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Xiser Workout

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Xiser Workout
Xiser works on the principle that flexibility and core work can help maintain strength through high resistance exercise. For those short on time, the Xiser workout can go a long way in maintaining fitness and revving the metabolism.

Recent studies indicate that for exercise to be effective, the key is not duration but intensity. Long slow constant speed aerobics is not as effective as 'burst exercises' which is 30-60 seconds of intense exercise with Xiser equipment to create an oxygen debt.

Xiser is very effective in providing a great workout in only 12 minutes per week. Xiser works on the principle that flexibility and core work can help maintain strength through high resistance exercise. Such burst exercises help maintain a full range of motions of joints, balance and stability. It also helps lowers cortisol and adrenaline levels.

Why exercise with Xiser ?

We - at TargetWoman, have always been leery of writing about commercial products as we never endorse any one product over others, in consonance with our editorial policy. But we always review a product, process or service subject to our editorial restriction. With that said, we are so eager to try new techniques and technologies if they improve our quality of life.

Many of us are too busy and tired to exercise regularly. And even if we exercise regularly, many a times it appears as if it hasn't made a difference. High intensity exercise of short duration is better than the traditional cardio work out – as burst exercises with Xiser can burn fat faster than low intensity continuous exercise.

Working out really intensely for just a few minutes is more effective than working out an hour a day. This burst training can produce amazing results without dramatic dietary changes or other exercise.

For instance, with Xiser, you can do high intensity interval training for just 4 minutes a day thrice a week and burn more fat immediately and rev your metabolism for continuous and increased fat burning over time.

Burst exercises with Xiser vs. Cardio exercises

When you exercise over long periods of time, the cortisol, which is a breaking down hormone that contributes to aging, tells your body to store fat. The longer the exercise duration, the greater is the breaking down effect. With short bursts of high intensity training, your body produces a tiny bit of cortisol but it also produces human growth hormone and testosterone, a perfect hormonal cocktail for a favorable metabolism. In fact, 60 seconds is an optimal time for such high intensity exercise.

Such short intensive bouts of anaerobic exercise increases aerobic capacity and oxygen capacity. Remember that it is as harmful to over exercise as under exercise. With Xiser, a metabolic rejuvenation program can be worked out which incorporates resistance training, aerobic exercise and flexibility/core work.

Benefits of Xiser

Resistance training with Xiser enhances insulin receptor sensitivity and also helps in glucose intolerance. Exercising with Xiser should be effective in long term weight management as it increases lean body mass which increases basal metabolic rate and aids in the body's ability to utilize fat for fuel.

Such burst exercises also helps maintain or increase bone mineral density and elevates growth hormone. They have a multitude of cardiovascular benefits. It also improves fatty acid utilization. Get on with Xiser if you want to:

  • protect your heart,
  • burn fat,
  • build muscle,
  • boost metabolism,
  • reduce insulin resistance and
  • increase energy levels.

With Xiser machine, you can do sprint interval training for amazing results in short period of time.

Xiser machine

This machine began as a stepper when it came out in its first version in 1972. Over the years, it has been built to incorporate an impact-free workout with correct body alignment. Housed in a compact 21” x 14” x 4” shape, it can be easily assembled at home. Ensure that you place your Xiser machine on a flat hard surface. You can manipulate the settings to beginner, intermediate and advanced options. You can try various exercises like prone bridging, hip bridging, pushups and stepping.

Research studies on Xiser

Several research studies have been conducted to reveal the superiority of burst training with Xiser over the years. In 2005, the journal of Applied Physiology reported the effectiveness of burst training on the cardiovascular system.

A pilot study was done in Palm Desert in California in 2005 to reveal the overall effectiveness of Xiser. Participants who worked out for 12 minutes per week for 12 weeks on the Xiser machine lost an average of 13 inches from their bodies and improved their cardio condition by 12 beats on the Harvard Step test.

In 2001, the American College of Sports Medicine compared two groups of women, one group on aerobic training and the other on anaerobic interval exercise. While each of the groups burned exactly 300 calories, the aerobic group, despite longer exercising and burning the same number of calories; they lost less body fat at the end of the study than the burst exercising anaerobic group whose fitness levels were substantially higher than the aerobic group.

Good reasons for burst exercises

The loss of muscle mass is usually associated with aging of Type II muscle fiber, and only high intensity burst exercises can utilize it significantly. While the immune system function improves by bursting, it decreases with long duration exercises. The good cholesterol shows better improvement with bursting when compared to long duration exercise.

During peri-menopause or menopause, short burst exercises are perfect and it can boost libido, help build lean muscles, and help shed fat. Burst exercises are anti aging for men and women and can be done effectively at any age.

Most of us are hard pressed to find 5 hours a week to exercise. That is why high intensity burst exercises are an ideal option. Hours of monotonous cardio exercises which could just get boring can be replaced with highly efficient burst exercises.

You can lose weight, improve muscle tone, increase stamina, reduce cravings, optimize blood sugar, lower triglycerides, reduce inflammation and save time and money. It only requires 4-8 minutes a week. It reduces inflammation, and increases fuel for the immune system to perform better. You can also 'feel-good' with increased beta-endorphins.

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