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Facial Skin Care

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Facial Skin Care
Facial skin care involves professional facials to revive tired skin. Read more on different methods of facial skin care including simple home care.

Routine facial skin care can be done through professional and trained hands or at home with effortless and simple methods. Remember, no cosmetic can be as effective as a regular facial skin care routine. Read interesting facts on photo facials and different type of facials to revive tired skin.

Facial skin care products

It is essential to understand the role of each product and how it contributes to facial skin. Given below is a guide that will help understand the role of each facial skin care product:

  • Facial skin care begins with cleansers; they help in the exfoliation of the skin and are gentle on the skin. There are special facial cleansing gels to remove facial make-up. Facial cleansers also refresh the skin.

  • Moisturizers are essential to good facial skin care, they help improving the quality, color, suppleness, and clarity of the skin and help restore collagen in the skin too. They are available for both day and night use.

  • Peel-off facial gels help to refresh the skin by peeling off the upper layer of dirt and residues thus leaving behind a fresh layer of skin.

  • Anti-aging gels help keep those lines and stretches off the facial skin by hydrating and moisturizing them. There are line- erasing serums too that help in keeping off the lines.

  • Beauty masks help in improving blood circulation and in eliminating impurities from the skin. Clay contains a lot of minerals that help fill the pores of the skin; and many a face mask is clay based.

Professional Facial skin care

To follow a facial routine you have to understand your skin type before you proceed. Facial skin can be broadly classified into five types and it is mandatory to follow a routine for the facial skin according to the skin type. The five skin types are dry skin, normal skin, oily skin, sensitive skin and combination skin. Categorize your skin type and then select a facial care routine for yourself. For beginners it is highly essential to take some professional help on choosing the type of facial treatment that will suit you and your skin. A facial is a cosmetic procedure done by an aesthetician to cleanse and maintain good skin. This procedure involves cleansing, exfoliation, massage and application of a face masque to suit your skin type.

Aroma facials: Aromatic oils are extensively used in beauty care and depending on the skin type and requirement oils are chosen for facials. Each type of oil has its own characteristic and acts as an essential provider to the skin, oils improve the overall moisturizing of the facial skin. For e.g. if the elasticity of the skin needs a pep, then eucalyptus oil is chosen.

Acne facials: These facials are prominently done on people who face the wrath of acne, pimples, blackheads etc.. Their skin is treated with masks and mixtures that have an effect on acne and other facial skin ailments.

Fruit facial: Nature's bounty can be used for facial skin care. Fruits like papaya, banana, orange etc.. are used for facials, the fruit is either directly used on the face or the juice is extracted and used for massaging the facial skin. This facial massage slowly and steadily brings a glow to the face that no other chemical based facial can induce. Check out if the fruit you have chosen suits your facial skin type else you might land up with skin rashes.

Bio-lift facial: This is mainly for people who have slowly started to begin to lose the elasticity in their skin due to age. Masks are applied to tighten the skin that has become loose; Dermatologists will be able to throw better light on the type of mask that has to be chosen for your skin type.

Pearl facial: A combination of sea oil, sea scrub and the precious moisturizing cream with pearls is used for this facial. Pearl has been verified scientifically to possess a blend of natural substances that invigorate and improve the quality of facial skin cells. It gives facial skin the required hydration and leaves it supple, soft, tight, and young.

Gold facial: Gold cream and gold gels are the chief components in this facial massage. Sandalwood, aloe Vera, wheat germ oil along with gold is used in the cream for massage. This facial helps in lymphatic draining and getting rid of the toxins and wastes in the skin. Improved blood circulation, skin elasticity, revitalizing the skin and keeping wrinkles and lines at bay is the main endeavor of this facial.

Collagen facial: This facial treatment involves use of exfoliation and lymphatic drainage massage. It is followed by mineral or paraffin masks over a collagen sheet.

Photofacial: This facial treatment involves use of gentle pulsed light treatments. Photofacials aid skins that have suffered the ravages of sun exposure and can reduce acne scars and skin texture irregularities. Photofacials are done in a series of about 5 sittings and work at reducing large pores, rosacea and age spots. A mild numbing cream is applied to reduce any discomfort felt during this process. The effects can last for a couple of years.

Tips on facial skin care

  • Do not sleep on your sides as you are likely to develop fold lines on the face that will eventually become permanent.

  • Avoid excessive use of soaps to cleanse the face; instead opt for gentler face wash gels.

  • Drink plenty of water to keep the skin well hydrated.

  • Do not expose the skin to sunlight unless well protected by sunscreen block.

Facial skin care at home

Getting some good care for your facial skin at the comforts of your own home is fantastic and rejuvenating both for your skin and you. You get to relax after the routine and your facial skin gets to breathe better after the routine. Given below is a guide to simple facial skin care methods at home.

  • Wash your face with plenty of warm water and moisturize the skin by gently massaging with olive oil. Take some sugar and scrub against your face till it melts off, this forms an excellent scrub to exfoliate the dead skin off your facial skin. Wipe up your face with a tepid damp cloth.

  • If your skin is too oily and you are a constant victim of acne, ensure you wash your face at regular intervals thus keeping acne at bay.

  • Remove facial and eye makeup using olive oil, this helps removing the makeup and simultaneously moisturizes the skin.

  • Daily use of makeup, constant exposure to pollution and various other factors contribute to early aging of the facial skin. Make a toning mixture by mixing equal parts of vinegar and water and dissolve couple of aspirins in them. Vinegar helps shredding off the dead skin and aspirin helps lightening acne spots and keeps a check on acne formation.

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