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Homemade Face Mask

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Homemade Face Mask
Face masks must be selected to suit your skin type. Homemade face masks are simple and can perk up dull and lifeless skin in minutes.

Face masks have been part of beauty regimen of women since ancient times. Natural products were used to keep the skin supple and smooth. These days you can find a plethora of cosmetic face masks designed for different skin types and conditions.

Use simple ingredients found in the kitchen and come up with a face mask that gets your skin glowing and toned. Look up some handy homemade face masks that you can whip up at home. They are ideal when your skin is wan and lackluster. Dab a homemade face mask and let it work its wonder on you!

Face Mask

Before embarking on face masks, identify your skin type. This will help in selecting a face mask that addresses the problems and benefits your skin. You need not restrict your face mask to the face alone. Don't forget your neck, shoulders and arms. These areas take a lot of beating too. They could do with a bit of pampering and regular care.

Always ensure that you apply a face mask on clean skin. Use a face wash or soap and remove dirt and grime. Pat skin dry and apply the face pack. Do not speak or laugh with a face pack on. It is preferable to take the time to rest for a while as the pack dries and works on your face. Do not apply the face pack near the eyes.

Mud face masks or clay face masks are best suited for oily skin. Clay face masks dry up in a short while after application on the face. Such detoxifying face masks open up clogged pores and remove blackheads. They help absorb the excess sebum in the skin to keep the skin oil-free. You will need to rinse them off with cold water and scrub them off your face. The skin becomes free of dirt and circulation in boosted.

Firming masks usually come in cream or gel form. They are massaged into the contours of your face that are looser than you would like them to be. Regular use of such face masks is said to firm up some of the wobbly flesh on the face. Such face masks are used by older women whose skin is losing its elasticity. Firming face masks refine and tighten the skin surface.

Radiance masks make use of vitamins and light diffusers to add glow to dull and lifeless skin. The skin is moisturized and toned to look smooth and young. The complexion appears luminous and glowing.

Hydrating face masks moisturize dry skin and soothe the moisture-starved skin. An emollient face mask must restore natural oils in the skin and provide the hydro-lipid film on the skin.

Peel off masks are usually gel-based. They are applied to the face and then peeled off when dry. Such face masks set to tighten the skin by closing the open pores and smoothening the skin. These masks must be peeled off from the chin and lifted upwards. You can use such face masks to get rid of blackheads, dead cells and facial hair too.

Homemade face mask

Natural ingredients such as fuller's earth, almonds, honey, eggs, skimmed milk, fruits and vegetables can be used to make effective homemade face masks. What better way to give your skin that much-needed glow than to use nature's bounty. Here too, it is essential to use ingredients that suit your skin type. Besides some persons are allergic to certain ingredients. So look for homemade face mask recipe that is geared towards your skin type.

While eggs in your homemade face mask can offer anti-oxidant properties, honey can be soothing and hydrating to the skin. Lemon juice is a bleaching agent and tightens your skin too. Yogurt and milk soften the skin. You can use fuller's earth or kaolin as a base for your homemade face mask. Fuller's earth is best suited for oily skins. Add essential oils for a relaxing and rejuvenating effect. Sandalwood, lavender, juniper, chamomile and rose can be used albeit after checking their properties.

  • A homemade face mask of crushed ripe bananas can help keep wrinkles at bay.

  • A beaten egg white with ½ teaspoon lime juice tightens skin and closes pores.

  • Grated cucumber is an excellent coolant and relaxant for tired skin.

  • A face mask of tomatoes helps an oily skin.

  • Homemade face mask with cooked and pureed carrots blended with yogurt and lemon juice can perk up dull skin.

  • A face pack of mint helps those suffering from acne.

  • Oatmeal face masks are known to remove dead cells and soften the skin.

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