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Electroporation Beauty Treatment

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Electroporation Beauty Treatment
Electroporation beauty treatment extends painless, long standing, desired changes on the skin-care sans side effects. Brighten and hydrate the skin, reduce fine lines, reduce acne scars, reduce skin pigmentation etc.

The results are out! Top 10 devices for skincare 2018 set to transform beauty regime are here. Gadget-free beauty treatments are fast becoming obsolete. Thanks to visible results and growing demand, the trend that started off in 2001 has only gained momentum and seen a boom in high-tech beauty gadgets and devices.

Glowing skin, clear skin, frizz-free hair, flawless makeup- there is a device for every beauty treatment. Electroporation therapy involves boosting the permeability of cell membrane to enhance efficiency of beauty enhancing products.

Check out how to brighten and hydrate the skin, reduce fine lines, tone facial muscles, tighten skin; reduce skin pigmentation with electroporation beauty treatment.

About Electroporation

Electroporation works on the pores of the skin. Our face is home to 20,000 pores. These are barely visible to the eye. The pores perform an important function for the skin and human health in general. As we age, the pores tend to expand. The elastin and collagen that support pores diminish over time causing the pores to stretch and sag and appear larger.

The other important aspect of electroporation is the role of cell membrane and its permeability. The cell membrane is a selectively permeable layer which let solvents and solutes, such as ions and molecules to pass through. Electropermeabilization is a technique which involves using short high-voltage pulses to overcome barrier of the cell membrane. This causes temporary permeability.

Now let's put all together, the pores, cell membrane and Electroporation beauty treatment. It is a technique that involves injection of products deep into the skin from the skin's surface without the use of a needle.

How is it done ?

The specialized electroporation equipment consists of three hand-pieces - facial applicator, body applicator and scalp applicator. Electroporation uses short modulated pulses of low current. When it touches the skin, transient aqueous pores are created. It boosts permeability of the cell membrane.

Why is it done ?

In order to stir the external skin layer cells. The stirring generates an opening and variation of spaces. Or, simply put - to open the skin cells and insert trans-dermal products (collagen and Hyaluronic acid) deeper into the skin. (Skin permeability)

What happens?

There is a momentary disruption of the cell membrane which enables entry of the product (like collagen). When the pulse ceases, the cell membrane returns to its original structure. The cell traps the nutrients inside its membrane and allows for continuous and persistent corrective work. This creates changes in the skin.

How does the skin feel ?

With just one treatment, the skin will feel lifted and toned. The maximum results will be visible around 3-4 months. In the intermediate period, the results will keep improving as collagen rebuilds.

Who is it for ?

Consider these signs – loss of elasticity in the skin, sagging in the face and jaw line. You would benefit from opting for electroporation beauty treatment. You are sure to feel a tightening and also notice a significant lifting in the skin.

What should I check before opting for electroporation beauty treatment?

Here is the check-list:

  • Is your skin type evaluated (normal, dry, oil or combination)

  • Ingredients that are to be injected (Hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, DMAE, poly-vitamins, glycolic acid and retinol)

  • Face Serum to be applied on the skin (plant based or otherwise)

How safe is using an electroporation beauty treatment device at home?

Considering the fact that most facial electroporation beauty treatment devices have limited penetration depth, it is largely safe. A responsible user would read the instructions and use the device as directed by the manufacturer. You could make use of the D-I-Y hand-held electroporation beauty treatment at home.

  • Clean skin

  • Remove all metal accessories (like earrings, chains etc.)

  • Apply lotion or essential oil on skin

  • Get the device ready

  • Massage skin with the device for 10 minutes; each part per day

  • Clean skin and the device after use.

Remember! Do not continue treatment on the same part beyond 15 minutes. Further, research indicates 4 times better results if an exfoliation such as peel or microdermabrasion is done prior to doing electroporation beauty treatment.

What areas is Electroporation beauty treatment useful ?

Facial skin resurfacing: To reduce wrinkles, age spots, acne scars, and other blemishes. In addition to these, electroporation beauty treatment is used to tighten skin and balance skin tone.

Lines of expression: Expression lines or lines of expression are wrinkles around the lip and mouth. Contributory factors include loss of collagen, age, environmental free radicals and genetics. It could also be due to repetitive facial expressions over the years. As the skin's elasticity reduces, creases appear. Electroporation beauty treatment helps get the desired results by gently softening the fine lines with each subsequent treatment. The process initiates nutrition and rebirth of cells. This in turn, eliminates wrinkles in the deep layer of the skin.

Acne scars: Acne, after its disappearance leaves scars on the face - acne scars. Scars of any type, including acne scars cannot be completely removed. But through electroporation beauty treatment, the scars are not easily visible and blend in with the surrounding skin. The treatment also aims to eliminate and restrict acne revival.

Localized adiposity : This refers to localized fat deposits. Also referred to as ‘Fat pads', localized adiposity is found in buttocks and knees for women, and for men in the abdominal area. It is possible to treat the affected area in a targeted manner. Electroporation beauty treatment promotes elimination of fat.

Face and neck firming: Neck is often neglected. Electroporation beauty treatment helps get a firmer, tighter look. When ingredients such as Hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, oxygen and natural lighteners are penetrated deeper into the skin, it improves hydration, reduces fine lines and firms and tightens the skin. The effect is visible within a couple of days.

Hyper-pigmentation (dark spots): Melanin, the pigment determines our skin color. When the cells overproduce melanin, it results in uneven dark patches on an otherwise even skin tone. Factors that contribute to overproduction of melanin are sun exposure, hormonal changes, genetic factor or drug reaction. Electroporation beauty treatment brightens affected parts and unwanted pigmentation is kept at bay. The result is clear, smooth and flawless skin.

Besides the above which are closely related to facial skin, electroporation is also used to take care of breast firming, keloid scars, cellulitis, stretch marks and flaccidity.

What are the advantages of Electroporation beauty treatment?

  • Suitable for all skin types

  • Safe, effective, non-invasive, needle-free and virtually painless

  • Users have rated as a practical and user-friendly method

  • Optimal product absorption into the skin (90%)

  • Alleviates dry skin without disrupting pH levels of the skin

  • Excellent therapy to brighten and hydrate the skin

  • A therapy that enhances the overall complexion of the skin

  • Instantly hydrates and reduces fine lines resulting in glossy skin

  • Results of Electroporation beauty treatment remain effective for long.

How often is electroporation beauty treatment recommended?

For best results, opt for twice a week for 4 to 6 weeks. A monthly session as maintenance would do good. Most often a diamond-tipped MDA exfoliation is conducted prior to electroporation for enhanced results.

Is there any contraindication of electroporation beauty treatment?

Not advised for anyone with the following conditions:

  • Persons with pacemakers, heart valves or other active implants and other electronic monitoring devices

  • Persons with medical history of epilepsy

  • Metal implants in the mouth or jaw area

  • If a Botox session has just been done

  • Skin issues or skin infections

  • If diagnosed with basal cell carcinoma on the face

  • For women who are pregnant or breast feeding

  • If prone to seizures such as associated with epilepsy

  • Persons with Phlebitis or thrombosis.

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