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How to apply Eye Shadow

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How to apply Eye Shadow
Learning how to apply eye shadow is a skill that involves finding the right blend of colors to flatter your eyes. Pick up useful eye shadow tips – on selecting the right shades and applying it the right way.

Since your eyes are the focus of your face, take care when applying eye shadow so as to flatter your eye shape and color. Learning how to apply eye shadow involves finding out what suits your eyes best. Gather some simple tips on applying eye shadow and choosing shades that would go best with your skin tone and hair color.

How to apply eye shadow

The first rule when learning how to apply eye shadow is to draw attention to the eyes and not the eye makeup. While dark shades of eye shadow are used to add dimension, lighter shades can perk them up. Applying foundation on the eyelids provides a good canvas to spread the eye shadow. Choose good quality eye shadow brushes, flat and angled. Always work your way up from lighter shades. Go in for colors that blend easily. Eye shadow colors must be chosen keeping in mind your eye color, hair color and skin tone and not the clothes you wear. Do not overdo the eye makeup and the lipstick.

If you are using vivid eye shadow, team it up with nude lipstick. While grays, violets and browns are wonderful with blue eyes, brown eyes are flattered by gold, plum and burnt orange eye shadow. Complement green eyes with gold and yellow or lavender eye shadow. The intensity of the eye shadow color must work well with your skin tone. Darker skins look best with purple or plum or cocoa brown eye shadow. Always try and choose three colors in the same palette. Blend them for a good overall effect.

When applying eye shadow, sweep the lightest shade across the entire area from lash line to brow. This serves as a base to the other eye shadow colors much like a foundation for the rest of the face. A medium color can be applied on the lower part of the lid. The darkest shade can be skillfully used to create depth. Apply it to the lash line and outer corners of the eye. Work this color with a smaller eye shadow brush. This shade of eye shadow can also double up as eyeliner. A light highlighter shade applied to the brow bone will give the eyes and wide and open look.

Eye shadow tip

A wonderful eye shadow tip for women who want to make their eyes appear closer is to emphasize the inner corners of the eyes. A light eye shadow over the entire eyelid followed by a medium color on the inner half of the eyelid can create a pleasing effect. Remember always to blend for a natural finish. Light shades make the eyes appear bigger. Sweep a light eye shadow over the lid and shade the outer corners of the lid with a darker shade. This should make your eyes appear larger.

Lift up droopy eyelids with subtle makeup tips. Apply eye shadow to the outer corner of the eyelid and extend it up. Smudge silver eye shadow to revive droopy eyes. Set your eye shadow with loose transparent powder to avoid creasing. Some women prefer to apply eye shadow with a damp brush or applicator. This helps in intensifying the color.

Powder eye shadows come in singles or color coordinated sets. Cream eye shadows can be coordinated with powder eye shadows. Use your fingers for blending cream eye shadows. Shimmering eye shadow can be used for evening makeup. Never share your eye makeup since it can transfer infections.

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