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Stair Climbing Exercise

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Stair Climbing Exercise
Stair climbing is a simple way to keep your cardiovascular fitness regimen. Make stair climbing a regular physical activity but be aware of certain conditions that might not be suitable for this form of aerobic activity.

If you are looking for an exercise that is easy, convenient and at the same time provides aerobic conditioning, strength and endurance, stair climbing exercise could be the right choice. Walking up and down the stairs has not only proved to be a complete exercise in itself but also improves cardiovascular health of the person. So, if you are unable to hit the gym or attend aerobic sessions fret not... solution lies within your building, it could be your office or residence, just climb your way to fitness.

Maintaining the right posture is an important part of stair climbing exercise. Slouching or bending forward may harm your lower back. Look straight, keep your back straight and keep your foot firmly on the step.

Stair climbing exercise

Ideally you should start exercise after going for mild warm ups such as walking (for about five to ten minutes) or stretching calves, quads and hamstrings to avoid any kind of injury. After you begin the exercise, increase the speed gradually. Initially try taking breaks after every two or three floors by walking around the corridors. You can again slow down as you approach the end of the session and finally relax.

Benefits of stair climbing

  • Stair climbing is an excellent way of losing body fat and toning up thigh muscles. It firms up legs, stomach and butt.

  • It is highly time efficient, stair climbing takes just half the time of what other aerobic activities take to burn up the given number of calories.

  • Stair climbing is beneficial for cross-training. This activity can be combined with running, swimming, cycling and rowing for excellent results.

  • It does not require any expensive or specific equipment and can be carried out at any time of the day.

  • Stair climbing improves bone density and studies have also proved that good cholesterol levels rise if it is incorporated in daily exercise regimen.

Calories burnt with stair climbing exercise

Climbing stairs has proved to be a quickest and efficient way of losing calories. A 150-pound person can burn a whopping 10 calories a minute climbing stairs according to the Calorie Control Council (CCC).

Safety tips while stair climbing

  • Invest in supportive shoes meant for aerobics.

  • Hydrate yourself before climbing and also in between the exercise.

  • Be aware of symptoms like dizziness, heart palpitation and nausea. If you notice any of these symptoms occurring, stop the exercise immediately and consult your doctor.

  • Always maintain the right posture.

  • Restrict the stair climbing to three or four days a week to avoid over use of the same muscles. You can run or cycle on other days.

  • Climbing down the stairs is more strenuous compared to upward movement as you are holding back your feet. Hence, go easy, at least for first few days.

  • Safety first. Choose well-lit stair cases and avoid isolated places. In case of emergency, someone should be able to hear you out.

  • Keep some one informed about your activity

Stair climbing exercise

It has been researched and proved that blood pressure rises during stair climbing exercises .So those suffering from hypertension should avoid this activity. Persons with certain cardiovascular disorders or orthopedic problems may also be advised to consult doctor before taking up such vigorous exercise.

So shun the elevators. Make stair climbing a regular physical activity. You can even play some music while going up and down the stairs to make it more interesting.

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