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Odor Eliminator

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Odor Eliminator
Make shoe odors and cat odors a thing of the past! Use odor eliminators to control smells in your environment; without exposing yourself to risky chemicals. Try plant-derived enzyme combinations to banish smoke and urine odors.

Odor eliminators, as the very name suggests, are designed to eliminate odors. These can be used in a wide variety of places including home furnishings, clothing and carpet, on pets and to eliminate odor from shoes and smoke.

By and large, odor eliminators work in two ways - the first and the simplest method is to cover the odor with a pungent and strong odor, while the other is to neutralize the odor. Products like air fresheners belong to the first category. Natural products and essential oils which are less expensive and synthetic perfumes are all products that help cover odor.

Whereas if the underlying odor is still present, chances are that it can resurface again; hence some prefer to use a neutralizer. This is mostly a chemical used to attack volatile organic compounds that cause odors. Predominantly, odor eliminators which help to neutralize come in specific odors like pet urine, cigarette smoke or a food residue and are not suitable for generic use. Baking soda is a famous example for neutralizing odor.

Sometimes, it becomes difficult to remove stubborn odors and a neutralizer can only help reduce the overall smell. There are instances when mild perfumes are added to neutralizers so that a new scent lingers, covering up the old smell.

Such odor eliminators come in sprays and these can be well applied directly to the offensive smells. Alternatively, they can be sprayed in the air and or sprinkled over various unpleasant messes in the form of powder and then swept or vacuumed away.

One word of caution is that, some people are sensitive and allergic to odor eliminators in the form of perfumes and chemicals. It is therefore recommended to uncap an odor eliminator at the time of buying and ascertain whether or not its scent will cause a problem.

Shoe odor eliminator

Foot odor is specially caused by wetness in the feet. Foot sprays, powders and insoles placed inside the shoes can help eliminate the shoe odor.

Shoe odor can cause a lot of concern and embarrassment when it occurs. A statistics reveals that about 18% of people between ages 18 and 64 suffer from foot odor. Of these individuals, about 72% believed that the odor was noticed by someone else; whereas about 54% sufferers were embarrassed by their own foot odor.

Sweaty feet enclosed in shoes and socks are a perfect environment for the bacteria to grow. As bacteria multiply and grow, waste products are secreted and the distinctive odor associated with feet is thus noticed.

Insoles made of latex which contains activated charcoal that can absorb sweat from the foot is a shoe odor neutralizer. In addition to help eliminate the odor, these act like cushions and support the feet when in use.

There are certain basic preventive measures which shoe users can adopt to check foot odor from stinky shoes:

  • It is imperative to clean the feet with soap and water at least once a day and dry thoroughly after cleaning.

  • It is necessary for shoes and insoles to be allowed to dry out before use. Insoles can be removed to facilitate this drying out process. It is advised not to wear the same pair of shoes continuously for more than two days.

  • It is always better to wear shoes that are made of leather and canvas and such natural materials. These breathe easier and allow for more ventilation.

  • Socks made of thicker natural material can be chosen as these help to wick fabric away from the foot than socks made of synthetic fabrics. Wash socks frequently.

Some practical home tips to keep away shoe odor:

  • Soaking the feet in a solution of tea once a week can help from sweating and smelling.

  • A shoe deodorizer can help kill the odor factory.

  • Medicated foot powders can be used to kill fungus and bacteria that infects the shoes when shoes are not in use.

  • Shoes can be left in sunny spots to enable thorough drying.

  • Freshins, which are thin disposable inserts that help absorb moisture and prevent feet odor can be used.

  • Sprinkling baking soda into the shoes and leaving them overnight will clear up most odors.

Cat odor eliminator

Cat odor removal is one of the toughest things to accomplish. And the odor can still linger in the owner's clothing and home and settle in the carpets permanently.

There are occasions when cat urine odor goes through the carpet backing. Cat urine odor can be got rid of by cleaning the carpet with a neutralizer, such as enzyme-based products available with veterinarian practitioners.

Cat litter boxes can be employed in several key ways to lessen the cat odor. For instance, covered styles of litter pans prevent the kittens from scooping out piles of urine soaked litter onto the floor. Cat urine odor and stain removal falls into three primary categories namely- bacterial, enzymatic and chemical.

Cat odor can be kept away by several methods:

  • Cats hate spray and a spray filled with water can be used to drive away cats.
  • Another method would be to grow plants they do not like the smell of. This can prevent cats from creating odors in the yard.

  • Spray repellents can be used on the couch or furniture to protect cat odor and cat claws as well.

  • Use repellents such as sticky strips which are aimed at refraining cats from climbing on furniture.

Here are some established top pick products used to eliminate cat odor. These include:

  • Anti Icky Poo, a product that uses genetically altered bacterial and enzymes to perform the elimination.

  • Bramton Simple Solution works on the hungry bacteria that cause odor in cat urine and leave carbon-dioxide and water behind. This is one formula that can be used safely in carpets, water and any other part of the house.

  • OdorXit works by direct contact with the odor causing substance. These can be used safely with detergents.

  • Petrotech Odor eliminator is a fast acting solution that efficiently and safely helps to eliminate odor. It comes as a spray applicator and as a direct stream.

  • Nature's Miracle is an enzymatic product that is guaranteed to be safe for use on all water-safe materials.

If the owner detects an aroma of cat pee on the carpet and does not know where exactly to find it, a black-light is essential for ferreting out cat urine. This helps to find the areas that need treatment.Thus with some patience and experimentation with different products and methods, cat odor elimination can be successfully done.

Smoke odor eliminator

This is a frustrating problem that can occur in a house after a fire. Smoke blisters the walls and the smoky odor spreads throughout the home. Although there are professional companies offering to help remove smoke stains and odor, it is a costly affair and there are several things one can do to eliminate smoke odor the economical way.

  • It is a fact that the drywall absorbs the smoke and causes the smoky odor to remain long after the fire is extinguished. Drywall replacement can in turn remove the odor. If the drywall is down, then the insulation can be replaced as this is likely to absorb the smoke. Similarly, ceiling tiles beams and rafters also need to be replaced in case of smoke damage.

  • Normally if the walls have been painted with semi-gloss and high-gloss paint, the soot can be easily removed. Trisodium Phosphate or TSP is a cleaner that can remove the soot. This is available in any home improvement store. The walls can be scrubbed with this solution of TSP cleaner added to 1 gallon of warm water. But make sure to wear gloves and protective eye-wear while at the job.

  • There are occasions when bubbles and blisters can be found in the paint indicating smoke damage. This is due to extreme heat. These can be repaired by scraping off with a putty knife and sanding it down until smooth.

  • The key to remove smoke odor is by a vent of fresh air. It is advised to leave the windows open whenever possible.

  • Furniture can be cleaned using baking soda and water to remove the smoke odor.

  • Removable furniture covers can be washed in hot water with baking soda.

  • Activated charcoal works well in removing the smoke odor from the air. These can be placed at strategic points throughout the house.

Urine odor eliminator

Urine odor eliminators are by and large classified under three categories namely - enzymatic, bacterial and chemical. The effective of each of these will depend upon the freshness of the accident and whether any other cleaning products will also be used in the process.

It is a rule of thumb to use urine odor eliminator products before using a general rug-cleaning shampoo. Sometimes, cats spray to mark territory and in some cases because of stress. Urine sprays utilize friendly Pheromone to discourage cats from spraying in favorite spots.

Some methods to tackle urine odor problems

  • Pet stain removers can be applied to the affected area. Using enzymatic eliminators can break down the odor compounds thereby minimizing the pet's attraction to the spot.

  • Cleaning products like TSP and Simple Green or laundry detergent mix can be used as per instructions and applied to the section of the floor. The process can be repeated after about 5 minutes and then rinsed in fresh water.

  • Using a yard sprayer, a mixture of OdorXit concentrate, Hoover or Dirt Devil Carpet cleaner and water can be sprayed in the concrete. This mixture should stand for about 10 minutes. More mixture can be applied if the area appears to be drying out. This procedure can be repeated for every section of the floor and each allowed to dry naturally.

  • It is necessary to remember that wood that is nailed to the floor and wooden steps need special attention. This is due to the fact that urine contamination tends to collect between the wood and concrete.

Pet urine odors and stains have a way of lingering forever if not treated immediately. Treated quickly, clear soda water or seltzer might neutralize the odor. But one must rinse the blot several times. Never use ammonia cleaner as the pets will return to the scent.

Today, there are numerous odor eliminator sprays that are specially prepared without exposing the owner to risky chemicals. They are prepared using healthy alternatives. Biotechnology has made it possible to use potent combinations of plant-derived enzymes without the use of chemicals or alcohol.

At the same time, these odor eliminators are strong enough to eliminate cat urine odors, smoke, skunk and cooking smells. Such odor eliminators make it absolutely possible to control smells in the environment while being friendly with the environment at once.

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