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Kettlebell Exercises

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Kettlebell Exercises
Kettlebell exercises are highly time efficient and very effective in improving the muscle mass, shaping your body. Good news is that it is not just for athletes or men alone.

Kettlebell is an iron ball with a handle attached to it. They are increasingly being used as hand weights in fitness regimen for strength training exercises. If you are looking for a 'quick-fix' method to reduce your body weight and shape up, kettlebells work like wonder weights.

They make you more flexible, energetic and rev up your strength level - and all of this in a short period. This is why Kettlebell exercises are becoming highly popular amongst women. They provide a toned and leaner look rather than bulking you up. Kettlebells vary in size and are available from 5 lbs to 175 lbs weights. So, ideally first timers should start with lower range and gradually promote to higher weights.

Why use Kettlebells?

Unlike conventional dumbbells, in Kettlebells, weight is focused below the handle; hence this exercise makes use of every muscle in your body to co-ordinate with momentum. So this proves to be an intense workout that might help to achieve your fitness goals more quickly.

Apart from strengthening and muscle building, kettlebells are great for cardio workout and conditioning. Since Kettlebells come with handles, swing and release moves become safer with added grip.

Kettlebell exercises for women

  • Always start the exercise under trainer's supervision and guidance

  • Beginners should opt for one hand variation and then progress to two kettlebells. Also do not lift heavy weights in the initial sessions.

  • Learn movement patterns in the right manner as any mistake can result in serious injury.

  • Take a break of 60-90 seconds in between the movements.

  • Go for Kettlebell exercises 2-3 times a week.

Simple Kettlebell exercises

Kettlebell Swing: Swing is one of the basic kettlebell exercises. You should keep your feet shoulder-width apart, bend down until thighs are parallel to the floor. Lift the kettlebell with both your hands from in-between the legs up to your chest level keeping the arms relaxed and the shoulders bent and upright. This exercise works on shoulders and lower body. Try 10 repetitions in this manner.

Snatch lift: Keep the body position same as above (feet apart and back bent down). Keep the bells on the floor in between your legs. Stand up and lift the weight to chest level. Snatch the handle and push the bells above your head, bringing the kettlebell to shoulder position before returning to the squat. This completes one exercise. Repeat for10 repetitions.

Deadlift: Position the kettlebell on the floor between your feet. Bend down; grab the handle, keeping your heels firmly on the ground and stand up (extending your arms). Perform 10 repetitions. This works well on the legs, hips, core, and back.

Windmill: Lift right arm with a kettlebell to the shoulder level first and then above your head fully extended. Slowly bend to the left until you reach your left toe. Pause and come back, keeping the arm in the same position. Do 5 repetitions and switch to other hand for 5 more repetitions.

These exercises are a boon to all the busy women who are unable to take out time for the elaborate workouts. So grab kettlebells and watch your metabolism rate race.

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