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Double Chin Exercise

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Double Chin Exercise
Try these simple exercises to reduce double chin and watch your jaw line sculpt itself. Incorporate these exercises to get rid of double chin.

A double chin can mar a good looking face. Not only is it unsightly but also indicative of the excess fat stored in your body. Excess body fat is easily stored in the chin thus producing a double chin. A chin is a vulnerable spot for those who have started piling on excess weight. This can make you look older than your age.

The most natural way of getting rid of double chin is to exercise. Following few easy double chin exercises and maintaining a balanced diet can help reduce double chin. Besides reducing the double chin, these exercises can also make the neck look more beautiful.

Double chin

Platysma, a muscle that is responsible for the downward movement of the jaw and corners of the mouth is the muscle that you have to concentrate on while exercising for eliminating double chin. Exercising the chin will help strengthen the muscles thus reducing the fat in the chin, it also gives the chin skin the desired lift. Double chin is caused mainly because of:

  • High caloric intake
  • Weight gain
  • Excessive body fat
  • Genetic factors
  • Sagging facial muscles

Simple exercises for double chin

  • Slap the chin, slap right under your chin using the back of your hand. Start slowly and gently and gradually increase the speed. Do it for two to three minutes every time and repeat thrice a day.

  • While going to bed in the night, lie on your side, now slowly place your head on the pillow by tilting your head backward, tilt it until you feel the stretch.

  • Lie down on the floor flat and lift your head slowly. Hold it in this position and move your head to the sides without putting your head down. The action should appear as though you are saying no, repeat ten times. Go back to the lying position lift your head to the chest and move it backwards, ensure your head does not rest on the floor. This action should resemble as though you are saying yes. Repeat for ten times.

  • Press your palm against your forehead for ten seconds; resist this with your head and neck. Your neck and chin should tighten, repeat by placing your hand on the back of your head and then on the side of your head.

Get rid of double chin

There is no particular timing for exercising your double chin, but try and club these exercises with your fitness schedule.

  • Stand in a comfortable position, keep your head straight. Put your tongue out as much as you can, count ten, relax. Repeat as many times as you can.

  • Stand in a comfortable position, tilt you head backward as much as you can. Keep your mouth closed while you do this, count ten, relax, and then bring back your head to original position. Repeat as many times as you can.

  • Stand in a comfortable position; push your lower lip upwards as much as possible over your upper lip. Remain in this position until you count ten, repeat exercise ten times.

  • Sit straight; tilt your head backward as much as you can. Open and close your mouth. You should feel your muscle stretch, repeat as much as you can.

  • Stand comfortably and try to touch your nose with your lower lip.

  • Lie down flat; keep your hands and legs on the floor next to your thigh. Now press your chin against your chest, remain in this position for about 2 seconds. Slowly tilt your head back to the normal resting position, relax and repeat 25 times.

  • Lie down flat on the floor; keep your hands and legs on the floor next to your thighs. Lift your head up so that your chin is high up, it should be the highest point of the head. Remain in the same position for two minutes. Relax and repeat 30 times.

  • Open your mouth wide; thrust your lower jaw frontward and then upward so that the bottom teeth comes over the top of your upper lip. Repeat it for 3-4 times a day and repeat it 15 times each time. Remember not to overdo and strain your jaw.

  • Open your mouth wide and pull your lower lip over your lower row of teeth. Move the jaw up and down as though you are trying to scoop something. Repeat 10 times and do it 3-4 times a day. This exercise will strengthen the platysma, the muscle responsible for your chin's shape.

  • Place an inflatable beach ball or volley ball under your chin and hold it there, now slowly drop the ball down and hold the chin in the same position until you count ten. Relax and repeat.

Double chin reduction

  • Posture plays an important role in maintaining the shape of every part of your body. Maintain an upright posture by keeping your head up; do not strain to do the same. This will strengthen the throat muscles thus reducing double chin. Ergonomic chairs are available for such purposes.

  • Eat a balanced diet that is healthy.

  • Chew sugar free gums, this will keep your jaw and face muscles working thus preventing excessive fat build-up.

  • Do not sit for long hours in front of the computer, get up, take a walk and roll your neck whenever you can. This will help stretching your facial muscles.

  • While exercising, breathing should be correct, the pace of your breath should match the exercise. Breathe in (inhale) while you lift your head and breathe out (exhale) while you rest your head.

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