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Smoky Eye Make Up

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Smoky Eye Make Up
Get yourself the smoky eye makeup look this festive season. Find out how you can lend your eyes the dramatic look that is sure to be a winner.

Smoky eye makeup is a popular makeup look for models, celebrities and movie stars. Smoky eye makeup should be done with care and style. This type of eye makeup suits any face type and helps show up the brow bone. It is easy and simple to apply and draws attention to sultry sexy eyes! Here's how to do up your eyes with smoky makeup.

Smoky eye makeup effect

The job is relatively easy if all the required materials are available and the combination is just right. Colors play an important role in achieving the perfect finish to the smoky eye look:

  • The colors are combined together at the right proportions to a perfect blend.

  • Light base colors have to be matched with rich colors to bring out a fine result.

  • The right eyeliner has to be applied the right way. Apply the base and the dark color working your way from the lash line to the crease of your eyes.

  • Ensure that your eye makeup is of good quality and in good condition. Sharpen your eye color pencils and ensure that you use good eye shadow brushes.

How to apply smoky eye makeup

Follow these easy steps and get the best results for a smoky eye makeup.

  • Ensure the eyelids are oil free so that the makeup does not melt through the day and smudge out as a result.

  • Depending on the color of the smoky eye makeup, apply eyeliner of the same or similar color on the upper lash line making it thicker in the middle of the eye.

  • For the lower eyelashes, choose eyeliner of lighter color and spread it well and apply a bit of shadow if required.

  • Choose a light base color and apply so that it will combine well with a rich color for the perfect smoky eye makeup. Soft gold and deep purple, champagne and electric blue or peach and emerald green - some exotic combinations for the smoky eye makeup look.

  • After the eyeliner and the base are done, apply the dark color with the help of an eye shadow brush and work your way from your lash line upwards.

  • Ensure the dark color covers the eyeliner already applied and stop applying the dark color at the crease of your eyes. Skillful blending is the secret to perfect smoky eye makeup.

  • Check the effect and twirl some mascara for added effect.

Get the best of smoky eye makeup

Smoky eye makeup looks good only when combined with the right facial makeup. Given below are few tips to get the best of a smoky eye makeup.

  • Take a cue for the right color for smoky eye makeup from the color of your eyes.

  • Depending on the shape of the eyes, you may have to extend or shorten the application of eye makeup.

  • Your eyebrows should be well shaped to bring out the best of shadow eye makeup.

  • Take into account the color of your outfit before you choose the color of your smoky eye makeup.

  • The makeup on the rest of the face, be it foundation, lip color and blush plays an important role. This brings the best of your smoky eye makeup.

  • Choose a light color lipstick or a lipstick that is not too glossy. Makeup rules usually suggest either highlighting the eyes or the lips. Nude colored or colors that lend a natural look on the lips go well with dramatic smoky eye makeup.

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