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Piloxing Workout

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Piloxing Workout
Piloxing is an exciting and invigorating exercise that is all about flexibility, power and core stability. Benefit from better balance and posture, body composition, improved muscle tone and definition after a piloxing workout.

When you combine the smooth moves of Pilates with the energetic punches of boxing, you get a spirited interval workout called Piloxing. The origin of this novel workout is credited to a celebrity Swiss trainer Viveca Jensen.

This fusion of boxing and Pilates led to an innovative workout technique that promises high calorie burn. It's the latest fun way to fat busting and body sculpting! Pilates and boxing involve breath control techniques that help combat stress and improve concentration. It enables a woman to feel physically and mentally empowered.

Pilates exercise was the brainchild of Joseph H. Pilates. Pilates is also an acronym - Proximal Integrating Latent Agile Toning Exercise System . What started probably in the 1920s became popular with its emphasis on body alignment and synchronized correct breathing. When this technique is mated to the powerful movements of the upper torso (belonging to the boxing techniques) - you end up with an exercise routine which promises to tone you up.

Piloxing Class

A Piloxing workout helps to build core strength and create lean muscle. You can see the pounds shedding off. With weighted gloves, the boxing movements serve to tone your arms and sculpt your body. The flexibility of Pilates is the other plus.

With groovy moves of the Salsa and ballet incorporate into the Piloxing workout, it is becoming a popular fitness activity. Don't be fooled into assuming that boxing is all boring! All the moves are performed to pumping music at nearly 145 beats per minute. The sexy playful moves of Piloxing make for a challenging yet fun workout. Increased stamina and cardiovascular fitness can be noticed within a few weeks.

Squats, plies and lunges interspersed with punches and other boxing moves – all go to making a piloxing class really interesting. It is most often done barefoot to improve posture, balance and prevent injuries. Some prefer to do this routine with treads or dance shoes. Due to the interval training nature of a piloxing workout, more calories are expended. It results in improved power and agility.

This exciting and invigorating exercise is all about flexibility, power and core stability. The stretching and back alignment postures that are intrinsic to Pilates help sculpt a long and lean body.

Benefits of Pilates in the Piloxing Workout

The ultimate goal of Pilates is to provide an understanding of postural alignment during movement of the human body in the three dimensional planes. Controlled movements, proper biomechanics and flow of movement help in achieving this. Pilates works by combining breathing techniques with special stretches.

It is more dynamic than Yoga because it pushes the body through stretching and targets flexibility, posture and strength. By using the Pilates machine, individuals have to go through systematic and natural movements, whilst holding their torsos in place and moving their limbs in different directions. This movement strengthens the individual's balance and flexibility. Pilates is an exercise system that Pilates focuses on quality of movement rather than quantity and offer nearly 500 controlled activities that engage the mind and condition the total body.

Benefits of Boxing in the Piloxing Workout

Women stand to gain from the boxing moves in a Piloxing Workout. Positioning your body is paramount in a boxing workout - get the most of the session and also reduce joint strain. The typical stance is to stand sideways against an imaginary opponent or punching bag. Feet are placed shoulder wide.

The dominant hand is always at the back. Stand with your weight distributed evenly on both legs and keep your knees slightly bent. Being a 80% anaerobic and 20% aerobic activity, it combines strength, power, speed and agility. You get to sculpt your arms, shoulders, legs and core. With its emphasis on focus, boxing works well to train your mind and body.

Piloxing moves

Tummy tightening moves are intrinsic to any Piloxing routine. Combined with air punches and static poses … and you are really sweating out the calories in a 45 minute session. Engage your core muscles with leg swings and kicks and yet maintain your balance. Combined arm movements with leg swings are a total body workout. Karate-style forward kicks and punches help you tone your arms. With your heartbeat set to high, your body is in fat-burning zone and your metabolism is revved up.

In a piloxing workout, your upper body develops strength and tones up due to the boxing moves. The Pilates moves work on lengthening and developing your core. You can hope to burn between 400 to 900 calories in an intense piloxing session. Every workout is a combination of strength, dance and active relaxation.

Other than a pair of boxing gloves, you don't need any other equipment. The group activity leaves you exhausted but invigorated. With a raised heart beat and tested muscles, your piloxing workout serves as a combination cardio-strength training session.

Core activation and deep breathing principles of Pilates are followed here. Each workout follows a non-stop mix of Pilates, dance and boxing moves. So you move seamlessly from sculpting exercises to ballet steps and punches. Fancy footwork and power punches are borrowed from boxing.

Benefit from better balance and posture, body composition, improved muscle tone and definition.

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