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Makeup Artist Insurance

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Makeup Artist Insurance
Don't end up in a financial mess due to legal action from celebrities and others you have done beauty services and makeup for. With the right makeup artist's insurance, you can secure your business.

Being a makeup artist is not very easy. You prepare individuals for appearances in front of a camera or audience. These individuals might include models, actors or public at times. If something about the makeup goes wrong, these individuals can take legal action against you.

As a result you end up paying all their claims from your pocket, which might seriously affect your financial situation. Availing of makeup artist's insurance like general liability or professional liability can come handy in such cases.

Types of makeup artist insurance

If you run a beauty salon or are a freelance makeup artist, you will need to protect yourself by getting makeup artist insurance policy. There are a variety of makeup artist insurance options that are available in the market for cosmetologist and beauty therapists. Ensure that your insurance has a cover for your salon/building, your stock/equipment, claims by your employees and claims by your customers. Insurance cover includes different types of makeup situations - Day makeup, evening makeup, stage makeup, media makeup and camouflage makeup.

Professional liability insurance is provided only to professionals who have minimum 2 to 3 years of experience either as a freelance makeup artist or as a makeup artist running a salon. It covers malpractice or unfortunate results of the well-trained makeup artists who have attainted certifications from well-known institutions.

Product Liability involves insurance in case of medical bills arising due to allergic reaction of any products on your clients. Though this is a rare situation, you might as well have this covered too.

General liability insurance is the common liability policy purchased by a business for protection against lawsuits. This protects a makeup artist's business from liability against bodily injury or property damage to a third party. Coverage would apply for claims from product manufactured or sold, work done by the business and premises owned or operated by the business. The policy might also include coverage for personal and advertising injury and medical expenses.

Property insurance provides coverage for the building and business contents of the makeup artist. This policy will also provide coverage for spoilage, mechanical breakdown and lost income in the event of damage to the building that prevents a makeup artist from operating.

Worker's compensation provides coverage for injury to employees at work. This is the only insurance that covers employee injury occurring on the job.

To become eligible for makeup artist insurance, you must have been in the profession for not less than two years. Contact your state insurance department for any queries on makeup artist insurance. They would be the best resource for insurance related questions and concerns like insurance companies and agents, rate quotes and comparisons, insurance buying tips and claims filing information.

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