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Skin Rejuvenation

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All you have to do is give your skin the right stimulus and it will work on its own to recover from the damage wreaked on it by time and other factors. Any type of cosmetic can only help in masking marks left behind by pigmentation, pimples, acne etc. The effect is just on the surface of the skin and people who are looking for more permanent solutions have to take the guidance of dermatologists and plastic surgeons.

All skin rejuvenation processes produce the same result, peeling off the damaged layer and thus removing all age related and sun exposure related blemishes.

Skin rejuvenation

  • Skin rejuvenation is mainly carried out to erase off those unwanted fine lines and wrinkles that appear on the face.

  • Wrinkles and fine lines in the region of the upper lip, cheeks and forehead are removed.

  • Eyelids can be smoothened out and a tighter look can be provided.

  • The condition of crow's feet can be improved.

  • Irregular skin color can be improved and patches and spots can be removed.

  • Frown lines, puckered brows and wrinkle marks can be softened.

  • Smoker's scars can be lightened and at times be removed too.

Skin rejuvenation techniques

Aestheticians, dermatologists and plastic surgeons offer many techniques for rejuvenation of the skin. The most popular among these are dermabrasion peels, laser peels and deep chemical peels are used widely for skin rejuvenation processes. These peels cause an injury to the skin that is not too deep but yet deep enough to produce an injury. The skin with its natural abilities to repair its own self gets into a process of natural rejuvenation thereby repairing the damage caused.

In simple words you can say that the topmost layer of the skin called as the epidermis is removed and the inner layer that is flawless is exposed. This technique is also referred to as skin resurfacing or exfoliation of the skin. Modern techniques have paved way for the treatment to reach well below the dermis thereby boosting the collagen production and lending the skin a rejuvenated look.

Laser Skin rejuvenation

Dermabrasion: Also referred to as the surgical skin planning, dermabrasion is the method of sanding or removing of the skin with the help of a rotary abrasive instrument. Once the old skin is abrased, a fresh layer of skin replaces the removed old one.

Chemical peeling: A chemical solution is applied to the skin thus instigating the top most layers to peel off automatically. Once the old layer of skin is peeled off a fresh layer of skin that is better in color and blemish free is formed.

Laser resurfacing: The skin tissue is vaporized and the blood vessels are sealed and the laser beams cut into and erase imperfections. This treatment has an edge over chemical peeling and other traditional techniques of skin rejuvenating as the blood shed is very minimal in this technique. Infection is practically zero; treatment time is quicker, patient uneasiness is minimal with the least of side effects.

Limitations of skin rejuvenation

  • The expenses incurred are quite high.
  • The recovery period after the treatment at times differs between individuals.
  • Frequent visits to the dermatologist or aesthetician are needed.
Skin Rejuvenation

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Skin Rejuvenation