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Hybrid Workouts

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Hybrid Workouts
Hybrid exercises are not only fat burning but are fun to do. Hybrid workouts are designed to increase strength and build endurance at the same time. Done in sets with handful of exercises at a time, hybrid exercises differ slightly from combo drills.

As with any other exercise regimen, hybrid exercises also start with a progressive warm up and conclude with a warm (cool) down. Hybrid exercises are not only fat burning but are fun to do. However, individual ability levels and specific body mechanics have to be studied before prescribing any hybrid exercise.

More than one pattern of movement is combined in one fluid action in a hybrid exercise. These are designed to increase strength and build endurance at the same time. Done in sets with handful of exercises at a time, hybrid exercises differ slightly from combo drills.

Hands-on hybrid exercises

Jump squat is one such hybrid exercise. Intense hybrid exercises can be fun and intense. As a hybrid coach explains, 'above and beyond volume, frequency and intensity, complexity is an oft ignored but extremely powerful tool in our physical conditional arsenal'.

One such combination is a quad squat and hand press, a leg squat to quarter leg swoop, spinal rock to crow and jump square to reaching wheel. Hybrid exercises combine dead lifts and squats, lunges and military press, bent over row and Romanian dead lift. This can be concluded with weighted pushups and some pull ups or chin ups.

Squat press

The squat press combines the deep squat with shoulder press by using a dumbbell in each hand or one dumbbell in one hand. Use the lower body to generate force and transfer it to upper body allowing you to lift a heavier weight without relying on arms and shoulders only.

Stand with legs about shoulder width apart and hold a 20 lb dumbbell in each hand with elbows close to the center of the body. Squat down as low as you can with torso upright and knees and feet pointing forward. Exhale and stand straight up and push the weights over head. Lower the dumbbells to shoulder and repeat the exercise for three sets of 10 to 12 repetitions.

Side lunge with reach

This works on lunging laterally without stabilizing your torso and hip to prevent poor posture. Stand with feet together and step to left with left foot and point both feet forward. Lunge to left as low as possible without rounding the back. Reach down toward left foot. Exhale and stand back to the starting position. Perform three sets of eight to ten lunges on each leg.

Vertical jump and pull up

This exercise uses movements of vertical jump and a pull up. Stand beneath a pull up bar which is about 2 feet above head and with legs about shoulder width apart. Squat down and swing arms back without rounding spine.

Jump straight up and swing arms up to grab the pull up bar about shoulder width apart. Pull up immediately until head clears over the bar. Lower down until arms are extended and land on the ground with legs and shoulder width apart. Repeat the movement pattern for three sets of eight to twelve repetitions.

Soccer throw and slam down combo

This hybrid is for core stability and strength to stabilize your spine when you move or to generate force to throw the medicine ball. A lighter ball can be used on speed development or a heavier ball if you wish to develop strength.

Stand at 10 to 12 feet away from a sturdy wall and hold a medicine ball over head. Step forward with one foot and throw the ball against the wall. Catch the ball after it bounces on the ground. Raise the ball over head and slam it on the ground in front with legs about shoulder width apart. Do not strike foot when you throw. Repeat the pattern for three sets of 10 repetitions.

Warm up hybrid exercises

These are effective choice for warm up for upper and lower body muscles to enable them to work up a sweat. Warm ups include jumping jacks. Alternatively you can choose a treadmill to get heart rate up but hybrid movements can give you a total body warm up. Lighter weights are preferred in hybrid movements than the one used in workouts.

Hybrid workouts

Hybrid workout is indeed a new approach to emotional, mental, physical and spiritual fitness. It is multi-joint and it combines various calisthenics and movement exercises that utilize a full range of motion and moves in circles and angles.

Hybrid fitness combines wellness coaching and lessons learnt can be applied to other areas in life. A hybrid workout is geared toward fitness, health and wellness and it does not employ any equipment or gadgets. Hybrid workouts are done in a relaxed manner with optimum space for increased flexibility, to tone muscles and strengthen core muscles, to prevent injury and increase well being. Above all, hybrid workout complements all other workouts.

A fat burning punch, a modified pull up or reverse row with a hamstring curl can work the back and arms plus legs workout simultaneously.

A reverse row (a form of a pull up with different pattern of muscle recruitment than a standard pull up) and hamstring curl can be combined to create the hybrid. Get into a reverse row position with a chair already positioned to take your feet. Place feet on chair, hand straight armed, and pull chest up to the bar. But if you are not strong enough for this hybrid routine, master reverse row first before getting on with the other hybrid.

Hybrid exercises involve bodily movements in different parts and joints at various directions. They provide a varied workout that prevent overload to any specific muscle.

Power lifting movements

These are good examples of hybrid exercises. Movements like clean and jerk, high pull and snatch high pull work multiple groups of muscles in one movement. For instance, the snatch pull consists of lifting the barbell off the floor with palms down and a straight back. Once the bar is about thigh level, move upward and pull the bar near the ribcage and chest; shrugging shoulders.

Piloxing: This alternates between the core and lengthening work of Pilates and the speed and agility training of boxing. As such, boxing takes a lot of balance and core strength which can be gained from Pilates.

Yoga and cycling: In the hybrid yoga and indoor cycling, about 35-40 minutes on the bike and the same on the mat are combined. It is estimated that up to 800 calories can burnt in this hybrid. As it is followed up with yoga, it sends healing oxygenated blood to the muscles, speeding up recovery and promoting strength.

Boot camp exercises: In hybrid boot camp exercises, fat is blasted and entire body is toned and strengthened. This workout can be done anywhere.

Warm up with any type of mobility circuit for about four minutes. This boosts endurance, improves performance and helps fat loss, preventing injuries.

In hybrid boot camp each exercise should be done using a protocol (called tabata protocol). This is for about eight rounds of twenty seconds of work and ten seconds of rest. Each exercise takes about four minutes. Try an extra eight rounds if you want to work extra hard between both exercises.

Squat thrust + swinging plank + jump squat for twenty seconds work and ten seconds rest.

Repeat eight times, this would take about four minutes.

Incline pushup + Bulgarian split squat + hop for 20 seconds work 10 seconds rest (work on one leg at a time).

Easier version

2 rounds of squat thrusts and 2 rounds of swinging planks

2 rounds of squat jumps and 2 rounds of Bulgarian split squat

2 rounds of suspending leg hops and 2 rounds of inverted pushups

Cool down with any favorite stretch or try three sun salutations or flow yoga. Hybrid exercises afford a unique fitness experience that blends a variety of training styles, games, team works et al - all filled with fun and relaxation.

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