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Tretinoin Cream Benefits

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Tretinoin Cream Benefits
Dermatologists prescribe tretinoin cream as part of complete anti-aging skin care plan, in addition to controlling acne and reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

A study done by the Department of Dermato venerology at the Sarajevo University Hospital revealed that tretinoin was effective on acne scars in almost 79 percent of patients. Tretinoin gels are used for oily skins while tretinoin creams with less alcohol work well for sensitive skins. Learn more about using tretinoin creams for acne, wrinkles and skin spots.

What is tretinoin ?

Tretinoin is a derivative of Vitamin A, which is the common name for retin A. It belongs to retinoids group and can be used for acne vulgaris, a common form of acne. Tretinoin is also used to treat acute promyelocytic leukemia.

Tretinoin is available as a cream or gel. The brand names are Aberela, Renova, Atralin, Retin- A, Avita and Stieva-A. It is also available in generic form.

Tretinoin cream is perhaps the answer to acne breakouts and skin that seems out of control. This is a powerful cream meant for topical application. Designed specifically for acne prone skin, it works at the cellular level.

Dermatologists prescribe tretinoin cream or products with a certain concentration of tretinoin as part of complete anti-aging skin care plan, in addition to controlling acne and reduce fine lines and wrinkles, improve color and tone of the skin and reduce rough patches, not responding to any other types of treatments.

Tretinoin cream can be purchased from a dermatologist or a skin medical spa. But this cream is not for everyone and it is critical that she gets a prescription from a dermatologist or an aesthetician to use the product as part of her acne treatment.

Although some tretinoin cream are sold online, it is important to understand the side effects to make sure that you are using the right concentration of tretinoin based on your skin's needs.

How does tretinoin work?

Excess sebum blocks pores which leads to acne breakouts in the form of comedones. As Retin-A decreases the size of sebaceous glands and thereby reduces sebum production, excess sebum is controlled. Since Retin A is a highly effective skin exfoliant and helps in renewal of skin, dead skin cells are removed, there is less sebum produced due to fewer blocked pores. Hence there is less scarring caused by acne. This also helps in less oil and bacteria build up and a blemishless new top layer of the skin as well.

Tretinoin for acne treatment

There are two forms of tretinoin for acne treatments namely retin A cream containing tretinoin and the retinoic acid, retin a.
Retin A creams are well known for acne treatment and they go by the name Renova. They contain 5% strength. Retinoic acid required a doctor's prescription and this is acid lotion and the prescription strength is 5%.

This is a type of topical medication and can be used for common skin concerns. A pea-sized quantity of tretinoin based cream is applied to the skin after cleansing. A very thin layer of the product can be applied over the skin before bedtime. Delicate areas around the eyes and mouth should be avoided. Do not apply any other product on top of tretinoin as this could trigger an adverse reaction. Your skin might tingle slightly for a short duration and you might experience mild burning and itching sensation. If this persists for several days and acne gets worse, use the cream less often or lower the concentration of the product.

Side effects of tretinoin creams

Side effects of tretinoin are relatively minor and should not deter you from using it. Probably, you can use it only at night time to avoid the side effects. This is because, retin A can cause areas of the skin treated with tretinoin to become very sensitive to the sun. Direct sun exposure can cause minor burns and skin peeling. Wear a non oily sun cream that will help protect your skin from burns.

Tretinoin causes sun sensitivity. Use a full spectrum of sunscreen when undergoing treatment with tretinoin cream. Dry skin is another common side effect of using tretinoin cream, other than skin peeling and skin redness.

Women who are planning to get pregnant or are already pregnant women should not use retin A. There are indications that retin A can damage the unborn fetus. There could possibly be birth defects as well.

Tretinoin results

This is one of the most effective treatments for removal of acne. There should be significant improvements in your skin if used continuously for about three months. It is not unusual for the skin to begin to worsen soon after starting treatment with retina a. But this is followed by excellent results. Have patience to derive best results. Although tretinoin is effective to keep acne at bay, you need to use other products to fight blemishes and maintain healthy complexion.

Tretinoin cream for wrinkles

Tretinoin creams are known to show improvement in fine facial lines, roughness and wrinkles. The cream can be used on the face and back of hands. Mild improvement in color and reduction of age spots is also noticed.

Apply a thin layer of tretinoin cream at night after cleansing the skin. Wait for a few minutes after your face wash to apply the cream. In the mornings, apply a water-based moisturizer after washing with a facial scrub. This will reduce the flaking effect. You can start by applying the tretinoin cream every other day and then apply it daily after the initial flaking and irritation are experienced. The increased cell turnover leads to improved appearance and reduced fine lines. The skin might appear overly dry. Do not apply more in the hope of improved results. This can in fact result in burning and flaking.

Do not use tretinoin along with glycolic acid or benzoyl peroxide products. Do not go in for waxing or any other hair removal treatments at this time. If you are undergoing laser or light treatment, microdermabrasion, keep your skin care specialist informed.

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