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Anti Wrinkle Cream

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Anti Wrinkle Cream
Are anti-wrinkle creams panacea for aging lines on the face or just placebos for gullible women? An informative article on anti aging creams.

From time immemorial, aging has been a constant source of worry for men and women alike. The first signs of laugh lines and wrinkles and most women head for the nearest bottle of anti wrinkle cream. We seek the panacea for wrinkle reduction in the potions, creams and lotions that line the shelves of cosmetic stores.

While some are gung-ho on the virtues of AHA and Glycolic Acid creams, others swear by the miraculous beautifying effects of Dead Sea anti wrinkle creams. Lets find out the lowdown on anti aging wrinkle creams. The best cure for laughter lines is probably to keep smiling!p

Anti wrinkle cream

Wrinkles are a normal factor in the aging process. Of course, each skin and person may show signs of aging at a different pace. This could be attributed in part to genetics, skin care, lifestyle and environmental factors. Our skin comes under attack from free radicals - harmful molecules that interact with cell membranes and wreak havoc on them.

With increasing age, the skin's ability to restore itself and repair the cells is reduced. Wrinkles are first noticed in the skin around the eyes - crows feet. This is on account of the fewer oil glands in that area as compared to the rest of the face. Other signs of aging are lines around the mouth and laugh lines.

In the quest for younger looking skin and wrinkle reduction, many an anti aging wrinkle cream is available today. Wrinkle creams containing AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid) exfoliate the skin and remove the outer layer of dead cells. This leads to a new skin surface that is smoother and thicker on account of the cell stimulation.

This works as a wrinkle reducer. Another element that can prove to be catalytic in production of collagen that is so vital for smooth skin is Vitamin C. This powerful antioxidant fights free radicals.

Most anti wrinkle creams help in regulating the skin's moisture balance and create a barrier to reduce moisture loss. Anti aging wrinkle creams are applied after the skin is washed clean. You can aid better absorption of the anti-wrinkle cream by applying the cream with light massage around the eyes and mouth. When done gently, it can help reduce small wrinkles and improve capillary blood flow.

Wrinkle treatment

Creams containing Retinoids such as tretinoin and isotretinoin help protect skin collagen against damage from the sun. New cells are produced more quickly and the resultant skin is plumper and wrinkles are reduced. Such creams help in wrinkle reduction by stimulating the production of collagen. Regular use of such creams is known to fade away age spots and leave the skin with an even tone.

But they may not have any considerable effect on deep lines or thread veins that appear on the face. Creams containing advanced pentapeptide amino complex work as wrinkle reducers since they stimulate the natural collagen buildup. This results in reduced wrinkles since the skin is better hydrated and consequently plump and smooth.

Dead Sea anti wrinkle cream

Raw materials sourced from the Dead Sea are said to have beneficial effects on skin. Anti wrinkle cream made from Dead Sea minerals are known to be effective in reducing wrinkles and lines on the face. Many cosmetic manufacturers offer Dead Sea anti wrinkle creams that are blended with ceramides and highly concentrated milk protein. This blend is popularly used a wrinkle reducer.

You can beat the first signs of aging or reduce wrinkles with Dead Sea anti wrinkle cream fortified with evening primrose oil and blend of Vitamins A, E and B5. These anti wrinkle creams usually suit all skin types. Many a Dead Sea anti wrinkle cream goes a long way in smoothing the skin's surface and reducing the depth of wrinkles. The therapeutic effects of Dead Sea minerals in bathing salts and clay skin masques are responsible for their popularity worldwide.

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