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Jogging Exercise

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Jogging Exercise
Jogging is an ideal aerobic activity that helps people burn a lot of calories within a short span of time. Check out the pros and cons of jogging exercise.

Jogging as an exercise started off in England in the mid 17th century. In the earlier days jogging was referred to as roadwork in the United States. Jogging exercise is an ideal aerobic activity that helps people burn a lot of calories within a short span of time.

Taking more than 9 minutes to cover a mile while running can be termed as jogging. The main idea of jogging is to boost fitness at low stress levels. Buying the right type of shoes is very important before you begin your jogging exercise. The shoe has to suit your body perfectly and should not damage your feet while jogging.

What is jogging ?

Jogging is categorized as a 'high impact' exercise. An even amount of strain is placed throughout the body while jogging and a heavy level of strain is placed on the knee joints. Jogging is similar to walking and can be done anywhere and at any convenient time.

Jogging has a series of health benefits like relieving stress, toning and strengthening the muscles, and conditioning the heart. If you are jogging for the first time, be sure to be slow, start with slow walking, then start walking at a fast pace. Once you are well adjusted to the walking schedule, gradually begin jogging and slowly increase the pace of your jogging.

Jogging exercise

The number of calories burnt while jogging varies as per the duration, intensity and extent of the workout. The American Council on Exercise, ACE, points out that when a person weighing 160 pounds jogs at a speed of 6 miles per hour, he tends to burn 12.5 calories per minute. For the same amount of exercise more calories are burnt if the speed is increased or if the person is heavier, lesser amount of calories is burnt if the speed is reduced or if the person weighs less.

There are more chances of injuries because of the excessive strain experienced on the muscles and joints. The entire body weight is rested on the knee and the ankle areas while jogging thus they are prone to more wear and tear resulting in injury or damage. People belonging to any age group can begin jogging as a regular exercise. Anybody who wants to take to jogging seriously has to get a fitness approval from the physician.

Jogging guidelines

  • A warm-up session is essential before jogging.

  • Choose the right shoe else your jogging exercise can turn into a nightmare. Choose a shoe with the right cushioning, ample toe space and that which gives a comfortable fitting at the heel.

  • Do not bend forward while jogging. Instead keep your chest open and relax your shoulders.

  • Keep your head up and eyes focused in front of you. Do not look downwards as this will lead to back and neck pain.

  • The arms have to be kept close to the body while jogging and also remember to swing the arms forward and backward.

  • Do not clinch your fists while jogging.

  • Never bend too much on your back, this will lead to hip and back pain.

  • Remember to lift your knee to the front and pull out the balance length of the leg towards the back.

  • Learn to land on your heel first and then place the rest of the foot.

  • Start off to jog using the balls of your feet.

Safe jogging

People tend to get over enthusiastic within a few days of their jogging sessions, they tend to overdo and thus get injured. Safety is also equally important for joggers, listed below are safety tips for joggers:

  • Begin jogging slowly and gradually increase the speed.

  • Wear the right shoes; else you will develop blisters on your feet.

  • Always jog facing the traffic.

  • Never jog in the dark.

  • Try to jog with a companion.

  • Avoid jogging in a lonely area.

  • Carry your hand phone while you go out jogging.

  • Wear bright colored clothes to enhance visibility.

Jogging exercise benefits

  • Jogging is a wonderful way to improve physical fitness, bone density and cardiovascular health.

  • Number of calories burnt is more when compared to walking.

  • While jogging the muscles of the body is put to work thus burning excess fat, this stimulates weight loss (calories burnt are in kilojoules).

  • Jogging boosts stamina and energy levels.

  • Jogging lowers blood pressure thus reducing risks of heart attack.

  • Helps in the initial stages of diabetes and osteoporosis.

  • Brings down the risk of breast cancer and strokes.

  • While jogging the body releases natural endorphins thereby helping to reduce depression and gain control over mood swings.

  • Overall metabolism of the body is improved thereby resulting in weight loss.

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