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Makeup Tips for Brown Eyes

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Makeup Tips for Brown Eyes
Warm and metallic hues are sure to flatter your brown eyes and bring out their sparkle. Get ready to be showered with compliments.

Don't mistake brown eyes to mean drab and boring. With this earthy shade of eyes, you can choose from a wide range of makeup. Here are makeup tips to complement your brown eye color. Usually most color palettes work well with brown eyes, especially metallic shades. Warm hues are sure to flatter your brown eyes and bring out their sparkle. Learn to apply eye shadow for brown eyes. Get ready to be showered with compliments.

  • Complement brown eye color by choosing an eye shadow in brown, pink, blue and gold tones.

  • Dark eyeliner, navy or plum tones or even the traditional black liner bring out the richness in the brown eye color.

  • Black mascara can highlight the richness of your brown eyes.

Eyeshadow for brown eyes

What kind of brown eyes do you have? Are they deep dark brown or light brown or even hazel? You can safely use eye shadows ranging from dark browns and bronze to taupe and mocha. For the more adventurous, purples or pinks can be tried. Shimmering eye shadow with a suitable highlight is ideal for night time eye makeup. Go for smokey eye makeup look with black eyeliner. Light brown eyeliner will brighten and open the eyes.

You can almost never go wrong with eye shadow for brown eyes. Typically most colors go well with brown. Just do not opt for a dull brown that might end up making your eyes look sunken and dull. Eyeshadow must be in colors darker or lighter than the brown of your eyes. Check with a makeup stylist or look up fashion magazines for ideas. After all the color of eyeshadow for brown eyes depends largely on the look you want to create. For a bold sexy look, go in for forest green or green gold. Be careful when experimenting with blue eyeshadow.

You can play around with tones of the same shade or complimentary shades. The lighter hue can be applied all above the eye from lash to brow. You can use a darker tone at the outer corners of your eyelids. Eye shadow application is not just about the color of your eyes. You need to consider the shape and size of your eyes too; in relation to your face shape.

The smoky eyeshadow makeup used by Penelope Cruz and Eva Longoria highlights their brown eyes, dark hair, bronze complexion combination. Blondes with brown eyes must go in for natural pearly shades of beige, ochre, peach-pink, terracotta and amber. It lends a vivid, bright-eyed look.

Celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez and Beyoncé Knowles have brown eyes that are made up in eyeshadows ranging from honey and caramel to chocolates and beige. Draw attention to the warm hue of your brown eyes. Top up your brown eye shadow with mascara to set off the deep brown. Select neutral shades of lip as well as cheek color. Look at the mirror. You will be amazed at the result - a more beautiful You.

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