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Eye Creams

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Eye Creams
Women tend to lose fat under the eye area with age giving a hollow appearance to the eyes. Find out more about eye creams with peptide, eye creams with Vitamin K and eye creams with retinol. Learn how to apply eye cream.

The usual symptoms of aging such as wrinkles and dark circles under-eyes are likely to make appearance at some point of time. But premature appearance of these factors warrants immediate attention and treatment. Some common causes for the appearance of such circles under or around the eyes include allergies, tiredness and in some cases heredity.

The main reason for the appearance of such marks or circles with increasing age is that the production levels of collagen decreases rapidly with age. Besides the added exposure to environmental factors leads to the formation of lines wrinkles and circles. This condition is also nick named as 'crow's feet'.

Women tend to lose fat under the eye area with age giving a scooped out hollow appearance to the eyes. The best remedy is to find an eye cream that targets these issues. Find out more about eye creams with peptide, eye creams with Vitamin K and eye creams with retinol. Learn how to apply eye cream.

Eye creams dark circles

Today's cosmetic world can offer you a wide variety of eye creams and eye gels that can deal with single eye care issues or a multitude of them at once. Apart from creams and gels that require manual application, there are overnight facial masques that you can wear before retiring to bed. This masque works on your skin all night rejuvenating the dead or worn out cells and hydrating them thereby enabling that gentle glow in your eyes that makes all the difference in the morning.

If you have a mineral absorption problem, then it is recommended to consult a naturopathic physician before you try out any kind of treatment on your own. Regular use of eye creams addresses common issues such as dark circles or puffiness, under the eye bags, wrinkles and fine lines around the eyes.

Eye creams peptides

Most modern eye creams or gels use peptide-based ingredients along with fruit-based acids to rejuvenate or heal damaged skin cells. Eye creams with these ingredients work effectively on puffiness and discoloration.

Dark circles are formed as a result of body's inability to remove toxic wastes. As a result, the blood turns into a dark color causing the discoloration. Eye cream formulas containing peptides are said to help brighten and firm up the area around the eyes. This helps in reducing the signs of aging. Peptides such as Chrysin NHS aid in flushing dark-circle forming pigments. Haloxyl works with Chrysin on the dark circles thus clearing up the area. Other peptides such as Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide and Palmitoyl Oligopeptide and Hesperidin Dipeptide aid in reducing fluid retention under the eyes and improve lymphatic circulation.

Eye creams and Vitamin K

Go for all natural and completely organic creams in case you are worried about harsh chemical reactions affecting your skin. Select eye creams based on Vitamin K and retinol .Dark circles can be caused due to a deficiency of the Vitamin K or anti-oxidants. Fruits and vegetables can take care of any deficiency of B12 which in turn can cause dark circles. Always keep your body hydrated as this improves fluid circulation and helps prevent build up around the eye area.

Eye creams with retinol

Retinol is known to tighten and firm up the skin thereby reducing and preventing wrinkles appearing on the skin's surface. Eye creams with retinol can be selected based on the extent of damage as well as the area of use, be it under the eye or the upper lids of the eyes. Choose an eye cream with appropriate retinol concentration after consulting a skin consultant. Combination of retinol with glycolic acids is said to aid gentle exfoliation of the eye, thereby reducing blotchy discolorations.

Applying eye creams

Use eye creams the right way for maximum effect. Start with clean dry skin. Take a dot-sized amount on your finger tip. Mildly daub the cream and gently pat. Do not rub as it will end up making your eyes look puffier. Too much cream or too much rubbing is sure to irritate the gentle skin around the eyes.

Eye Gel

While eye creams are usually richer in emollients and thicker in consistency, eye gels are think and soak in easily. They too work just as effectively in reducing wrinkles in the skin around the eyes. Rich eye creams are more suited for mature dry skin while younger skins can do with milder eye gels.

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