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Storage Ottoman

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Storage Ottoman
The ottoman is versatile in that it can transform any living space by doubling up as storage space or a footrest or additional seating space. Read more on storage ottomans

Space is at a premium; hence every inch of legroom is precious. Making the most of available space is indeed a smart way of home organization. As much as color techniques, decorating tips and lighting considerations contribute towards creating space illusion, furniture also helps combat claustrophobia. Smart selection of furniture that serves more than one purpose can help you make more open space.

Your search for quality furniture piece that doubles as additional seating space or storage space ends with the purchase of an ottoman. Determine your style and choose either a leather ottoman or storage ottoman. Express your imagination and individuality and convey a unique home décor style statement using ottoman furniture pieces. You could put a glider ottoman or coffee table ottoman to good use to complement your home design needs.


Furniture comes in newer ideas and creations - ones that generate more space, add elegance and style to everyday living without neglecting the quality aspect. Ottoman furniture pieces belong to that class of furniture that are visually appealing, serve more than one purpose and provide value for money. Truly multi-functional, ottoman furniture in various designs, styles and shapes can easily fit into a modern or traditional home environment.

Ottoman is a Turkish word and is believed to be part of furniture trends of the 18th century. Ottoman is also known as a hassock or pouffe. It is a type of couch usually found in the living room or the lounge. The concept of ottoman furniture is similar to the divan, which is essentially a long, backless seat with cushioned arms or sides and a cushioned back. In most parts of the world, the terms 'divan' and 'ottoman' can mean the same. While the divan primarily serves seating requirements, the ottoman has multiple functions and great uses.

Ottoman Advantages

Typically, ottoman piece of furniture is described as a low, upholstered seat or bench with neither back nor arms that doubles as additional seating or an occasional coffee/laptop table.

Leather ottoman: To match with your existing leather sofa sets.

Chair ottoman: Square shaped ottomans are comfortable; the size should equal other chairs in the room.

Ottoman coffee table: To serve refreshments and snacks to your guests, this can double as extra chair.

Ottoman with glider: For your baby to sleep comfortably while you rest your feet.

Storage ottoman: A seat on top. Remove the top and the hidden hollow storage space inside provides storage space for books, CDs, magazines, any other essentials like blankets, laundry etc.

Ottoman continues to enjoy high popularity mainly because of the advantages that furniture users stand to gain.

  • Multi-functional, versatile use

  • Elegant designs (custom/tailor designs)

  • Different size, materials and shapes

  • Durable and flexible

  • Affordable price range

  • Can be easily reupholstered

  • Easier to negotiate

  • Suitable for any room

  • Can be coordinated with other furniture

  • Enhances visual appeal of the room.

Ottoman in the living room

The space crunch and the need to conserve space have effectively resulted in a sharp demand for ottoman furniture. The special features, hand-crafted exclusive designs, earthy tones, elite stylish designs, appropriate for both formal and casual style, multi-purpose usage and the affordable cost aspect have meant the inclusion of ottomans in many a living room.

An ottoman can take on transformation. For instance, an ottoman can work as an impromptu chair, a coffee table, can support your legs when you wish to unwind or can be pushed in front of a chair or sofa to form a chaise lounge.

Ottomans come in stylish metal or wooden legs. Ottomans with casters support easy movement. The fabrics used in the construction of ottomans are fine leather, silk, cotton, canvas, velour and chenille fabrics. The shapes are usually circular, square, rectangular and oblong. You can even reupholster ottomans or just change the slipcovers to match the changing trends and styles.

For the living room you can select a single, large ottoman in a complementing shape with the other furniture in the room. Place it in the center of the room. It occupies the focal point and yet makes it easier to co-ordinate movements within the room. Or the same piece can be put in front of your sofa. It is long enough for you and your family to comfortably use as a footrest. Another option is to group several ottomans together for bench-type seating arrangement or use each separately for different purposes.

Ottoman décor tips

  • For a modern look, furnish the living room ottoman with soft cushions and soft pillow settings.

  • Frequently change slip covers to bring in a new lease of life and style

  • Try ribbed skirt, gatherings or patterned cloth

  • Choose unmatched ottoman sets in the living room to create a casual tone.

  • Ottomans in living rooms that will definitely double as a coffee table should be covered with a material that is easy to care for.
  • Do not use light color seats if the ottoman is most likely to be used as footrest.

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