup as well as the blending.

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