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Makeup Tips for Dark Skin

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No longer is a peaches and cream complexion considered the hallmark of beauty in a woman. Makeup products now address a variety of skin tones. Those with dark skin should aim to highlight skin's natural color and natural glow. Which means, there isn't a need to overdo makeup.The most essential canvas for makeup is good skin, whatever color it be. Pick up makeup tips for dark skin so that you can experiment with your individual skin tone and makeup products.

Beauty products for dark skin

Dark skin is usually less prone to breaking out into spots and pimples as well as pigmentation. An even tone thus helps in laying the makeup effectively. Uneven skin tone is a common problem for women with darker skin. Foreheads tend to be darker while the center is lighter. You can choose a tinted moisturizer that matches the center of the face. You can then apply a copper bronze on the forehead and sides of the face.

Since dark skin has a tendency to look oily and shine, go in for a liquid foundation that is water based. Choose a color that is closest to your skin tone, but not lighter. Test the colors of foundation before your pick them. But also do not make the mistake of choosing a much darker hue. Blend well to avoid uneven tone. Else it will appear like a chalky layer and can appear awful in photographs. You can choose to finish the foundation with a light dusting of loose powder.

The color palette for dark skin makeup must be carefully selected. Blush colors in coral, rose and deep orange work well with dusky skins. Plum or wine can be used to highlight cheekbones for an evening out. Stick to a dark rose pink if you are going out during the day. Apply your blush to accentuate your features. If you have high cheek bones, apply blush on top of them. If you have a rounder face shaper, then suck the cheeks and apply blush in between the cheek and jaw line. Purple and blue or browns and coppers with metallic finish can be used for highlight eyes. Prune and burgundy can also be experimented with.

When it comes to selecting lip color, opt for matte over frosted shades. Lipstick colors in corals, browns or berry suit dark skins. Look for tones of coffee or chocolate based on your individual skin tone. Do not go in for nude lip tones as it will make you look ill. Instead lipstick shades in plum, wines and deep reds would suit dark skins better.

Makeup tips for dark skin

  • Choose a water-based foundation, its color not lighter than skin color.

  • Apply light powder after foundation.

  • Blush colors coral, rose and deep orange is fine.

  • Eye makeup color can be dark purple or blue.

  • Keep your eyebrows bold and well-defined. Do not over pluck them. Instead fill them in and bring attention to them.

  • Skip using eyeliner. If need be use sparsely.

  • Choose mascara, preferably a natural and clear color.

  • Select a foundation that closely matches skin tone.

  • Lipstick color - medium and dull shades.

  • Lip liner color should compliment lipstick color.

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Makeup Tips for Dark Skin