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Concealers, if applied correctly can camouflage redness, blemishes, veins and dark eyes. The watchword is to conceal and not draw attention.

Makeup concealer does much more than foundation. As the name suggests, it works at concealing or camouflaging facial imperfections. But what is of essence when using concealer is to apply it and blend it well. You may end up highlighting the trouble spots instead of concealing them.

Remember that concealers are meant to conceal and not to draw attention. Concealers are of a denser composition than regular foundations and are generally available in sticks, tubes, pots, and creams. Eye concealer makeup can be skillfully applied to camouflage dark circles and baggy eyes.

Makeup concealer

A concealer neutralizes and balances the blemish or facial imperfection. Makeup concealer works to make a darker spot blend into your complexion. Any woman with blemishes on her face would do well to opt for a good concealer to reduce the spots and marks from marring an otherwise perfect makeup. In fact many a woman would do with just the makeup concealer and skip the foundation altogether.

A good quality concealer is texture-free, literally invisible and vitamin-enriched. It will brighten and lighten dark areas, erase spots and even out skin tones. To test the coverage of your concealer, dab a bit on a vein in your inner wrist. If the bluish tint is camouflaged, this concealer may be right for you. Test the color of a concealer over your foundation and select it if it has an invisible effect.

1. Choose a concealer that is a couple of shades lighter than your skin tone. Yellow-based concealers are often a preferred choice since they correct dark undertones while concealing. A too-light or too-dark concealer will look unnatural even with a perfect application. Go for a shade that either matches or is one shade lighter than your skin. Remember that it is not your choice that dictates the color of concealer but your skin tone and blemish.

2. Choose a creamier concealer to cover up dark eye circles. This area is delicate and dry. Liquid concealer is the best choice for dry skin and under-eye makeup.

3. You can use solid concealer to camouflage pimple scars, acne and blemishes. A stick concealer provides direct on-the-spot application.

4. You can select a makeup concealer with mineral colors if you suffer from sensitive skin.

5. Concealers that come in pots and sticks are better suited for those with olive and darker skin tones, as they may need more opaque coverage.

6. Use a pencil concealer if you want to touch up a small blemish.

A brush-on concealer is ideal for any beauty emergency. This type of concealer hides dark circles, small imperfections, fine lines and wrinkles as well as signs of fatigue. Since brush-on concealers are quick and convenient, they work well as touch-ups. A thick concealer is needed for concealing birthmarks and scars. A makeup concealer in green will offset redness on the skin. A yellow concealer will help in reducing the impact of any bluish discoloration.

Best concealer eye make up

Concealer must be applied and brushed with a gentle hand. Dot and blend is the buzzword here. Spread it under the eye as well as outside the eye. Ensure that concealer does not congeal into the fine lines under your eyes. This can look very unnatural. You can apply a dab of moisturizer before applying the concealer. Never rub it into the skin. Some women mix their concealer with the foundation to ensure a flawless blend of colors. Mix concealer eye makeup with eye cream for a smoother effect.

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