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Identify your Skin Type

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Identify your Skin Type
Skin care varies according to skin type and a woman's age. Our skin care segment various factors and products that can help in maintaining and improving a woman's skin.

Your skin is your body's barrier to the outside world, as part of a larger and complex immune defense system. The skin reflects your physical and mental health and needs caring, more so as you grow older. Skin care is essential to your beauty routine. Any natural skin care schedule depends on the type of skin you have. Your skin type is determined by its water content, lipid content and sensitivity. Identifying your skin type is the first step towards good skin care.

Caring for your Skin

The weather conditions you live in can have a bearing on your skin. Stress is yet another factor that wreaks havoc on a woman's skin. Aging, wrinkles, blemishes and many other skin problems are more often than not a result of the hormonal changes taking place within a woman's body. Lifestyle has an impact on your skin too. Adequate sleep, rest as well as the food that you eat have a bearing on your skin. Do not belittle the effect of regular exercise on the overall wellbeing of your skin. Vitamins such as Vitamin A, Vitamin E and Vitamin C are known to yield positive effects on your skin.

Skin type test

Normal skin is characterized by barely visible pores and hardly any imperfections. This is the result of balanced oil and water content. Dry skin is fine and delicate. Women with dry skin suffer from flaky skin and early onset of wrinkles. An oily skin is a result of excess lipids and often breaks out into pimples and other blemishes. With such skin, the T-zone remains oily. It is greasy to the touch and is characterized by large pores. Aging skin, acne skin and sensitive skin can be treated with hypoallergenic and natural skin care products.

Skin care woes range from cellulite and dark eye circles to warts and skin pigmentation. Some of these common beauty problems can be treated with regular care at home. The ingredients on your kitchen shelves can go a long way in natural skin care. Homemade face masks, natural moisturizers and home remedies to tackle sun tan are not difficult to rustle up. We bring you plenty of natural beauty aids that won't blow a hole in your pocket.

Our skin care advice take you through various aspects of natural skin care essentials. What kind of skin care routine should you follow ? What is a sunscreen and what does it do? We take a look at these and other skin care queries that you are seeking answers to. We understand the role of different types of skin products such as moisturizers, exfoliating gels, cleansers and face masks. Read on to find out more on facial massage, anti-aging creams, bath salts and more. From jojoba oil to shea butter, from skin lightening to skin exfoliating, we bring you relevant and informative tips.

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