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Eye Makeup Remover

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Eye Makeup Remover
While much has been said about the magic of makeup, not enough is mentioned about the need to remove makeup before retiring to bed. Eye makeup removal needs to be carefully done to prevent the delicate skin from irritation.

It is important to remove makeup at the end of the day. Makeup remover enables the skin to breathe and regenerate easily through pores. Most women feel lazy after the day's work and are tempted to go to bed without taking off their makeup.

Leaving makeup on the face overnight wreaks havoc on the skin. It can be damaging to your skin and pores. When makeup is left on the facial pores, it makes them appear more pronounced and noticeable. Makeup products should be removed completely to avoid pimples, head pores and blackheads.

Various makeup remover products are available for different skin types. Choose the right one for appropriate skin tone. These products are available in gel, cream and liquid form. Proper usage of makeup remover is essential for best results. Eye makeup removal is a vital element in makeup removal. Specific techniques can be used to remove eye makeup with the help of eye makeup remover.

Removing makeup

When makeup is not removed from the face, it can cause various problems to the skin as the impacted makeup makes the pores prominent causing pimples and blackheads. The leftover makeup gets accumulated as dirt in the skin, thereby preventing the skin from breathing causing damage to skin. Essentials for removing makeup:

  • Facial cleanser

  • Cotton pads

  • Soft clean towel

  • Moisturizer

  • Eye makeup remover

Removing eye makeup

Always start with the eyes as they are most sensitive area. Usual routine to be followed while removing makeup from the eyes:

  • Eye makeup remover should be used in circular motion around the delicate areas of the eyes.

  • The excess application can be removed using cotton buds without applying pressure on the interior and outer corners of eyelids.

  • Mascara should be removed with cotton buds by closing the eyes. It is essential to remove all the mascara and eye shadow completely without leaving any residue.

  • Rub the cotton bud gently over the eyelashes to remove the eye liner and eye shadow pigments.

  • Repeat this action few times until all the mascara is gone. Specialized eye makeup remover can be used for waterproof mascara.

  • As the skin around the eyes is delicate, care should be taken while removing the makeup in the eyes without stretching the skin. These products should not be over used as they can lead to skin eruption

  • Finally, cotton wipes can be used to clean leftover makeup. They are best suited for normal to dry skin.

  • Ensure that the makeup does not get into the eye while removing it as it may cause eye irritation.

Makeup removers

Various types of oils can be used as basic makeup removers - baby oil, almond oil, olive oil

  • Baby oil works as a good moisturizer on the skin and it can be used as replacement for mineral oil.
  • Almond oil can be readily used for smooth application.

  • Olive oil is best suited to remove hard traces of makeup.

  • Readymade pre-moistened makeup remover pads are handy and require minimal work on your part by just sliding it on the eyes. Makeup is removed easily in one or two swipes without any residue.

  • Cream-based eye makeup removers work well for dry skin and leave the skin moistened and soft.

  • In order to have healthier eyelashes, always remove the eye makeup before going to bed as it prevents any eye makeup getting into the eyes.

  • Cleansing water helps to remove makeup in oily or acne prone skin. However, it does not remove waterproof mascara and eye liner thoroughly.

  • Baby shampoos, Vaseline, witch hazel are other alternatives for removing the makeup.

Use a facial cleanser to then wash the face. Gently rub the facial cleanser with your finger tips on the face and leave for two to three minutes for it to penetrate onto the skin. Pay more attention to the portion near the chin, corners of nose, mouth, cheekbones and eyes. Makeup remover products should be used carefully in these areas in a small circular motion to get rid of dead skin and to effectively dissolve all the traces of dirt. Always splash plenty of water on your face to for a rejuvenating and refreshing feel.

After rinsing your face completely, use a clean soft towel to dry the face. Toners can be used optionally to reduce the pores and eliminate oil completely from the skin. Toners can be applied judicially with the cotton pad to wipe the face clearly. Finally, never skip to apply moisturizer after removing your face makeup.

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