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Morning Exercise and Metabolism

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Morning Exercise and Metabolism
Morning exercises help in the healing process of the body and regulates all the mechanisms of the body at once. Get your metabolism started with morning exercise. Because once the day gets going, it is difficult to get off the treadmill called life.

Exercise, first thing is the morning is a sure way to a successful weight loss program. You may start off with just a 10 minute walk, but try to do it every morning. Once the day unfolds, you are likely to be swamped by a tight schedule. So, schedule some time for morning exercise. Besides, its effects on your metabolism work wonders for weight loss.

Why exercise in the morning?

  • Getting into the habit of exercising in the morning helps you stay healthy and happy and fit for life. Consistency is a factor that goes with morning exercise.

  • Overheating occurs due to exposure to the sun during the day. To beat the heat, it is easier to exercise in the mornings.

  • Those who exercise in the mornings, feel energized throughout the day.

  • Morning exercise can regulate the appetite for the day. Those who exercise in the mornings are likely to make better food choices.

The body becomes accustomed to getting up early and preparing for a regular exercise regimen at the same time, each morning. The endocrine system and the circadian rhythms adjust to this. This helps physiologically in certain aspects.

  • It becomes easier to wake up at the same time daily. Waking at different times everyday can confuse the body as it is never really prepared to awaken.

  • As the metabolism and other hormones awaken and begin to elevate even while you are sleeping, feel far more alert, energized and ready to exercise when you wake up.

  • Hormones that regulate the blood pressure, heart rate and blood flow to muscles prepare the body for exercise.

  • Many find this the right time to think clearly, pray and plan for the day or just relax mentally.

  • Research has established that exercise improves mental acuity. This lasts from four to ten hours on an average.

Tips to get up early in the morning to exercise

  • Keep your exercise outfit and fitness gear ready the night before so that when you wake up, there is no time wasted.

  • Getting up listening to your favorite song can have you practically dancing out of your bed.
  • It would be easier to get up early if you have a fixed appointment with a friend or a fitness trainer.
  • An exciting morning schedule such as sunrise yoga on the beach or a new workout session is bound to inspire you to get up and out early.

  • Plan a special breakfast after the workout, rewarding yourself for your efforts. A warm cup of coffee can stir you to run home faster.

Morning exercise and metabolism

Exercise increases one's metabolism. Some studies have noticed that the timing of your exercise does not have much bearing on your metabolic rate; it's the exercise that matters. An intense workout for some duration helps keep your metabolism raised throughout the day. The time and intensity varies between people.

Early morning exercise on an empty stomach is not advised. While some believe that it aids weight loss, it is not an acceptable practice to work out on an empty stomach. You are likely to experience fainting or low blood sugar or dehydration. Exercising on empty stomach can cause nausea and stomach cramps.

Your body needs to be sufficiently fueled to provide energy for exercise. Besides, if the body finds itself without adequate nutrients, it is likely to go into ketosis - a process where metabolism slows down to preserve resources. This is counterproductive.

Early morning exercise jumpstarts your metabolism. It keeps it elevated for hours. In other words, you can burn calories all day long with a healthy early morning workout. Age-related hormonal changes and loss of lean muscle mass lead to flagging metabolic rate. One can fight the trend by continuing with early morning exercise.

Metabolism function is raised with daily exercise. While resistance training may burn off as a carryover fifty or more calories, aerobic exercise translates to about an extra twenty five to thirty calories - a sure way to weight loss.

Morning exercise benefits

Exercise can help you feel healthy not only in body but also in mind. Early to bed and early to rise ... is not just an adage. Going to bed early and getting enough hours of good sleep are conducive to good health. Early morning rising for exercise helps build discipline.

  • Among the best benefits of morning exercise are those related to weight loss and maintenance. Regular morning exercises keep you motivated, and reach your ideal weight at the earliest.

  • Chances of missing a morning exercise are lesser when compared to an evening exercise routine.

  • Morning exercise regulates your appetite throughout the day. Exercises such as lifting weight in the morning cause release of endorphins, thereby preventing overeating.

  • In short, morning exercises help in the healing process of the body and regulates all the mechanisms of the body at once.

Many of us find there is not enough time for exercising. The home, work and kids all take up your time and energy. But exercising in the mornings helps you give it the priority it so deserves.

Morning exercise weight loss

To lose weight and keep it going, one needs to exercise. But sometimes it gets impossible when your days are packed. But exercising daily should be a non-negotiable activity. And exercising in the morning is the best habit of all.

An exercise physiologist of the American Council on Exercise, Cedric X Bryant PhD, comments, "Your goal is to move your body as much as possible. But by starting your morning with physical activity, you can set the day's pace. Morning exercisers tend to stick with their exercise habit. By doing the bulk of the exercise first thing in the morning, you get your exercise in before other distractions can intrude. We can all relate to that - because once the day gets going, it's hard to get off the treadmill called life."

The morning exercises should not be complicated and take a lot of time. Simple and effective workouts for less than 20 minutes will suffice each morning, but will result in phenomenal weight loss.

Yoga including stretching and strengthening exercises can provide noticeable weight loss.

Activities like bike riding can invigorate and engage all the muscles of the body. This is an opportunity to get fresh air and also clear your head before beginning the day.

Power walking is another great morning exercise which helps to promote weight loss. As much as possible, it would be better to substitute driving with walking. If fitness walking is not possible on weekdays, it can be attempted during weekends. Having good company while walking helps you stick to workout routine religiously.

Incorporating some kind of gentle exercise in the mornings not only helps to lose weight but also keep it off. Morning exercise regimen need not be overwhelming unlike other stressful work periods. Even light exercise in the morning coupled with healthy eating and a balanced diet can provide wondrous results.

In case the person is overweight and risks heart disease, high blood pressure and high cholesterol, consult the doctor before embarking on the exercise program.

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