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Dermaplaning Benefits

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Dermaplaning Benefits
Dermaplaning procedure involves removing superficial dead cells on facial skin along with fine vellus hair. It creates a smooth texture and helps regenerate new cells.

Using a sterile surgical scalpel to exfoliate facial skin is dermaplaning. The skin is held tight and the blade (10-gauge scalpel) is moved in an upward motion thus removing all the unwanted facial hair and peach fuzz. Derma planing triggers cell regeneration process.

The process is painless and takes about 30 minutes to complete. As an analogy, the procedure can be compared to that of shaving the hair off the legs. It is something similar but carried out on the face. You face is cleansed and a 10 gauge blade is used to scrape off dead skin cells. There is no side effect as such but the skin may feel sensitive and it is recommended to apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher so as to prevent hyper pigmentation.

Derma planing removes the top-most layer of dead skin along with fine vellus hair. The skin then appears smooth and glowing. This cosmetic treatment is carried out by doctors, nurses or aestheticians. It is different from microabrasion in that it also removes fine vellus hair. This procedure is not done for shaping eyebrows.

Dermaplaning is a sought after procedure for those in the entertainment industry. This procedure creates a flawless surface that allows better application of skin makeup. It also prepares the skin for advanced treatments such as chemical peel, laser treatment, etc. The procedure can be repeated every six weeks, based on requirement. Those with acne scarring, rough skin texture and mature skin might see best results from dermaplaning.

Is Derma planing safe?

Derma planing might be the right procedure for people who wish to undergo deep exfoliation of the skin. It is rather a safe procedure with minimal side effects. Dermaplaning can be used as a solo treatment or can be combined with other treatments. It can also be used as a substitute treatment for skin treatments like chemical peel, etc. It is safe for pregnant mothers as well as lactating moms.

Advantages of Dermaplaning

Dermaplaning, a deep exfoliation process offers the following advantages:

  • Reduces appearance of enlarged pores

  • Allows deeper penetration of make-up

  • Reduces the appearance of surface wrinkling

  • Gives the skin an even tone and smoother appearance

  • Smoothens scarring from acne

  • Provides excellent exfoliation

  • Unblocks blackheads

  • Removes keratinized skin cells

  • Increases the efficiency of a chemical peel, as it prepares the skin for the process

  • Generates healthy cells whereby your skin breathes better

  • Can be done in the convenience of one’s own home

  • Very little downtime when compared to process like microdermabrasion

  • No chemicals are used

  • Minimal side effects

Who should say No to dermaplaning?

For people with more facial hair, dermaplaning may not be a great option because initially after removing the fine vellus hair, it does tend to grow back. For a few, it may re-grow as coarse and prickly hair and for yet a few others, it may be in-grown depending on the body type.

People with hormonal imbalance might also not see great results with this treatment. In a few people with excess acne and/or pigmentation, the problem could worsen. People with sensitive skin may not be suitable for the treatment nor those with inflammatory skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis, etc. People with blood disorders or on blood thinners must steer clear of the dermaplaning procedure. If you have an active skin infection or inflammation, do not go in for this.

Side effects of dermaplaning

  • Derma planing can cause scraping, abrading or nicking of the skin

  • People with nickel allergy should avoid the treatment

  • Irritation, dryness and redness of skin is common

  • Though the process can be repeated once every 21 days, it is done once the vellus hair grows back.

  • A few blemishes may show up after the treatment.

Routine to be followed before dermaplaning

  • Avoid waxing for at least a week prior to the treatment

  • Avoid hair removal cream, bleaching, tweezing and other topical products at least 3 days before the treatment

  • Clean skin with mild cleanser

  • Avoid excessive sun exposure

Post dermaplaning routine

  • Discontinue use of topical products for about 72 hours
  • Cleanse with a mild cleanser

  • Use gentle moisturizer

  • Avoid heavy makeup

  • Avoid sun exposure

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