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Bath Salt Recipe

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Bath Salt Recipe
Pamper your bath with bath salt to rejuvenate, purify, relax, calm, soothe, energize and renew your skin. End your day in a sensuous way by adding bath salt to your bath tub. Read up simple bath salt recipes.

Relaxation often takes a back seat in today's frenetic lifestyle. People are busy managing their daily chores and are so engrossed with their day- to- day activities that they hardly find time to relax and chill out. Women in particular find their hands full, balancing work place and home. There is nothing as welcoming and as relaxing as slipping into a tub of warm water at the end of a long day. Bath salt is a popular bath water additive. Renew the bathing experience by adding a little bath salt to the tub and savor the physical and emotional benefits.

The sea has been a source of medicine, food, minerals and spa since the origin of humankind. History quotes that people traveled from far and near to bathe in mineral rich seas to retain beautiful skin and good health. Cleopatra established cosmetic factories and went out to obtain exclusive rights over the Dead Sea area. Soaking in a tub of warm water graced with Dead Sea salt is a wonderful remedy for healthy skin. Find out how to make bath salt. We have some simple bath salt recipes to pamper your skin. Learn more about aromatherapy bath salt.

Bath salt - redefining your bath

Bath salt is a crystalline substance that softens a bath and perfumes it too. A long soak in a tub of warm water, enhanced with bath salt is the best relaxing technique after a long day. Standing all day at work can tire and sore your feet, stiffen your back and make you feel low.

Bath salt not only eases away the tension but also improves the way you feel. Benefit from the variety of fragrances bath salt has to offer. The healing properties of bath salt add to the experience.

Have you ever considered the health benefits derived from salt? You might be astonished to read that bath salt added to your water works wonder on your circulation by improving it naturally. When pleasant essential oils are added on to the salt, they work on your body by letting you relax and become calm. Bath salt lets you unwind and relax after a tiring day and this in turn helps you get a sound and restful sleep at night. A natural gift, bath salt helps slow down aging by providing essential minerals and vitamin to the skin.

Bath salt energizes physiologically: Detoxify your body using bath salt. Ease out stiff sore muscles, aching feet and legs with bath salt. People with spasms, arthritis, back pain, muscle tension and sports injuries benefit from the use of bath salt. Use of bath salt discourages calluses, athlete foot and corns.

Bath salt relaxes the psycho-physical personality in you: Relaxation means music to a few, good food for some and indulging in nature's beauty for others. For some, nothing beats a warm bath at the end of a day's work. Soaking yourself in a bath complimented with bath salt relieves stress and reduces tension. Your body is now ready to generate signals that encourage restfulness.

Bath salt rejuvenates skin and adds radiance: Dirt, sweat and toxins play their part in damaging the skin. Pores in the skin are opened by bath salt and they are cleansed. Bath salt renews the skin by drawing out the impurities. Skin irritations, eczema, psoriasis, itching, burning and bites are waded off with the use of bath salt. Scars can be minimized with the help of high quality salt. Bath salt works to retain moisture in the skin thereby keeping it soft and supple. Bath salts are also good for exfoliation.

Bath salt relives occupational disorders: All the muscles in our body are put to hardship in some way or the other during the day. As the day draws to an end, the aching muscles need some care. Feet, legs, wrist and back benefit a lot while soaking in a warm tub of water with bath salt. Bath salt gives all the muscles in your body a well-deserved break.

Bath salts replenish water: Aroma from bath salt creates a pleasant ambience in your bath thus making it a pleasing experience. Positive vibes are generated by the various scents used in the bath salt. Facts reveal that adding bath salt to your tub enhances buoyancy and it is instrumental in raising your spirit!

How to make bath salt

Nature's treasure- salt can be combined with a variety of different ingredients that have relaxing properties. Salt forms the basic ingredient for bath salt and is available at all grocers and drug stores. Epsom salt and sea salt are used widely in making bath salts. Ingredients such as cocoa butter or powdered milk are blended with salt to enhance the moisturizing properties of the bath salt. A variety of fragrances or essential oils that carry a pleasant odor are blended with the bath salt to perfume them.

Bath salt recipe

Bath salt is easy to make. The luxury of having a bath with bath salt need not be an expensive affair. Making bath salt at home is economical and fun too. All you need to do is follow the instructions carefully. Try out a few basic bath salt recipes.

Basic bath salt

Epsom salt 3parts
Baking soda 2parts
Table salt 1part
Essential oil of choice

Mix the salts together and add the essential oil drop by drop. Mix until the oil is absorbed and the salt gets dry. Store the salt in an air tight container.

Cleopatra's secret bath salt

Dead Sea salt 2cups
Avocado 1tsp
Jojoba 1tsp
Shea 1tsp
Cold pressed vegetable oil
Colorant 8 – 10 drops
10% Dendritic salt
Essential oil of choice

In a bowl, add the mineral rich salt. Add coloring drop by drop. In another bowl, add essential oil to the dendrite salt. Formation of lumps is prevented by dendritic salt. Add both the salts and mix well. To enhance the moisturizing property of salt, add cold pressed vegetable oil.

Relaxing bath salt

Epsom salt 1cup
Concentrated sea salt 1/4cup
Sweet almond oil 1tsp
Lavender Essential oil

Mix salts together and add sweet almond oil till evenly distributed. Lavender has the natural property to relax the body and ease out stress.

Aromatherapy bath salt

Aromatherapy is can be best enjoyed through massages and bath. Aromatherapy bath salt constitutes natural sea salt blended with essential oils. Aromatherapy is an art that uses essential oils derived from plants and flowers to promote healthy physical, psychological and spiritual well being. Healing properties of the essential oil is released as the bath salt melts in water. The essential oils used in aromatherapy have varied benefits. Most commonly used essential oils are derived from:

Lavender: relaxes the entire body by alleviating insomnia, stress and depression.
Geranium: Provides soothing effect and is mildly analgesic.
Clary sage: Possesses anti bacterial, anti fungal properties.

Woman's mood relaxant salt

Sea salt : 1part
Mineral salt : 2part
Oat meal : 2tsp
Kaolin clay : 2tsp
100% lavender oil
Geranium oil
Grape fruit oil
Clary sage oil

Mix the salts together and add the rest of the ingredients and mix till oil is absorbed well.

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