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Makeup Tips for Blue Eyes

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Makeup Tips for Blue Eyes
Try our makeup tips for blue eyes, experiment with combinations to arrive at a look you like. Match your eye makeup to enhance your natural coloring.

Did you know that only 10% of world's population is endowed with blue eyes? It is but natural to want to flaunt this rare iris shade. Keen to bring out beauty of blue eyes? Here is a basic makeup formula for blue-eyed people. Fair coloring and light blue eyes favor lighter colors. Dark coloring and darker blue eyes look great with intense shades of eye shadow, eyeliner and mascara. This will ensure that the eye color is not overpowering.

Try our makeup tips for blue eyes, experiment with combinations to arrive at a look you like. Special occasions like birthdays, prom nights, weddings, anniversaries or evening parties offer moments to let the true gorgeous you shine. Put to use make up tips for blue eyes shared by highly acclaimed beauticians. Check out tips and tricks from those who worked on the natural blue eyes of Nicole Kidman, Megan Fox and Rooney Mara that set them apart on the red carpet.

Makeup for blue eyes

Blue eyes can range in tone from deep sapphire to gray-blue. The right shades of eye shadow and makeup will enhance your features. Those with deep dark blue eyes can experiment with most colors, including intense shades while those with lighter blue eyes would do well with milder color range. Using blue for makeup for blue eyes can be tricky. Experiment with the right shade lest it compete for attention with the natural blue of your eye.

  • Eye shadow colors can be brown, rose, and shades of violets, lavenders or neutral tones. For a classic shine at night, mix black with another color. You can try icy pinks and silver and gold too. Turquoise and fuchsia work well too.

  • Apply eye shadow along the lid as close as possible to the eyelashes and along the crease as well.

  • Select colored mascara like brown or dark blue and a black eyeliner.

  • Lipsticks - pink beiges tones compliment blue eye color.

  • Choose a blush color that resembles cheek color.

Draw attention

Liquid eyeliner or eyeliner pencils help in getting the desired attention, be it subtle or dramatic. A different look for different days or different moods is achievable. But set it first by applying a soft pink or brown eye shadow. Eyeliners for blue eyes are better chosen in dark gray, charcoal or brown. Don't go in for jet black liners. Try smokey makeup on blue eyes with gray or purple or dark blue eye shadow.

Smudge the bottom and soften the eye line. Another look is one with light bronze eye shadow and boldly coated mascara. If you want to sport a more natural look, try pale eye shadow and play with a slightly darker color. Match your eye makeup to enhance your natural coloring. The hair color also decides the color palette for blue eyes makeup.

The effect of liquid eye liner and black pencil

  • Enhance blue eyes by using a liquid liner followed by a black pencil.

  • Allow the liner to cross the top of eye lashes (like drawing a thick line above the eye lashes) but keep it close to the root of the eyelashes. For best results let no gap between the lash hairs.

  • Choose deeper, darker purple eyeliners for enhancing blue eyes.

  • Brown and Bronze liquid eyeliner colors are complementary that make blue eyes stand out.

  • get the eye-catching, show-stopping dramatic look by choosing gold eyeliner. Add some glitter, it's a perfect finish.

  • Another wow combination is purple eyeliner and black mascara.

  • Satisfy your desire of wanting eyes look bigger by applying white eyeliner to your inner lash lines. It brightens your eyes and makes them look bigger.

  • Feed your experimental mood with different purples, browns, grays or silver. Find the one that fits your best.

The Water line effect

  • With some practice you can pull your lower eyelid away from your eye and add black liner onto the water line. Prefer a gel liner or an eye shadow.
  • Add white eyeliner to your water line. The reflection in the mirror shows how well white reflects light more than other colors making your eyes pop.

The Winged eyeliner effect

To make your blue eyes focal point of your face, consider winged or cat eyeliner. Choose any shade of eyeliner. For subtle effect draw a thin line and for a bold effect make the eyeliner thicker and bolder.

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