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Dumbbell Exercise

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Dumbbell Exercise
Dumbbell exercise strengthens muscles and burns calories effectively. Make it a priority so as to improve bone strength and protect yourself from osteoporosis.

Welcome to the world of smart exercising, resolve to strengthen muscles and burn calories effectively. Dumbbell exercise is a form of strength training exercise targeted towards working specific or group muscles. You can do various dumbbell exercises at home or in the Gym.

All you need is serious dedication and inexpensive pair of dumbbells. You can start with as little as two 15-20 minutes a week and gradually maintain at 30 minutes. Make it more enjoyable, play some workout tape and experience the potential health benefits including high energy levels and metabolism.

Myths of dumbbells

Dumbbells are not just for men. Women too can use it. If you are wary about looking big just because you opted for dumbbells, it is time to clear these myths. Be assured, dumbbell exercises will not make you look less feminine or more muscular with bulging muscles. On the other hand dumbbell exercises can make you feel stronger, leaner and healthier. It can be worked out targeting a particular muscle or work all the muscle groups just to lose weight and get overall better physical shape.

Advantages of dumbbell exercise

Regular dumbbell exercise is beneficial to anyone, irrespective of age, sex or physical condition.

Sculpt your body, improve self-esteem: It doesn't interest you to compete with Ms.Universe but no doubt you are keen to maintain your physical state as slim and trim as you wish. Dumbbells can help you look great with an improved physical appearance. Consistent dumbbell exercises promise a better you - Improved physical appearance and improved confidence.

Stronger bones, prevent Osteoporosis: The National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin diseases reports that an estimated 28 million Americans are prone to increased risks of Osteoporosis. You too can reduce the risks of osteoporosis by performing strength-training exercises like dumbbell exercise. Such exercise increases bone density, strengthens muscles and secures the bones from becoming thin and fragile, so much to avoid chances of breaking muscles with even the slightest injury.

Increase metabolism, control weight: Adopting a methodical dumbbell exercise program can increase your metabolism. When your bone density increases and the muscles are strong it just means your muscle mass is more. This helps in burning calories quickly and effectively. Gradually, the body gets tuned to improve the rate at which calories are burnt and weight control is much easier.

Quality sleeping habits, feel fresh: Dumbbell exercise on a regular basis advocates quality-sleeping hours. An improved sleeping habit helps you feel energized. You can face unlimited demanding hours of work with the same amount of zeal and enthusiasm.

Less time Fast results: If you are a beginner, it requires two 15-20 minutes workout which can be gradually maintained at 30 minutes every other day. Your muscles are working their way to act more efficiently and you can notice better and faster results.

Overall good health: Dumbbell exercises may help control blood pressure and blood sugar. Combine this excellent regimen with a healthy diet and the advantages are wholesome both for your mind and body.

Guidelines for beginners

  • Shop for dumbbells. You could start with a lightweight pair of 2-3 pound weights. Opt for adjustable dumbbells with options for adding or removing metal disks.

  • Set a goal, prepare a schedule and select a muscle(s). Spread it over 5 days a week. Rest on the 6th and 7th day and continue the routine.

  • Select exercises suitable for women. Seek expert opinion or take help from an interim trainer.

  • Set the pace. Warm up for 5-10 minutes indulging in simple aerobic exercises followed by gentle stretching exercises.

  • Kick-start your dumbbell-exercise regimen by picking some lightweight dumbbells and perform a set i.e. 8- 12 times.

  • Rest for a minute or two and continue doing 2- 3 sets.

  • Do it slowly and smoothly. Do not hurry.

  • Breathe easily. Never hold back breath or gasp for breath. As you lift the dumbbells, exhale and inhale deeply as you bring it down.

  • Don't stop abruptly by dropping the dumbbells instantaneously. You are likely to get hurt as you are disrupting muscle-strengthening mechanism.

  • If there is pain, do not continue. Just stop and relax for a while. It is natural to notice soreness for a couple of days, don't feel let down.

  • Maintain a trim posture; keep your mind and body relaxed.

  • Close the session with some warm-ups to help muscles recover.

Dumbbell chest exercise

Side shoulder raise: Let your arms hang in front of thighs. Keep your elbows slightly bent, palms should be facing each other. Pick up both the dumbbells in your hands and raise together facing outward. Bring it to shoulder height with elbows slightly bent. Lower dumbbells slowly and steadily to the starting position. Repeat 2-3 sets.

Upright row: Let your arms hang in front of thighs and the palms should be facing thighs. Pick up the dumbbells and raise together to the chin. Make sure the palms remain close to the body. Bring it down and repeat. This targets your shoulder, neck and upper back.

Biceps Curl: Let your arms hang at sides and palms should be away from your body. Make sure you keep the elbows close to your sides. You can now curl both dumbbells upward till the shoulders. Bring it down to starting point and repeat. You have targeted the biceps or front of arm.

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