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Makeup for Problem Skin

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Makeup for Problem Skin
Though many skin experts may not recommend makeup for problem skin, there may be occasions when you might want to do up your face. The right makeup for problem skin helps in camouflaging the blemishes without worsening the skin condition.

Different skin conditions often dishearten us from applying makeup. Though many skin experts may not recommend makeup for problem skin, there may be occasions when you might want to do up your face. Never apply too much of makeup, this will accentuate the blemishes problem skin.

Problem skin makeup guide

You can never completely hide your skin problems, but you can surely improve the overall appearance. Follow these simple steps to achieve the look you always wanted to:

  • Cleanse your face using a gentle cleansing cream that suits problem skin. Then pat your face dry.

  • Apply a moisturizer formulated specially for problem skin.

  • Apply a concealer on the problem area; choose a shade that will suit your skin. Use a small brush or cotton bud to gently dab your concealer onto spots that need coverage.

  • Apply the right shade of foundation. Be extra cautious in the problem area. After applying the moisturizer, wait for five minutes. This will allow the moisturizer to settle in well. Apply a thin film of foundation and blend it well.

  • You can use pressed or loose powder of the correct shade all over your face.

  • Apply the blush with utmost care. If you have problem with your cheeks you can avoid using a blush.

  • For your eyes, use an eyeliner, eye shadow and mascara that will suit your skin tone.

  • Apply a lip color or lip gloss to complete the look.

Makeup tips for different problems in skin

Oily skin and acne: If you have oily skin and have the tendency to develop acne

  • Avoid wearing foundation, this will allow your skin to breathe better.

  • Just apply a concealer to cover the blemishes.

  • You can use a mineral powder foundation if you want no coverage.

  • Blot away excess oil on your face just before you apply make up.

  • If you have pimples, cover them by applying concealer.

  • If you want to mask acne pitted scars, apply a cream based concealer into pits. Use a fine brush to build up layers.

Sensitive skin: If you have sensitive skin, you can use mineral powder makeup, organic makeup or natural makeup. These products do not contain any artificial colors or fragrances. They are also free from cheap irritating fillers.

Pigmentation or uneven skin: You can apply concealer on the uneven spots. Concealer should preferably be two shades lighter than the foundation shade. Always apply concealer slowly and build several layers until you achieve the result.

Aging skin: For such type of skin you should choose a good quality mineral powder makeup. Mineral powder makeup will just remain on the surface of the skin and will not penetrate into wrinkles.

Redness: You can use mineral powder foundation to offer complete coverage. You can mix a little foundation with little water and apply like a liquid foundation; over this you can use the powder foundation. Do not wear a blush if you have redness in the cheek area.

Dark eye circles: Use a concealer to cover the dark circles, apply a few specks of concealer under the eyes. Pat in gently.

Problem skin types should always be kept clean; this will minimize any chances of infection. Use cosmetics before their best buy date. Foundation and concealer should be used for a maximum period of one year. Lipstick, powder and blush can be used up to two years. Mascara should be used only for three months. Take care to keep your brushes and makeup application tools clean. Wash them once in two weeks using a mild shampoo. Sponges should be replaced after every use or clean them meticulously every week.

Makeup products for problem skin

Choose mineral makeup that has ground minerals as they are both pure and natural. Mineral makeup best suits such skin types as it:

  • Does not clog pores thus permits the skin to breathe.

  • Does not contain cologne and cheap artificial fillers thus making it perfect for problem or sensitive skin.

  • Also offers the required coverage.

  • Zinc and titanium dioxide work as natural sunscreen thus offering UV protection. Mineral makeup has a natural SPF of between 15 and 20.

  • This makeup remains on the surface of the skin and does not penetrate into lines and wrinkles.

  • The blend of titanium dioxide and zinc oxide helps in covering redness of the skin.

  • The anti-inflammatory properties of mineral makeup can treat acne and scarring.

  • The inert minerals in the mineral makeup also have the tendency to discourage bacteria.

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