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Find out how a swish of mascara wand can add magic to your eyes. Learn to apply mascara that will complement the rest of your makeup.

Add sparkle to your eyes with mascara. Give yourself long and thick lashes with layers of mascara that is skillfully added. Learn to choose and apply mascara so as to enhance your face makeup. Is waterproof mascara suitable for you? How is mascara applied? Find out this and more.


Mascara is an essential feature of any makeup kit. A swish of the mascara wand can do wonders for you - it can open up your eyes and make them appear bright and beautiful. Use mascara to thicken and darken as well as lengthen your lashes. You can pick up mascara in a range of shades offered by many cosmetic brands. They come as regular or waterproof formulas. Clear mascara is used to add gloss and volume to lashes. It works well for daily use. You can apply clear mascara as a base coat too. Long wearing mascara is best for office wear.

For an evening out, go in for thickening mascara to give your eyes a glamorous look. Brown and brown-black are popular mascara shades. Cosmetic mascara is available in neutral shades such as black, dark brown and dark gray as also blue, clear and other fad colors. Hypoallergenic Mascara is best suited for those with a history of allergic reaction. Always test the mascara on the back of your ear before you buy it. Keep on the lookout for any itch or rash.

Shorter lashes can be enhanced with a length enhancing mascara. Thinner lashes will become fuller with a thickening formula and longer lashes will really benefit from curling mascara. If your lashes are blond, go in for thickening and lengthening mascara and apply it in layers. Use lengthening Mascara for lovely long lashes. Glide on the mascara to cover the tips of the lashes. Such mascara wands have short bristles that are tightly packed. Volume-building mascara is ideal for those with sparse lashes.

These types of mascara formulations contain polymers and wax that help build on the lashes. Ensure that all traces of mascara are removed before you go to bed. Use a cotton ball to remove al the mascara before you wash your face. This will keep your lashes in better condition and prevent any remnants of mascara from getting into your eye. Discard mascara within four months of use since it is easily prone to drying.

Applying mascara

  • Ensure that the mascara covers your lashes from root to tip.

  • Wipe off excess mascara from the wand with a tissue before application. This prevents blobs of mascara on your lashes.

  • A shorter mascara brush will give you more control, especially when applying it at the corner of your eyes.

  • Pay attention to the mascara at the roots of your lashes

  • You can choose to apply mascara only on your upper lashes.

  • Hold the mascara wand vertically when applying to the lower lashes. You can prevent smudges by applying powder to the area below your lashes.

  • Apply mascara after eye shadow and eyeliner.

  • Brushing your lashes with a damp toothbrush might help tackle clumping of mascara on the lashes.

  • Lash comb or a spiral brush can be used after the mascara dries to remove any clumps mascara left behind. This will give lashes a more natural look.

Waterproof mascara

Waterproof mascara formulations are not water-soluble. Waterproof mascara is used by athletes and swimmers and is ideal for brides who might shed a tear on their special day. You wouldn't want to ruin your makeup on your wedding day, would you? On a rainy day, you may want to opt for waterproof mascara to avoid resembling a raccoon.

Waterproof mascara is not suitable for everyday use. They can be drying to the eyelashes and need to be carefully removed with an oil-based remover to dissolve the mascara makeup. Contact lens wearers should stick to waterproof mascara formulas, as they break down more slowly, minimizing the chance of any flakes getting into the eyes.

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