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Asian Skin Care

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Asian Skin Care
Look at skincare tips specially listed for Asian skin. We go through the typical skincare woes of women of Asian descent.

Flawless skin is the result of inherited genes, regular and appropriate skin care routines. Skin care and skin conditions keep vary according to skin types, regions and age. Asians have a different skin type when compared to the Caucasians and require a different skin care schedule. Cosmetics used by Caucasians do not suit all Asian skin types.

Asian skin is usually yellowish; the skin tone of a person varies according to the region of origin. Excessive melanin contributes to the yellow color; also excessive melanin in the skin weaves a protection against skin cancer. In spite of excessive melanin content Asians are prone to pigmentation, age spots, freckles, etc. due to severe climatic conditions. Aging does not show up as wrinkles in Asians but rather as hyper pigmentation, dark spots, uneven skin tones, freckles, etc..

Common skin conditions faced by the Asians

Acne:The weather in most Asian countries is hot and humid or warm thus Asians are more prone to acne. Their skin turns oily therefore clogging the pores and producing acne. Asians have larger pores when compared to others hence they are more often prone to skin irritations and acne. Regular exfoliation will help control acne.

Skin pigmentation or dark spots: Pigmentation occurs earlier in Asians, regular exposure to sun causes pigmentation and dark spots. Using a sunscreen will help control pigmentation and dark spots.

Dryness of skin:Extreme climatic conditions affect the skin very badly. During summer, the oil secretion is too high whereas during winter the oil secretion is minimal and this causes dryness of the skin.

Irritation of skin:Asian skin is very sensitive, thus cosmetic products designed for Caucasians can cause irritation to the Asian skin. Stress is another major factor contributing to skin heath; excessive stress, hormonal imbalance, and any other factor within the body can cause irritation to the skin.

Asian skin care

Regular skin care routine

  • Wash your face regularly with a mild face wash. If your skin is too oily then wash your face more often.

  • Cleanse your face daily, if your skin type is oily cleanse more than once. Choose a cleanser that will suit your skin type in particular. For sensitive and dry skin use a moisturizing cleanser.

  • Use a mild scrub to clean your skin deeply. It is advisable to use facial scrub only twice a week.

  • Toning will remove dirt, if any, left behind after cleansing. Toning the skin will help the skin benefit from other products, toning should be done after cleansing the face. For oily skin, toning has to be twice a day, for dry skin toning has to be done once a day. Toning helps in reducing the pores and balances the pH level in the skin.

  • For dry skin use a moisturizer, use it repeatedly through the day as per your skin requirements. For people with oily skin use an oil-free and light moisturizer.

  • Wear a sunscreen with SPF 15 to 30 for protection from sunrays. If you spend more time in the sunlight use a stronger sunscreen. Sunscreen prevents wrinkles, dark spots, pre-mature aging and skin cancer.

  • In the evening cleanse your face again and use a rejuvenating product such as retinoid, beta hydroxy acids, kinerase, antioxidant, alpha hydroxy acids, etc.. Asians skin is more sensitive to alpha hydroxy acid than beta hydroxy acid.

Don'ts for Asian skin care

  • Do not use scented products for sensitive skin; all herbal products are not always natural. Please check before you buy one.
  • While choosing a moisturizer, check if it has any clogging agent that can block the pores in your skin. Avoid moisturizers with Vitamin A or retinol as they can dry your skin further. Also avoid Vaseline type of moisturizer as it can be oily and thus produce acne in your skin.
  • People with a dark skin should also use a sunscreen for protection from sun; it is a myth that they don't need a sunscreen. Use a sunscreen with SPF 4.
  • Never buy an over the counter product for treating skin conditions, this may worsen the existing problem.

Specialized skin care

Nourishing: Skin has to be nourished with powerful antioxidants so as to counterbalance free radicals that damage and age the skin prematurely. Nourishing the skin helps to maintain the skin health and youthfulness.

Treating: Treating the skin fights premature aging of the skin when key skin components, structure or functions get affected. Skin treating products help revitalizing the key skin components.

Refinishing: This helps in brightening dull, rough, and dry skin. Refinishing can resurface and polish the skin to bring out a radiant complexion. Resurfacing of the skin can also be done using laser treatment; this will reduce mild photo damage, acne, melasma, etc..

Exfoliation: Exfoliation will remove the dead cells and give the skin a smooth and youthful look. This step in fact stimulates cell renewal process and can be repeated twice a week.

Applying mask: A concentrated application of the key ingredient for a long time will help the skin in various ways. Using a mask will help the skin to receive essential nutrients that the skin has been deprived off. Few masks can also draw out impurities from the skin. Peels with light chemicals like amino fruit acid, glycolic, etc. can help in skin smoothening.

Rejuvenation: Stimulating the skin is another important step to induce life into dull skin. Revitalizing helps in promoting cellular energy too and should be done once a week after cleansing the face.

Healthy skin care tips for Asians:

Eating a balanced and nutritious diet will contribute to the health and glow of your skin.

Eat the below mentioned generously

Fresh fruits and vegetables
Supplements like Vitamin E

  • Drink plenty of water, eight glasses of water per day will cleanse your system, flush toxins and lend your skin a glowing look.

  • Relax well, sleep for at least eight hours in the night. This will relax your system and give you a comfortable feeling thus improving your overall skin condition.

  • Exercise will help you maintain your body firmness thus giving you a healthy skin.

  • Use a branded product for your skin and always remember to try it before you begin using it continuously.

  • Avoid smoking and drinking as this can cause harm to your skin health by dehydrating your skin and also causing premature aging.

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