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Blusher emphasizes facial contour and accentuates the inner beauty. Blushers come with highlighting color that is applied mainly on the cheeks. Blushers come in different hues, consistencies and tones. It is easy to get confused while choosing the right blush for right skin. A vast array of colors of blushers with different formulation is available in the market. Learn to select the right type of blush makeup, be it powder blush or gel blush.

Powder blush

Powder blush is easiest to apply and blend. Powder blush can be used on all types of skin but, it is considered best for oily skin as it lies well on skin's surface by reducing the shine. It is applied after the face powder to give a translucent glow. The powder blush is the densest of all blushers.

Cream blush

Cream blush is considered particularly appropriate for dry skin. It is applied with the fingers. Cream blush is good for evening makeup. Its natural denseness allows the skin to show through. With rich moisturizing /oil ingredients that are best suited for dry skin, cream blushers help maintain texture and luminous glow. They are applied over the foundation before using face powder.

Gel or liquid blush

Gel blush works well on oily to normal skin as it is long lasting and usually oil free and water resistant. Gel blush is ideal for mature skin to give a subtle look. Applying gel or liquid blush is not easy as they dry easily. They should be applied over the foundation or bare skin to get a soft, fresh scrubbed look.


Shimmers are the best choice for night time. They can be applied on the forehead, upper lips and inner corners of eyes to get the intense glow on the face.

Tint blush

Tint blush should be well blended fast for a neat look. Tint blushes last long without any smudges. Like gel blushes they are also fast drying and wont easily wear off until you wash your face.


Bronzers are ideal for faking or enhancing the tanned look. They are used as flattering medium for deep toned complexions. They work great for darker skins to give a natural blush. The lighter shades suit fair skin.

Makeup Blush application

Many women are uncertain about the usage of blush. It should be applied on the cheeks to let your natural beauty show through.

  • Take the blush brush and sweep the color backwards and towards the temple.
  • Use sweeping upward strokes for flawless application. Use a cotton ball or sponge to blend it in a circular motion onto the apple and cheekbone area. Blend the blush into your hairline.
  • When you are uncertain about where to start the blush, then smile big to find your natural cheek. Finally, brush on your blush when you are smiling to get a perfect application.
  • It is necessary to match your lipstick with blush to get a neat finish.

Common lipstick - makeup blush matches

  • Red lipstick: reddish or pink blush.
  • Rose lipstick: rose blush
  • Pink lipstick: pink blush.
  • Coral or apricot lipstick: peachy toned blush.
  • Brown toned lipstick: bronze shades of blush

It is necessary to test the blush after completing the makeup to ensure a balanced look. Blush can give instant freshness and brightness to a dull face. In order to enhance the look, a small amount of blush powder can be used on the forehead, chin and nose. Makeup blush forms another layer of protection and beauty to your face.

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Blush Makeup