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Indoor Rock Climbing

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Indoor Rock Climbing
Indoor rock climbing is an emerging sport, in areas where there is inclement weather as well as for those who don't have the time for the outdoor version. This is an ideal opportunity for beginners to learn in safer and regulated surroundings.

You are in a mood to rock climb, yet bad weather or late nights dampen your spirits - fret not..... indoor rock climbing is as much fun as outdoor rock climbing. It is almost a substitute to natural rock climbing wherein 'look-alike' mountain wall structures are created with holds fixed on it. Thick plywood sheets are fitted in the wooden or metal frame and are textured to give a feel of real rocks.

Of late many gyms have started offering the facility of indoor rock climbing along with a training course. It is surely much safer, particularly for beginners as the whole activity takes place under regulated surroundings.

Indoor rock climbing gear

  • Harness (an important belt like device, tied to the waist that protects the climber from falling)

  • Locking carabineer and belay tools (Belay tools are fixed on the other end of the rope from the climber to catch a fall and land the climber safely on to the ground)

  • Comfortable clothing with enough stretch

  • Climbing shoes

  • Chalk bag (chalk powder to absorb sweat of your hands)

  • Water or any drink to hydrate your self.

  • Good helmet

Of course, you require positive frame of mind and determination to practice and perfect the art. Any slackness may lead to injury.

Indoor rock climbing Vs outdoor rock climbing

Climbing indoors or outdoors requires the same level of strength, concentration and balancing skills. The safety equipment utilized by indoor climbing is much the same as outdoor rock climbing. Yet it cannot match the ambience that natural rock climbing provides.

Indoor rock climbing certainly provides safer conditions as all the holds are easily visible unlike outdoor mountains. You need not wait for a sunny day to get your act together. Indoor climbing acts as a training ground for all the aspiring rock climbers. So you can learn the skill first and experiment outside later.

Indoor rock climbing is done not just for fun or as physical activity. It has turned into a serious sport and many competitions take place at different levels. Improve your fitness by doing pull-ups to strengthen the upper body strength. You can use elastic weights, weights or even simple arm rotations too. Strengthen wrist and hand area with weight lifts, squeeze ball or handing on a bar.

There are many styles of indoor rock climbing and one of the variations is bouldering. It is a type of rock climbing that is done without a rope and usually restricted to very short climbs with a crash pad laid below so that any accidental fall will not result in serious injury

Indoor rock climbing benefits

  • Indoor rock climbing is sure to improve your physical fitness. It also makes you strong mentally and boosts your self confidence.

  • This activity widens your social networking. You can bond well with co-climbers and belayers (those who stand at the other end of the rope for belaying purpose) as it becomes a group activity at certain points.

  • It makes you efficient in balancing, safety skills, harness use, knot tying, and belaying that may come in handy while climbing outdoors.

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