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Sliding French Door

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Sliding French Door
Create extra space and enjoy privacy as well with sliding French doors with screens. Divide a large room with a sliding French door to create an extra room for entertainment, work area, study room or for any other practical purpose.

You are indeed absolutely convinced of installing sliding French door to beautify home's interior and exterior. Available with screens in varied styles, colors and materials, there is a wide range that meets individual consumer's unique need, taste and preferences. Here is an article for a well-informed sliding French door acquisition. Find all that you need to know about sliding French door, for the interior and the exterior.

Bring the outdoors in

As such a French door is a door, which has multiple windows, length same as the full length of a regular door. French doors serve varied purposes.

  • To usher in style and decorative element
  • To allow natural light to flow and keep rooms illuminated.
  • To separate rooms while still maintaining an open feel
  • To gain large inviting entrances.
  • To invite outdoors inside.
  • To enhance beautiful views.
  • To make feel outer and inner space connected.

Types of Sliding French doors

Steel: Compared to sliding French doors framed in wood, steel demands least maintenance at the same time promises extra security. Cleaning or maintenance is merely restricted to keeping the slider track clean and well lubricated. White is the standard color readily available for delivery and installation of French doors. Custom-colored may require some time.

Solid paned: Traditional French doors have small square panes with wood dividers. The sliding versions have a solid window in each door allowing maximum light to enter the room all along maintaining the traditional look. The panes of the window if made of solid are easier to clean.

The Blinds: Blinds in sliding French doors serve dual purpose, provide extra privacy and control brightness of the room. Blinds can be made of wood, cloth or steel. Besides vertical and horizontal blinds, there are blinds encased between two layers of glass in sliding French doors. Cleaning is non-strenuous for they are encased within the glass.

Frame Combination:Usually, the frames of sliding French doors are made with wood, metal or fiberglass. Advantage of using wooden frame is that it lends a softer look with a variety of hardwood species to select from and can also be painted or customized to meet individual color preference. Fiberglass doors are most popular as they are easy to maintain, can be custom designed, are highly durable and look contemporary in design. Combination doors mean combining wooden door with aluminum trim. Wood lends a traditional look while aluminum assures durability and the combination a total uniqueness to the area.

Varieties apart, the sliding version of a French door offers space saving benefit, beats space constraints all along retaining its natural classiness. Classic sophisticated profile, elegant looks, dramatic effect, aesthetic feel, style and functionality - sliding French door offers all these and more!

  • Divide a large room with a sliding French door to create an extra room for entertainment, work area, study room or for any other practical purpose.

  • Connect garden with home; enjoy unobstructed view of picturesque garden, the pool, the hills or sunsets from anyplace you desire. Install sliding French door at a place of your choice.

  • Illuminate an otherwise dim living room with natural light by installing a sliding French door.

  • Experience the advantages of moving between 'walls of glass' and install sliding French door between rooms.

  • Install sliding French doors even in bathrooms. Traditional doors demand reservation of space in the front and back for opening and closing.

  • Save dollars on energy bills. Installing French sliding doors at a focal point means more natural light all around.

  • Secure protection against varying weather conditions, sliding French door is weather resistant; fights mold and mildew while keeping the weather out.

  • Feel at peace, argon filled double-glazing sliding French doors offer sound protection from raising noise levels.

Sliding French doors features

The convenience of a slider is the primary attraction of a sliding French door. Here are additional features of sliding French doors that substantiate its choice over other types of conventional doors.

  • Sliding French doors made of wood (cherry, hard maple, white oak, red oak, MDF or mahogany) are given a durable finish to prevent wear and tear.

  • Glass panels in sliding French doors can be smaller, multiple panes, large bigger panes, or a combination of both. Glass panels are usually opaque or transparent or a combination of both.

  • Stained, glazed, beveled, etched or textured glass or smooth glass, sliding French door may have any design element.

  • Sliding French doors are available in aluminum with eco-friendly powder coated finishes, wood or clad frames.

  • Sliding French doors made of fiberglass doors closely resemble wood and are highly tough and durable.

  • Sliding French doors with steel sliders are highly economical.

  • Air infiltration, water penetration and forced entry - sliding French doors offer total protection.

  • Sliding French door offer versatile functions like swing enter/exit panel(s) options with flexibility to open fully or only partially.

  • Top supported sliding French doors and floor-mounted systems with inward and outward opening options are available.

  • Choice of design, combination of panel height, width and glazing decide the required number of panels.

Sliding French door with screen

Total privacy, light restriction, limiting heat, blocking insects, reasons for choosing sliding French doors with screens are varied. Tracks are provisions for screens provided for in all sliding French doors.

  • Sliding French doors with screen supports total ventilation.

  • Screens enable regulating light penetration to the extent needed while optimizing airflow.

  • Sliding French doors with screen keeps insects, flies and mosquitoes at bay.

  • Horizontal or vertical operation of screens, both are possible..

  • Choice of screen materials includes aluminum, fabric mesh, fiberglass and blackout or solar screen.

  • Even adjustable window screens are available.

  • Retractable screens provide the feasibility of rolling up screens when not in use.

  • Retractable screens make possible viewing through sliding French doors with the least interference.

Interior and exterior sliding French doors

Interior sliding French doors are more sought to divide space within home. The division makes available an extra room and also allows light to pass through uninterrupted. These rooms are typically used for purposes that demand cutting down sound from neighboring building or home. For added privacy, the doors may be frosted or curtains can be hung to bring an element of style. The sliding doors minimize the space that would otherwise be taken up by traditional French doors.

Not just in the conservatories, exterior sliding French doors are popularly used in the patio. Enjoying picturesque scenes in the garden, butterflies and bees entry and exit, dew settling on leaves or watching the pool - exterior sliding French doors makes all these possible. Providing a wide entrance to home, bringing in large items can never be difficult. Also exterior sliding French doors rapidly bring about an impact right at the entrance. Security aspects are well taken care of with the latest multi point locking systems in use.

Sliding French door buying tips

Sliding French doors if well maintained are highly durable. The purchase may be equated to investment in a property. Making an appropriate choice for a lasting effect is pertinent. Go through the area. Make up your mind where sliding French doors are needed. And the changes you look forward to.

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