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Splash Masks

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Splash Masks
It is a face mask that only needs to be splashed and patted for few seconds and you can see hydrated soothed skin. It is a boon for all the busy bees.

Korean markets are always abuzz with new and innovative skincare products and the latest one to join the bandwagon is a face splash mask that promises instantly radiant skin. A face splash mask is a liquid with highly concentrated natural ingredients that is splashed on to the face and subsequently pat dried to result in softer supple and glowing skin. These splash masks normally resemble toners and are infused with strong fruity smell.

Splash masks allow your 20 minute mask ritual to condense into 30 seconds with a feel of at-home spa treatment, bestowing a flawless finish to your face. Splash masks are inspired by the Korean bathhouse tradition of splashing water fortified with herbs and floral extracts onto the face after cleansing to tone and brighten the skin. This product is certainly a boon for time strapped people; it does not even need a minute out of your day. All it takes is few seconds and you find yourself gleaming with fresh and revitalized skin.

Splash masks contain a blend of skin re-texturizing lactic acid, glycerin and soothing and hydrating botanicals. Splash masks are also packed with various fruit extracts and hence are rich in antioxidants. These masks are infused with various botanicals and fruit extracts, lactic acid or glycolic acid or both and help in exfoliating your skin and giving smooth and firm appearance.

Lactic and glycolic acids are the most popular AHAs (alpha hydroxy acid) that work to dissolve dead cells and boost moisture upon contact, leaving you with noticeably hydrated, plump and softer skin. AHAs in splash masks help in sloughing the dead cells from the surface of the skin to reveal brighter and smoother skin beneath. Though splash masks might appear watery, they are potent and energizing. They owe their origin to the Korean practice of washing the face with rice-soaked water.

How to use

Fill a bowl about quarter with water, and then pour about a cap size amount of a liquid mask into the basin. Stir to mix and splash the mixture onto your face for 15 seconds and pat dry with a towel. Several splashes and subsequent patting action lasting for about 30 seconds, helps the mask penetrate the skin for quicker absorption.

Alternatively, dilute the mask while you are in the shower, rub it in and it instantly melts into your skin to give a glossy finish. The mask is absorbed and also rinsed off by the time you finish your shower and you would have pampered your skin with hydrating goodness of the mask.

Drench your skin in hydration

It is a quick beauty boost, offering plenty of benefits when used on a regular basis. It helps your skin to clear up after two to three weeks and makes it soft each time after using it. As it takes off the dirt and impurities, it tends to minimize breakouts and also lightens acne scars and blemishes.

Lactic acid found in splash masks helps reduce the signs of aging, and works against fine lines, wrinkles and other signs of sun damage. Splash masks contain fruit extracts that are rich in antioxidants. Antioxidants help to decrease cell destruction which keeps skin more firm and youthful.

Splash masks also contain some amount of glycerin that soothes your skin and creates a protective barrier to lock in moisture and allows you to enjoy dewy dreamy skin. Glycerin is a soothing ingredient in most splash masks. It works as a protective barrier for the skin. Glycerin works as a good carrier for the lactic acid extracts.

Sensitive skins beware

Use face splash masks sparingly, if you have a sensitive skin. The concentrated acids in the mask may make your skin more sensitive to the sun. If you have used a splash mask, make sure you wear a good sunscreen before stepping out under sun.

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