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Kamagon Ball Workouts

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Kamagon Ball Workouts
The Kamagon ball works on hydro-inertia and works as an unstable force of resistance. On the other hand, the Ugi fitness ball is much like a squishy Swiss ball that works at the core muscles.

An inflatable stability ball with handles on each side – A Kamagon ball is a new fitness tool for core stability. It can be used during a workout like a medicine ball or kettle bells. The word 'Kamagon' comes from the Filipino word for 'ironwood'.

Water can be poured in through the sides. Different water lines indicate multiple weights. This multi-functional training tool weighs about 5 pounds without water. Slam it against the wall. Throw it in the air. Hold it during your workout. With this part-medicine ball, part kettlebells, you can increase core strength and work upon stability and balance.

The Kamagon Ball concept

Based on the concept of 'hydro-inertia', a kamagon ball is filled with water and appears much like a bigger medicine ball. Most instability fitness products require you to sit, stand or lie upon them. Thus they have been largely targeting postural instability. With a kamagon ball, you can target the entire body by concentrating on form and strength.

The water movement forces you to engage muscles to stabilize yourself along with the exercise. Work through your isometric and dynamic exercises routine with a kamagon ball – and you can see the difference! The unstable resistance provided by the water inside runs through all your range of movements and thereby engages your entire body. Even during interval training, the kamagon ball helps take you to the next fitness level.

Water can be poured in through the sides. Normally one gallon of water weighs 8.34 pounds. Typically, the Kamagon ball is built for 15, 30 or 45 pounds. The constant motion of the water sloshing inside builds an unstable source of resistance. Using it requires more muscle fibers.

It works the muscles and also trains the nervous system. A well-trained neural system allows your muscles to reach their optimum potential. The instability and different water volumes offer continual challenge to a workout enthusiast.

Kamagon Ball workout

You can work out with the kamagon ball at home without needing too much space. You can have a minimalist gym at a go. Swing the kamagon ball like a kettlebell or grip it like a dumbbell with its handles. You can improvise on your lunges, squats, curls and planks with the Kamagon ball.

  • Work on a side plank with a kamagon ball in one arm using one handle only.
  • Sit on the floor with your legs stretched out in a V. Hold the kamagon ball at chest level. Move it away and back. For another variation in this position, hold both handles and move from side to side.
  • Try your burpees with a kamagon ball to add power.
  • Work the twist lunge with the water ball close against the chest.
  • Hold the ball over your head during your squats.

A high-intensity kamagon ball workout is sure to melt away calories while toning your body and adding definition to it.

Ugi Fitness Ball

A new twist to the medicine ball is the Ugi fitness ball. This weighted squishy ball also challenges the large muscle groups and makes for versatile stability fitness equipment. Smaller than a Swiss ball, an Ugi fitness ball is squishy and you can kneel, stand and hold a plank pose on it. Combining the bouncy property of a stress ball with the squish of a bean bag, the Ugi fitness ball is ideal for a home workout. Use it for core exercises, warm up or cool down workout.

The Ugi ball comes in various fitness levels from 6 lb and 8 lb to 10 and 12 lb. Measuring 15 “in diameter, it is easily portable and doesn't need a lot of space to work out with. Typical Ugi workouts include:

  • Toss and catch the Ugi ball.

  • Plank poses with the Ugi ball.

  • Lunges

  • Swings

  • Pushups

  • Dips

  • Plié Squats

Ball exercises are challenging, interesting and fun! You can work out in versatile ways and indulge in serious strength training. Ball training stimulates core muscles and builds smaller stability muscles. The center of abs and the obliques are worked.

Slam it, roll it, twist it and prop it – You can put the kamagon ball and the Ugi ball through the paces to enhance your fitness regimen.

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Kamagon Ball Workouts

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