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Mineral make up

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Mineral make up
Mineral make up range uses natural minerals and provides the benefits of a natural look that protects the skin too. Learn more about bare mineral make up products.

Mineral makeup is a wonderful option for women seeking a natural and lighter feel to their daily make up. Drawing inspiration from natural minerals, this range of makeup products is creating waves on account of its superior effect and adaptability to various skin types. Bare mineral make up powders allow you to achieve a shimmering or translucent or natural look - one that brings out the best in You.

Mineral make up

Mineral make up, as the name suggests, is made from mineral elements. This range of make up is created after mixing minerals with other inorganic pigments for a wide color range. Natural minerals are finely milled, pulverized and purified before they are used in mineral make up items. Various pigments are then added to lend exciting colors and dramatic shimmer effects. Mineral make up items are made up of microscopic flat crystals that overlap each other on the skin to offer a filtering layer on the skin - a layer that allows the skin to breathe normally and protects it from pollutants too.

Mineral make up products are intense and must be sparingly used. Excessive use may lead to an overdone and unnatural appearance. Ultramarine pigments and mica can also create wonderful cosmetic grade pigments for mineral make up. Mica is transparent mineral and range in hues of gray or blue or green. Its natural translucence and brilliance allows light to be reflected from the face thereby creating an illusion of a smoother and softer skin tone. It helps in hiding fine lines and evening out the skin texture. Mineral make up offers a long lasting effect and lightweight feel - ideal for those with problem skin or fine lines.

Advantages of mineral make up

Mineral makeup stays on for longer since it doesn't crease or smear easily. Mineral make up is usually devoid of any artificial fragrances, color and preservatives. Since this range of make up products is non-comedogenic, mineral make up items are ideal for those with acne and sensitive skin. They also offer the benefit of protecting the skin from the sun. Titanium dioxide and zinc oxide offer natural, broad-spectrum sun protection. Zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, bismuth oxychloride and iron oxides are mixed to achieve a wide palette of colors and effects.

Mineral makeup foundation leaves you looking more natural sans the heavy made up look. Titanium dioxide and zinc oxide have anti-inflammatory properties and can be used on inflamed skin or those recovering from laser treatments, peels or micro dermabrasion. Zinc oxide can help calm down inflamed skin as is the case with women suffering from blemishes, acne and rosacea. Women with sensitive skin must be careful when using mineral makeup containing bismuth oxychloride. It can cause breakouts and irritation on sensitive skin. Since minerals are inert and inorganic, they do not support microbial growth.

Bare mineral makeup

Bare mineral makeup means loose mineral cosmetics. Such cosmetics are sans preservatives and other ingredients that might cause irritations. Bare mineral make up products do not contain oils and waxes that adversely affect the skin. As a result, the skin gets to breathe and yet is protected from pollutants and harsh sun glare. Minerals in the make up products allow the balancing secretion of the sebaceous glands.

Use loose or bare mineral makeup powder to cover up imperfections and emphasize your good features. The natural look provided by bare mineral make up products offer UV protection and are rarely allergic. Mineral makeup products that are specially created for paramedical applications, camouflaging scars and achieving a natural glow are on the anvil.

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