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Makeup Tips for Redheads

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Makeup Tips for Redheads
Our makeup tips for redheads can surely help in achieving a natural and pleasing look. Don't let the innate energy of redheads be submerged under the wrong makeup.

You have the rarest hair color – redheads. And you are endowed with another rarity. Redheads whether it is copper, mahogany or cherry red never develop grey hair as they age. Redheads retain their original color longer than any other hue. Redheads usually have sensitive skin that is prone to freckles.

Regular skin care and use of the right skin products and makeup can go a long way. Our makeup tips for redheads can surely help in achieving a natural and pleasing look. Don't let the innate energy of redheads be submerged under the wrong makeup. Instead play up your features to stand out. Being a redhead qualifies you to participate in the Annual Redhead Day festival that is held in The Netherlands every year since 2005.

Makeup colors for redheads

Pinks and blues are to be avoided by redheads. Instead stick to neutral shades, for eye shadows and lipsticks. Light browns, plums and champagne colors go well with vibrant redheads. The exact color palette can be selected based on individual skin tones. Redheads with fair skin must stay clear of deep blushes - lest it look overdone and artificial. Lot of makeup on a light toned skin just doesn't work. Every makeup tip listed here really works well to retain your individuality and brings out all the red tones, the fiery locks in your hair!

  • A neutral foundation, close to your skin color looks good. Foundations of a gold or coral base are better suited.

  • Blush colors, soft corals and other warm shades gels well with redhead.

  • A neutral eye shadow color will be an appropriate choice. Very dark eye shadow will make fair skin appear pale. Honey, terracotta, beige and chestnut shades can also be tried and tested. In case you are using a darker shade, try a bit of lighter color on the outer edges.

  • Eyeliner and mascara colors can be the same color preferably red-brown or dark brown.

  • Lipstick colors like warm terracotta colors, cinnamon and beige peach tones, and browns suits redheads.

  • If you want to use mascara, try brown to enhance skimpy lashes. Use pencil if you have very light eyebrows. But subtlety is the watchword as a heavy hand can lead to unnatural brows.

  • A dusting of bronzing powder on the chin, forehead and nose can add some warmth.

Vibrant lips

The combination of bright lips on a fair-skinned girl with red hair signifies optimism. A beautiful cherry pink or plum lipstick looks gorgeous. Alternatively, blue-and gold based reds look classy.

Go mild with concealer

Use a light concealer under your eyes to cover flaws, if any. The flawless finish brightens your entire face.

No to heavy foundation

Use a tinted moisturizer or some light/opaque and airy foundation. The difference is visible - a well-hydrated, flawless, lit-from-within complexion. Tinted moisturizer can even cover up the freckles. Keep your makeup powder very light and minimal.

Dump the black eyeliner

Prefer light brown eyeliner. A smudge can extend a natural look. An alternative to light brown eyeliner is gold-tone eyeliner which can play up the gold tinge in red hair.

Brighten eyelashes with mascara

Redheads have light eyelashes. Brighten eyelashes with a generous application of mascara for expressive eyes. Brownish-black is better than black.

The umbrella for skin

Redheads are more prone to melanoma skin cancers than their non-redheaded counterparts, even without sun exposure. To the beach or the park, do not leave the house without sunscreen. It is also an easy way to keep skin hydrated.

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