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Almond oil Benefits

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Almond oil Benefits
Sweet almond oil possesses a host of properties that are beneficial for hair and skin. Used extensively in soaps, creams and cosmetic products, the benefits of almond oil are far reaching.

Almond oil is extracted from the dried seeds of almond plant and is known to contain enormous beneficial properties. It pampers your skin, tames your mane and takes care of your health as well. Almond oil works wonders with damaged skin and helps restore it.

Almond oil is enriched with vitamin E, copper, magnesium and also essential fatty acids and hence holds a special place in the beauty industry. Sweet almond oil makes its way into many a cosmetic product, be it almond soaps, massage oils, lip balms, bath oils, under-eye creams and more! Almond oil is also used as an eye make-up remover and in creams and lotions.

Almond oil for skin

Dry flaky skin, under-eye dark circles, wrinkles and fine lines and acne are some of the dreaded skin problems that can mar your appearance. Almond oil can effectively combat all your skin problems and helps to restore skin's natural radiance. It acts as a good emollient and gives a softening and soothing effect on the skin.

Being non-greasy, almond oil spreads easily and is preferred by many massage therapists. It works well as base oil which is then enhanced with pleasant-smelling essential oils.

Use sweet almond oil as a moisturizer. Firstly, cleanse your face and neck with a gentle and mild soap. Take few drops of almond oil in your hands and gently massage it on your face using circular motions. It is one of the best natural treatments you can follow for dry skin.

Almond oil is rich in essential fatty acids and vitamin E. These components, when penetrated deep into the skin result in new cell growth and may eventually fill the age lines and wrinkles. Regular use of almond oil prevents wrinkles and fine lines and helps the skin to look younger and healthier.

Almond oil has the ability to lighten the skin tone and also works very well in treating dark spots and scars. Normally, bacterial infection causes Itching, inflammation and acne on the skin. Regular application of almond oil on the affected area provides relief as it contains antimicrobial properties.

Almond oil and dark eye circles

Dark circles under eyes can be very distressing. Since the skin under eyes is very sensitive it is best to opt for a natural remedy than chemical commercial creams. Before going to bed, gently apply a small amount of almond oil onto the area surrounding your eyes. It can further be enriched by adding milk powder or honey. The vitamin E and vitamin K in almond oil help in erasing the dark tinge under the eyes and provides the much needed nourishment.

But do remember to use mild strokes while massaging the skin under eyes and also check if you are allergic to nuts. Take few drops of almond oil and rub it on your elbows or wrist and leave it overnight. If you do not find any irritation or rash on the skin by morning you can safely use it to get rid of the dark circles.

Almond oil for hair

Almond oil if applied regularly can work magic on your mane. The essential fatty acids and vitamins in almond oil will nourish, condition, and strengthen your hair. It works well on dry and damaged hair. It penetrates through the cuticles of the hair and softens the frizz. It also restores the moisture levels giving your locks a soft texture. If you have oily hair, add few drops of vinegar to the oil before massaging it on your scalp. This small trick will make your hair bouncy and lustrous.

Almond oil soap

Almond oil is one of the most preferred ingredients for soap making as it contains extensive nutrients and fatty acids. High in Oleic and Linoleic fatty acids, almond oil has substantial conditioning properties. Almond oil when added to the soap acts as a great natural emollient. Almond oil is normally added at the trace stage for super fatting the soap. Soaps with almond oil lend rich lather and mild fragrance.

Other benefits of almond oil

Almond oil is not only used for skin and hair care, but is also consumed to enjoy few health benefits. Almond oil is said to cure chronic constipation. Two to three spoons of almond oil taken along with a glass of warm milk is known to relieve the person of any digestive disorders.

Almond oil is anti-inflammatory and is also a great source of antioxidants. Hence it can provide relief to strained joints and muscles.

Almond oil when taken internally helps to revitalize the nervous system and brain tissues as it contains omega-6 fatty acids. The monounsaturated fatty acids and the presence of vitamin E in abundance in the almond oil are said to regulate cholesterol levels.

Enhance the flavor of your salad dressings or sauce with almond oil. Its characteristic nutty flavor is preferred in desserts too. Sweet almond oil has a high smoking point and is often used in stir-fries and sauté. Oil made from roasted almond is used in pastas and baked products.

Those with known allergy to nuts must be careful while using any products with almond oil. Almond oil must be stored in a cool and dry place, else it can turn rancid.

Almond oil is known to be diuretic, anti-fungal, sedative and antispasmodic. But it is necessary to use it with care. Essential almond oil can be very toxic and must be used under supervision.

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