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Makeup for Droopy Eyes

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Makeup for Droopy Eyes
With a few simple strokes, you can open out your eyes and let them brighten up your face. Learn about makeup for droopy eyes.

Either you always had droopy eyes or your eyes are looking smaller due to heavier eyelids that are sagging. Sometimes droopy eyelids are due to loss of elasticity in the eye muscles. Droopy eyes tend to look small and unattractive. With a few simple strokes, you can open out your eyes and let them brighten up your face!

A team of professional experts who conducted research on 'can application of mascara have an effect on eye opening' have confirmed that it does increase (3 times) the angle opening of the eyelids significantly and lifts the eyelashes spectacularly. This information should be of great interest to women with droopy eyes. Acquired or congenital, droopy eyes often attract comments. Skip reasons. Revive droopy eyes with not just mascara; there are other make-up tips for droopy eyes. Make heads-turn and notice a stunning pair of bright eyes. Enjoy parallel boost in self-esteem as well.

Droopy eyes makeup

It is not very difficult to apply makeup for droopy eyes. Follow this simple guideline to achieve the best results:

  • Line the upper eye lashes in an upward sloping style using either a liquid eye liner or a sharp eye liner pencil. This will lend the eyes a brighter look.

  • Extend this line until it reaches the outer corner of your eyes.
  • Do not put liner on the bottom of your eyes as this will make the eyes appear to look downwards.

  • Use a bone colored eye shadow; apply it just on top of the lashes. You can also use the eye shadow on the inner V of the eyes.

  • Use a little dark or medium shade eye shadow, start from the crease of your eye to just under the brow bone. This will open out your eyes.

  • Add a subtle highlighter just below your brow to draw attention to the upper part of your eye.

  • Fix false eye lash pieces on the outer corner of the eyes; curl it along with the natural lashes.

  • Apply mascara to upper eye lashes. Thick mascara is at the core of makeup for droopy eyes.

  • Apply shimmer in the inner corner of the eyes - another trick to make them appear larger. Silver eye shadow can work wonders!

Color palette for eye makeup

Highlighter: Use neutral colors. If you settle in for dark colors; choose a color that is vividly different from your eye color. For e.g., for blue eyes - try using brown orange, for hazel green eyes - try pimento brown

Eye shadow: Choose pearly pink, orangey brown, pearly beige and soft charcoal/black.

Kohl pencil: Black and brown

Eyebrow pencil - Use brown gray or black gray for a natural brow line.

Mascara: Choose a color that is close to the color of your natural lashes.

The mascara effect

Mascara brightens the eye and lends an opening effect. Two colors that suit any occasion would be black and dark brown mascara. While coating mascara, concentrate on the middle and inside lashes and try and encourage the lashes upwards and outwards. Do not apply a lot on the outer lashes as it can make the eyes appear droopy again. A coat on the upper lashes would suffice for day time makeup. To get a dramatic effect suitable for a late evening, coat both the upper and lower lashes.

Conceal with the concealer

Bags under droopy eyes or even if the color under the eyes look darker or dark circles under the eyes can make the droopy eyes appear more prominent. Camouflage them with a light-reflecting concealer to diminish the droopy look by 50%.

Magic of light color eye shadow

The outer corners of the eyes are turned slightly downward which makes them appear lower than the inner corner of the eyes. Instead of using darker colors, use only light colors along the inner half of your upper lid as darker colors make the eyes look even more sunken.

Eye Illuminator

The eye illuminator is ideal to illuminate the eye instantly. The droopy eyes look lively and brighter. An eye illuminator can also be used on your brow bone. Choose a smudge-proof for a lasting effect.

The finishing touch

Finish the look by drawing a line with a pencil or eyeliner. The perfect finish should be such that the outer part of the line should be wider so that attention is drawn upwards rather than downwards.

Don't ignore brows

The idea is to have brows that distract from the droopy eyes. Aim for a brow that point towards the exterior of the face rather than the lower part.

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