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Butt Exercise

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Butt Exercise
Tone up your butt with cardiovascular exercises such as walking, bicycling and swimming. Lunges and squats can firm up your rear muscles and put you in better shape.

If your butt is a problem area and you are looking to get your derriere in better shape, remember that you are not the only one. Millions of women all over the world are unhappy with their butts - either its too large or too petite or not in right shape. After all a well toned butt does add to your physical attractiveness. For simple butt exercises, look no further - Read up our informative guide on exercises to get your butt in better shape.

Butt Exercise Guide

Your derriere is made up of 3 main muscles - Gluteus maximus, Gluteus medius and Gluteus minimus. These muscles allow all the movements of the hip such as extension, external rotation and adduction. This is one area that tends to accumulate fat easily. Cardio vascular exercises such as walking and biking are excellent for your butt and thighs. Walking uphill can target your gluteus muscles and burn off the flab. Hiking up a steep hill is an excellent workout for the rear muscles.

Running can burn off more calories and tighten up your rear end muscles. Riding a bicycle is yet another cardio vascular exercise that targets all muscles in the region of the hip, thigh and butt. A stationary gym bike can work wonders if you work out for about 30 minutes regularly.

Swim regularly or get onto a treadmill to burn off more calories and get the flab off. It is not possible to reduce just one part of the body - aim to work out all parts of the body. Butt exercises must be supplemented with a diet plan that has reduced calories.

Simple Butt Exercises

Squats are the most powerful butt exercises that can help you get your butt and hips and thigh in better condition. Ideally they should be performed in front of a mirror. Stand with your legs placed slightly apart. Keeping your back straight, bend at the knees till your thighs are parallel to the ground.

Return to standing position. A variation of the squat is the Chair squat. In this case, you bend your knees till your butt touches a chair that is placed behind you. You can add barbells to give a new dimension to your squats. Placing the feet wider makes for a better exercise for the butt muscles.

The kickback is yet another effective butt exercise. Position yourself on a mat with hands and feet ensuring that your weight is evenly distributed. Draw one knee forward and then extend your leg straight behind you. This should be done in a smooth and gentle motion. The back should not be arched too much. The kickback exercise can be reinforced with ankle weights for more resistance. This can be done after you are comfortable with the exercise regimen. Repeat about 15 times for each leg.

Try out the Lunge as an effective butt exercise. Stand with the right foot on a paper plate. Bend the left leg and move right back into a lunging position. Ensure that the torso is upright and abdomen is tucked in. You may be able to tone up your butt but remember that your genes play a large role in determining their structure. Regular exercise along with weight training can keep them in good shape.

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