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Kitchen Chimney Hoods

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Kitchen Chimney Hoods
Check out this article for detailed information on kitchen chimney hoods, be in glass or stainless steel. Read about the features of ductless hoods for the kitchen; their noise levels, maintenance and performance.

Smoke and residue in the air from cooking can be hazardous to health. Installing a kitchen chimney hood can go a long way in ensuring a smoke-free and pleasant smelling kitchen. You can select from different types of range hoods - ductless range hoods, ducted or vented range hoods and convertible range hoods. Gain more insight into ductless hood ranges and chimney cooker hoods.

Ductless range hood

Ductless range hoods are the second most popular choice among consumers. A ductless range hood recycles the air in the kitchen and provides fresh air thus allowing you to enjoy your cooking while protecting your health. It removes the airborne grease, smoke, odors, combustion products, heat and steam from the air by filtering and evacuating the air. The charcoal filter in the ductless range hood recycles the grease, odors and grime in the air caused by cooking.

The functioning of ductless range hood is very different from the functioning of the vented range hood. It does not pull the kitchen air outside but instead filters the air and later releases it back into the kitchen i.e. recycles the air. People who cannot use a vented range hood can use a ductless range hood.

A clean air filter is mandatory in all ductless range hoods without which they cannot function. Charcoal filters are used in most ductless range hoods. Ductless range hoods have adjustable fan speeds that can be set as per the cooking requirements. They can be operated at either low speed or high speed; few of them include the option of variable speeds.

The vent holes located at the top of the chimney should be left open (uncovered). If these vent holes are covered, the air will not be able to move anywhere and the unit will not function properly.

Both use and throw and re-usable filters can be used in the ductless range hoods. If you choose a ductless range hood that has an exterior aluminum filter, you have to clean the filter regularly. If you use a disposable filter, you should replace it as per the requirements. Both use and throw and re-usable filters have to be checked once every three to six months.

A dirty filter will decrease the efficiency of the range hood and will also pressurize the motor to work harder thus reducing its life. Regular cleaning or replacement of the filters in a ductless hood is the most effective option to keep your kitchen smelling fresh.

The extraction rate of the range hoods is measured in CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute - the speed at which the range hood replaces the air is measured in cubic feet per minute/CFM. The higher the CFM, the faster the range hood works in clearing the kitchen air). The ductless range hoods have a CFM ranging from 190 to 600 (depends on models, newer models may have higher CFM than specified above).

Ductless range hoods are available in both conventional and modern styles, its range of finishes complement any kitchen design. These range hoods are available for under cabinet, wall mounted and island applications. The noise level of the ductless range hood varies from model to model; in general ductless range hoods are noisier when compared to ducted range hoods. Top brands of ductless range hood include GE Monogram, Sirius, Braun, Fujioh, Air King, Imperial and Rangecraft.

Advantages of a ductless range hood

  • Kitchens where ducts cannot be used benefit from these range hoods.

  • No need for vent.

  • Convenient to clean re-usable of filters.

Disadvantages of a ductless range hood

  • The overall performance of a ductless range hood reduces by an average of 30%.

  • The carbon (charcoal) filters have to be replaced once every 4-6 months.

  • The heat and humidity produced during cooking will be released back into the kitchen.

  • When a carbon filter is used, the range hood is noisier.

Kitchen chimney hoods

Chimney hoods are used extensively in restaurants and homes. Chimney hoods have a chimney as their name mentions; they have similar features as that of a main hood and their own chimney extends up to the ceiling into a vent.

These hoods have an uncovered chimney; the chimney draws the smoke and moisture from inside and transfers it to the outside. These types of hoods occupy more space and are not suitable for under-cabinet purposes as a cabinet cannot be installed over the range.

This type of hood is suitable for installing over an island. People who wish to use island ranges can opt for this hood. The chimney hood has a freestanding hood. Chimney hoods are available in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials. They can easily match the style of any kitchen Common width ranges for kitchen chimney hoods are between 32 inch, 36 inch, 42 inch and 48 inch. The extraction speeds of such hoods have a range ranging from 600 to 1000 CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute). Metal grease filters or acrylic grease filters are used in these chimneys. The operating sound levels vary based on the models chosen; in general ductless chimney hoods make more noise when compared to ducted chimney hoods. Popular brands of kitchen chimney hoods include Bosch, Baumatic, Electrolux, Luxair, etc.

Glass Chimney hood

Glass chimney hoods can be maintained very easily and have become a popular choice with consumers. Glass chimney hoods are available as 60cm, 70cm, 90cm and 100cm glass chimney hoods. Curved glass chimney hoods are very popular while straight glass chimney hoods are also available. A combination of steel and glass chimney hoods is also available. The extraction speeds of glass chimney hoods range in between 600 to 1000 CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute). Glass chimney hoods use metal grease filters for duct hoods. Noise levels vary between 35 dB and 85 dB depending on the speed they are operated in. Popular brands of glass chimney hoods include Luxair, Bosh, Baumatic, etc.

Maintenance of glass chimney hoods

  • Wash the surface of the chimney once a month with a clean cloth soaked in warm water and mild soap/liquid wash detergent.

  • Special cleaners used to clean glass can also be used to clean the surface of the chimney.

  • After cleaning with soap, rinse the surface well and wipe dry completely.

  • Never clean the chimney surface with steel wool or any other type of scraper as it may leave back scratches on the surface.

  • Clean the chimney regularly, never allow the grime to build up.

  • Avoid using harsh and abrasive cleaners to clean the surface of the chimney.

  • Do not use combustible products like alcohol, acetone, ether etc for cleaning as they are highly explosive.

  • Switch of the unit before cleaning the unit.

Stainless steel chimney hood

Stainless steel chimney hoods are designed for ceiling installation; they can be installed over an island cook top. These hoods can either be ducted to the outside or used with a ductless version.

Stainless steel chimney hoods are available in various widths to cover various size cook tops. Common widths range between 32 inch, 36 inch, 42 inch and 48 inch. Hoods are available in 600 or 1000 CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute) extraction speeds. Stainless steel chimney hoods use metal grease filters for duct hoods. Noise levels vary between 35 dB and 85 dB depending on the speed they are operated in. Popular brands of stainless steel chimney hoods include smeg (noise levels are at 45 dB), Kenmore, Baumatic (noise levels are at 62 dB), Electrolux (noise levels are at 72.4 dB), Luxair (noise levels are between 38 dB and 57 dB), etc.

Chimney cooker hood

Cooker hoods are used to extract the steam and odor from the kitchen. Various types of cooker hoods are available in the market, but the chimney style hoods are very popular. Chimney cooker hoods are usually made from stainless steel and glass. They have a canopy to capture the steam and smells; a chimney fit with a fan extracts the odor and steam. These hoods are usually large and can be attached to the ceiling of the kitchen just over the cooker or hob. As they fit right over the cooker, they can effectively remove any unpleasant odor and grease from the air.

Most chimney cooker hoods are ducted outside, but ductless options are also available. For ductless options, use a charcoal filter kit to re-circulate the air.

Chimney cooker hoods can make any kitchen attractive and do some value addition to the kitchen. A variety of colors, brands and sizes are available, you can pick the one that will harmonize well with your kitchen. The extraction speed varies between 600 and 100 CFM depending on the model chosen. The noise level varies between 35 dB and 85 dB depending on the operating speed of the fan. Acrylic filters or metal filters can be used. Popular brands include Bosch, Baumatic, Luxair, Electrolux, etc.

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